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关于”有关中化差异的小故事“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:A short story about the differences between Sinochem and China。以下是关于有关中化差异的小故事的考研英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A short story about the differences between Sinochem and China

Once upon a time, the fox and the wolf talked about the power of man. No animal could resist him. Everyone had to use tricks to protect himself from his harm.

The wolf replied, "if I can see a man, I will still attack him." "I can help you to do this. The fox said," come to me tomorrow morning and I'll show you one. "The wolf arrived on time, and the fox took him to the path used by the hunters every day.

First, a veteran soldier walked by." is there someone "asking the wolf" no ", and the fox said," he is one. " There comes a little boy on his way to school. "Is that a man?" "no, he will be a" at last there is a hunter with a double barreled gun and a sword beside him, "said the fox to the wolf." look, here comes a man.

He is the one you must attack, but I will go back to my nest. " The wolf rushed to the man. The hunter saw him and said, "it's a pity I didn't load any bullets." then he said that the wolf fired a shot in his face.

The wolf showed a terrible face, but he didn't let himself be afraid. He attacked him again. The hunter held back his pain on the second barrel and rushed to the hunter again.

The hunter took out his naked sword and hit him with the sword. In this way, he flowed He took a stick from his shoulder and blew at it. Then something flew into my face and tickled me.

Then he breathed into the stick again. It was like lightning and ice Hail came down on my nose. When I got close to him, he pulled a bare rib out of him, and he hit me with it, almost killing me.

"You are such a boaster," said the fox. "You throw the axe so far that you can never get it back.".





A long time ago, there was a legend that rabbits practiced for thousands of years and lived forever. They had four lovely daughters. One day, the emperor called for the rabbit.

He took his wives away in a hurry. It was even worse when he stepped on the cloud temple. Seeing the white Venus day, the moon was led to the rabbit fairy from his side.

He knew what had happened. He asked the next one A door god, after listening to her fairy, the moon rabbit, pities her innocent pain, but pities his meager strength. What can I do for you? A person is changing.

How lonely and sad. If someone takes it well, he suddenly thinks of his four daughters. He immediately runs back to the moon rabbit's home and tells the mother rabbit to tell the moon company when she was a child that although the mother rabbit is very lonely to the moon rabbit The rabbit with tears said for a long time: "if I am locked up alone, would you like to accompany me to the moon to save me? People, we can't tie the children together to sympathize with her, we can only think of ourselves." children understand the father's mind, want to get rid of the male rabbit and the female rabbit, smile with tears It is said that in the Yuan Dynasty, an underground organization led by Zhu Yuanzhang was determined to eliminate the rule of Mongolia.

Moon cakes are used to transmit secret information. When the moon cake was opened, it read: an uprising successfully defeated the Mongols. Some people say that explains why they eat moon cakes at this time.





Bill: Hi, Tony. How are you? Tony: fine. I just came back from one of my Chinese colleagues.

Bill: Oh, have a good time. Tony: Oh, yes, I'm glad you. I'm a little hurt by the way they treat my presents.

You see, I know they like western music, so I brought them some of the latest tapes from England, all wrapped up and beautiful. I gave them to them as soon as I got in the door. What do you think happened Bill: what? Tony: nothing good They said thank you more or less, and then they put them in a corner, not even bothering to open them.

I have to say, it took me so much effort to get a little angry.




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