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关于”app的影响“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:App impact。以下是关于app的影响的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:App impact

Peer pressure refers to the influence exerted by a group of people around you, such as parents, friends, classmates, teachers and so on. Their influence will affect your attitude, behavior, concept or decision, because each side has two sides, and this influence also has two sides. Let me explain my reason.

Sometimes the influence of peer pressure will be different because of specific things For example, my classmate is far behind her in a math exam. I can't let others look down on me. So I will take her as an example to fight.

Next time, I can get good grades through my efforts. Take my parents as an example. They like to be clean.

They don't have the habit of littering at will. Neither can I When I have this habit or live with them, the influence of peer pressure sometimes has a negative effect. For example, if my friends let me skip class and watch basketball games with them, I will go with them.

Even if I didn't have this idea before, one of my friends often goes there. He always tries to convince me that money is very important, and I can change mine in the summary We should advocate the positive side of the peer and avoid the negative side. We have to figure out what's right and what's wrong, and stand firm.




2:应用程序影响,Yao Ming, the name will never be forgotten by the world. Although he has retired now, Yao Ming has opened a new chapter in his life. He has a happy family and his retirement life is realizing.

Yao Ming is regarded as a miracle of China. He plays basketball well and influences the world. Although he stopped his basketball career, his influence is on one hand Since Yao Ming joined the NBA, Yao Ming has made the world know more about China.

He represents China. The NBA has attracted the attention of the whole world. The media are curious about this tall Yao Ming, the first Chinese basketball player who has attracted so many people's attention because of his great success.

On the other hand, people want to know about China's NBANBA. Yao Ming's successful career inspires Chinese youth In 2008, Yao Ming pursued his dream before Yao Ming. Fewer teenagers would take basketball career as their future career choice, because basketball is not popular in China.

But now, Yao Ming inspires teenagers and proves that playing basketball can be successful. Undoubtedly, Yao Ming is a great man who influences China and the world.




3:app的影响,Most of us have people we admire, such as leaders, signers, movie stars or poets, because they have something that appeals to us, such as appearance, character, acting skills, etc. It's a good thing to have someone to worship, because we always try to behave like them, but it's a positive force. If idols don't behave well, they may have adverse effects Especially for teenagers, many teenagers are fascinated by signers or movie stars, and they will spend a lot of time acting like them, which is a cool thing for children.

Children may study hard to sing, play musical instruments, or study hard to go to the famous schools their idols have been to, which is a good thing for them When exposed to drug or alcohol abuse, children may imitate their behavior. It is difficult for children of their age to distinguish right from wrong. Secondly, idols are public figures, and their every move is under the public attention.

Recently, some words in their personal life appear in the composition of primary school students, which does not conform to his age, betrayal, mistress, marijuana and so many negative aspects Power a year old boy should not know that words, toys, books and games are enough for childhood. We can't stop children from knowing this. All we can do is try other ways to minimize the adverse effects on children.

In a word, the bad influence of idols will hurt the innocent world of children. Parents and teachers should supervise their children when they have bad signs, so as to let them contact with beautiful things and keep them away from their negative power idols.




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