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关于”实践是最好的老师“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Practice is the best teacher。以下是关于实践是最好的老师的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Practice is the best teacher

I didn't get high marks when I was in primary school. The teacher didn't like me because I was not a good student. My mother thought I was a bad child.

They thought I was a mentally retarded child and hurt me. But I'm not a fool. All my paintings were on public display.

Many famous artists praised my paintings. They called me "little prodigy". My father was on my side.

He encouraged me to do what I like to do I think it's right. He told me that interest is the best teacher, and dad tried his best to give full play to my talent. I believe that with interest and hard work, I will become a successful artist in the near future.




When I learn English, I find it difficult because no matter how hard I try, one day I still can't understand grammar. My sister asked me why I was so confused about English. I told her that I didn't know.

I was afraid. Then she let me watch English movies and listen to English songs. I fell in love with these songs.

I learned to sing them. I found that I could remember more and more words I'm very interested in movies. I can learn local words with interest.

I've made great progress. I'm not afraid of being interested in English. I'm the best teacher.




Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: parents are the best teachers? Support your answer with specific reasons and examples in my life, I have been lucky to have a good relationship with my parents. They have always supported me, given me necessary criticism and taught me a lot about how to live. Parents can be very important teachers in our life.

However, they are not always the best teachers ‰ parents may be too close to their children emotionally, sometimes they can only protect people's eyes Look at their children. For example, they may limit their children's freedom in the name of safety. Teachers may regard big city travel as a valuable new experience.

However, it seems too dangerous for parents. Another problem is that parents may expect their children's interests to be similar to their own, and they can't seem to separate from their children's minds If they love science, they may try to force their children to love science. Similarly, if children's true love is art, writing or car repair, parents are usually eager to pass on their values to their children, but if children always believe in what their parents do, maybe different generations need different ways of thinking when their children are young, they believe that their parents will always be It's far right, but as they grow up, they realize that there are other ideas that sometimes parents, especially older parents, can't keep up with rapid social or technological changes.

A student with friends of different races and backgrounds in school may find that her parents don't really understand or value the digital revolution, and sometimes children have to find their own way to do it Now the most important thing about their faith is that we all have many teachers in our life. Our parents teach us, our teachers teach us, our peers teach us books and newspapers, and television teaches us all these are valuable.


你同意或不同意以下说法:父母是最好的老师用具体的理由和例子来支持你的答案 在我的一生中,我有幸与我的父母有着很好的关系,他们一直支持我,给予我必要的批评,教了我很多关于如何生活的知识父母可以是我们生活中非常重要的老师然而,他们并不总是最好的老师‰父母在情感上可能过于亲近他们的孩子有时他们只能通过保护人的眼睛看到他们的孩子例如,他们可能会以安全的名义限制孩子的自由老师可能会把大城市之旅视为一种宝贵的新体验,然而,对于家长来说,这似乎太危险了;另一个问题是,家长可能会期望孩子的兴趣与自己的兴趣相似,他们似乎无法从他们的脑海中与孩子分离如果他们热爱科学,他们可能会试图强迫孩子热爱科学同样,如果孩子的真爱是艺术、写作或汽车修理,父母通常渴望将自己的价值传递给孩子,但如果孩子们总是相信父母的所作所为,也许不同的世代在孩子们小的时候需要不同的思维方式,他们相信他们的父母永远是正确的,但是当他们长大后,他们意识到还有其他的观点,有时父母,尤其是年长的父母,无法跟上快速的社会或技术变化一个在学校里有不同种族和背景的朋友的学生可能会发现她的父母并不真正理解或重视数字革命有时孩子们必须找到他们自己的方式去实现他们的信仰最重要的是我们都有很多老师在我们的生活中,我们的父母教我们,我们的老师教我们,我们的同龄人教我们书和报纸,电视也教我们所有这些都是宝贵的。


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