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关于”生活给爸妈“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Life for parents。以下是关于生活给爸妈的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Life for parents

Eat more roughage, do more than others expect you to do, and the pain of doing it. Remember what life tells you. Don't take everything you hear to heart.

Don't spend all your sleepless time. Whenever you want to say I love you, please honestly say no matter what you say, I'm sorry, please look into other people's eyes and fall in love at first sight. Don't ignore your dream, love deeply and passionately, even if there is pain, but it is It's the way to make your life complete.

Find a solution. Don't argue. Don't judge people by their appearance.

Speak slowly. But when someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, think quickly and say calmly, why do you want to know? Remember, the man who can take the most risk will get the deepest love and the highest achievement. If you can't, you can be in your heart Think of her, when someone sneezes, say, God bless you, if you fail, don't forget to learn lessons, remember three aspects: respect yourself, respect others, keep dignity, pay attention to your behavior, don't destroy a good friendship because of a little dispute, make up for it quickly whenever you call, smile when you answer the phone, because some people think it will marry a happy one People who like to talk, because when you are old, you will find that chatting is an advantage.




Dear parents: today, I miss you very much. I'm glad that in my new school, my teachers and classmates are very friendly to me. They often help me with my study.

Now I don't worry about my English because I have made great progress in English, and I'm more and more interested in it. My school life here is also very good. I've participated in a lot of spare time activities, and I've made great contributions there Many friends, I've learned a lot of learning methods.

Now the final exam is coming. I'm busy preparing. I'll try my best to do well.

I'm glad the summer vacation is coming. I want to join a green city organization. I think I should do something to protect our environment.

It's very hot now, but I can accept and take care of myself. You should pay more attention to your health. I wish you love you, xxxhttp://wwwfenxiangj uncom/fanwen/html.




Find time for yourself. Life will change what you are, but not who you are. Remember that silence is a yellow flower.

Read more books and read less. Live a noble and honest life. Reliving the past in your old age will help you enjoy your life and stay away from God, but don't forget that the harmonious atmosphere of a locked family is valuable.

When you quarrel with a close friend, try to make the family flow smoothly, talk about the main course, and don't argue about the appetizers you couldn't catch yesterday. You can't Grab what others mean, share your knowledge to continue an eternal tradition. In a friendly way, our planet, don't mix with mother nature, do what you should do, don't trust a lover who kisses you without closing his eyes.

Go to a place you haven't been to every year. If you make a lot of money, the best way to do it is while you're still alive Waiting to do philanthropy, not all the best gains are fully understanding the rules and changing them reasonably. Remember, the best love is to love others unconditionally, not to ask for them.

Review your past successes. Most love and cooking, you have to give% effort, but don't expect much appreciation.





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