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关于”板块运动“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Plate movement。以下是关于板块运动的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Plate movement

I like a lot of sports. I like playing football, swimming, running, playing table tennis and so on. My favorite sport is the football my father taught me to play after school.

I like to run on the football field with my friends. When I get up, I feel very happy. I want to be a football player.




The theory of plate tectonics describes the movement of the lithosphere. The lithosphere is a relatively hard outer layer of the earth, including all the crust and part of the underlying mantle lithosphere (NIS is divided into dozens of plates of different sizes and shapes. Generally speaking, the plates move each other.

The mid ocean ridge is a boundary between plates, and new lithospheric materials are injected from below As the blocks diverge from the mid ocean ridge, they slide on the more yielding layers at the bottom of the lithosphere. Because the size of the earth is essentially constant, only when the same amount of lithospheric material is elsewhere, the site of such destruction is another kind of plate boundary: one plate subducted below the edge of the other plate and re integrated into the mantle. Both plate boundaries are related to fault systems, earthquakes and volcanic activity, but the geology observed at these two boundaries The types of activities vary greatly.

The concept of seafloor spreading actually preceded the original version of the plate tectonics theory. In the early s of the s, it described the formation and destruction of the ocean floor, but did not specify rigid lithospheric plates. This hypothesis was confirmed.

Soon after, as magma rose under the mid ocean ridge, a periodic reversal of the earth's magnetic field was recorded in the oceanic crust as the magma cooled and solidified The ferromagnetic minerals in the magma are magnetized along the direction of the magma and in the direction of the geomagnetic field. The direction and polarity of the magnetic field are preserved in the magnetized volcanic rocks. The reversal of the magnetic field produces a series of magnetic strips parallel to the axis of the rift valley.

Therefore, the oceanic crust can be used as a magnetic tape to record the history of geomagnetic field, and its width can be determined independently, and the stripe represents the speed of seafloor spreading.





People all over the world like sports, which helps to keep people healthy and happy. In order to live a long life, sports meet with the seasons. People play different games in winter and summer.

Swimming in warm weather is fun, but skating is very good in winter. Some sports are so interesting that people all over the world like football, such as swimming It is very popular all over the world. In coastal countries or countries with many rivers, some sports or sports can be traced back to thousands of years ago, such as running or jumping.

Chinese martial arts has a long history. But basketball and volleyball are relatively new sports. People have been inventing new sports or games.

Water skiing is one of the latest achievements of athletes from different countries Players may not understand each other, but after a game, they often become good friends. Sports help to cultivate a person's character. One learns to fight hard, but fight fairly, to win without pride, to lose gracefully.




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