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关于”介绍我们班的班长“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Introduce the monitor of our class。以下是关于介绍我们班的班长的初一英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce the monitor of our class

There are too many cowboys in our class. Xue Ba, Liu Yiding, Li Jiaying, Zheng Yuqi, who plays table tennis, and Yang Jiayi, who runs very fast. But what I admire most is the all-round Li Jingge in our class sometimes, I really envy her that calligraphy is the first art class in her class, that is, the first class population, there is no offense and learning, always ranked first, which is really unacceptable Let's start with her best painting.

No matter what you draw, it's vivid. I remember one day at noon, when the TV series "three lives in peach blossom in thirty Li" was broadcast, she came to me and handed me a piece of paper the size of a palm. I didn't care at first.

I took it, I looked at it, and asked her, this is the head of Bayberry. You got the picture, she listened to it and said to me, what are you talking about This is what I drew. This is what I was shocked.

What I drew was actually the atomic bomb explosion. After listening to her usual expression in my heart, I couldn't help but draw why the gap is so big. She can't be an omnipotent person.

The teacher said that people draw well and write well. However, this sentence certainly does not apply to me. Every time I do my homework with Li Jingge, you will know what it means to be no comparison, and there is no harm in it this is enough, but her popularity is generally not good.

After class, she will be surrounded by a group of people in front of her seat as a good friend, I always squeeze in front of her, really, want to cry talking about my parents' favorite things to learn, every time the report card comes out, my mother will recite what she said to me, how did you learn? Look at your grades, you still play li Jingge with others, play together, you want to It's crazy to learn from other people's advantages. Since then, Li Jingge has always been a child of others. In my eyes, she is a smart person in our class.

Her unique skills are really enviable.


如果说我们班的牛仔,那可真是太多了薛芭刘一丁,才华横溢的李嘉颖,打乒乓球的郑雨绮,还有跑得很快的杨佳怡,但我最钦佩的是我们班里全能的李静歌 有时候,我真羡慕她认为书法是她班上艺术第一名,那就是第一堂课人口,没有冒犯和学习,一直排在第一位这真的是不可接受的 让我们从她最好的画开始,不管画什么,都是生动生动的我记得有一天中午,电视连续剧《三十里桃花三命》播出的时候,她走过来递给我一张手掌大小的纸我一开始不在乎,我拿着它,我看着它,问她,这是杨梅的头,你拿到了照片,她听了,对我说,你在说什么这是我画的这是我惊呆了,画的实际上是原子弹爆炸在我的心看听了她惯常的表情,我忍不住画了为什么差距这么大,她不可能是一个无所不能的人。老师说人画得好,写得好。然而,这句话肯定不适用于我每次和李静歌一起写作业,你就会知道什么叫不比了,没什么坏处 这就够了,但她的人气一般不好一下课,她就会被一群人围在她的座位前当好朋友,我总是挤在她面前真的,想哭就哭 说起父母最爱学的东西,每次成绩单出来,妈妈都会背诵什么呢她对我说你是怎么学的呢看你的成绩是什么烂你还跟人玩李静歌,一起玩,你要学别人的优点啊才疯了唉,从那以后,李静歌就一直是别人的孩子在我眼里 我们班的聪明人,她的绝技,真是令人羡慕。


Dear Mr. Wu, I would like to recommend sandy as our monitor, because she has many excellent personal qualities) Sandy is a confident person, diligent and curious person, she is never afraid to speak to a large group of people) she is always ready to help others) she often helps us to solve problems) she is kind and fair, she is also very smart) she is imaginative, so she can often come up with new ideas (she likes orange stationery) because orange can cheer her up) your sincerity, Millie.




"Population control" we know that China's population is growing at an exponential rate, which has become such a huge problem, because with the increase of population, the government's reserves are becoming less and less. Although the reserves of the Chinese government are based on the sweat and sweat of residents, let's return to our topic. How can we do this? How can we control the population, if you It takes almost a generation to reduce the total population.

My suggestion is to use sexually transmitted diseases, or to take birth control measures when the number of newborns decreases. The population of China will certainly decrease in the future. Do you know why China is the most populous country in the world? That's because previous generations usually had or more children, and when they grow up, they will have more children, so too many new babies are the main reason for such a large generation.

The Nazis adopted another way of population control, and we never want to let this happen again. The Nazis killed millions of Jews, which turned into a massacre in the s. The Japanese also killed many Chinese in the Nanjing Massacre.

This is another way to control the population. Although our goal may not be to reduce the population, although there are some bloody population control methods, we can try the first method in China, which has been approved by the government A law that stipulates that a family can only have one child is a good example of population control.




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