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Parents are born to love their children, and Chinese parents are no exception. Chinese parents tend to spoil their children, because due to family planning, each family is allowed to have only one child. They place too much hope on their baby's children.

If they want stars, they may even climb up and take them off. They are self-centered. Everything that pampers their children depends on their parents.

Therefore, once they face the cruel reality, they are more likely to yield to the hardships and difficulties in life. Parents love their children's nature. Chinese parents are no exception Love their children, because only one child is allowed in each family.

Because of birth control, too much hope is placed on the baby children. If they want stars, they will even climb up and pick them off. They are self-centered.

Spoiled children depend on their parents for everything. Once they face the cruel reality, they are more likely to succumb to the hardships and difficulties in life. Parents love them Chinese parents are no exception.

Chinese parents tend to dote on their children, because each family is allowed only one child because of family planning. They place too much hope on their baby children. If they want, stars may even climb up and take themselves as the center.

Spoiled children depend on their parents for everything. As a result, once they face each other, they will have to rely on their parents To the harsh reality, they are more likely to yield to the hardships and difficulties in life.




When I was a child, my mother always told me how much effort she had made to raise me, so I was afraid to make her angry for her parents. Raising children really cost them a lot of money and spirit. They have to pay the price of body and mind.

It is not easy to raise children as a parent. The first thing is that parents need to pay in addition to the children's bills, including their daily diet and clothes Some children want to buy expensive toys when their children grow up. Parents need to pay for their education, which is the heaviest burden on their children until they find a job.

In addition to money, parents need to come up with a good way to educate their children. Parents grow up with their children, and they need to adjust their education methods to adapt Most parents find it difficult to communicate with their children because they will fight against you. The cost of raising a child is physical and mental.

Every child should be considerate of his parents.




It's common for parents to spank their children because they think eating is a good way for their children to learn and behave well. One of my neighbors made very strict demands on his son and scolded or slapped him severely. Whenever he is lazy or disobedient, in order to prove his behavior is legitimate, he said, don't use a stick to destroy the child.

In fact, he is beating the child. A violent way to treat children does more harm than good to children's physical and mental health. However, beating children is common in our life.

Many children become disabled because their parents beat too hard. Some children lose their hearing and some become lame. Children have an inner hatred for them.

Parents and protests of running away from home may become so afraid of their parents that they will tremble when they see angry parents, for example, she He even killed his son because he was not satisfied with his study. It is normal for a child to kill his parents because of the extreme conflict between them. In this case, how can children learn and grow up healthily? Most of the time, parents will struggle to beat their children in the pain of remorse and remorse, and they will be very sad for the rest of their lives.

But now it is too late, how can they restore their disabled children to health, how can they alleviate their children's heart pain, so we can say that beating hurts children and their parents, which is definitely a bad way for children to learn and learn Good behavior, to be exact, children are human beings, they have self-esteem, should be respected, parents should understand.





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