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关于”送别的诗“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Farewell poem。以下是关于送别的诗的托福英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Farewell poem

1、And my sick muse doth give an other place. 我的病诗神只好给别人让位。

2、"Palace" poetry thrived during the Tang dynasty, as manifest in the number of poems and poets, in particular prestigious poets. 有唐一代,宫怨诗的创作颇为繁荣,不仅诗作颇多,而且诗家、特别是名家甚众。

3、Different definitions of poetry during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period decide the change of poetic themes between them. 春秋、战国对诗迥然有别的定位,决定了孔孟之间诗学主题的变迁。

4、The poems that describe lovers separation are an important part in love poems. 爱情是诗歌中一个永恒的主题,惜别诗则是爱情诗的重要组成部分。

5、Both Li Shangyin's untitled poem and Shakespeare's Sonnet play very important role in the history of lyrical poetry in China and England respectively. 李商隐“无题”诗和莎士比亚“十四行”诗分别在中国与英国抒情诗的历史上占有重要地位。

6、The "Special Recommendation" introduces a selected poetry of Lin Huiyin. 本期“特别推荐”栏目,推出女诗人林徽因中英对照诗作专辑。

7、Xinyue poets paid special attention to create the aesthetic poems. 新月派诗人特别注重诗的美的意境创造。

8、My interest in poetry began in my childhood, and lessons from middle school and university led to my special fondness for the internal structure of poetry. 我从少年时代起就爱上了诗歌,中学、大学时代所受的诗教,使我对诗的内在构成问题特别感兴趣。

9、Tell me not in mournful numbers. 别用悲切的诗句对我唱。

10、Most poetry is linear, row on row, though ee cummings for example was more playful with the placement of words on the page. 尽管有像诗人卡明斯那样别出心裁地在纸上以不同的形式写下的诗,但现在大多数诗都是直线型、一行一行的。

11、In Chinese ancient poetry, “eternal love” is from “long separation”. 古代诗词中的“长相思”,来自于“久别离”。

12、Poem styled music "is main form of Tang poem songs, in the course of using it, there is a little difference between "writing poem mixing up music "and "selecting poem mixing up music". “以诗入乐”是唐诗歌曲的主要形式,在运用时又有“撰写合乐”与“选诗合乐”之别。

13、Both of these poets were students of the early Greek lyric poetry, especially the works of Sappho . 这两个诗人是学生的早期希腊抒情诗,特别是作品的萨福。

14、They highlighted the ontological features of poem by way of distinguishing poems from articles, poems from non-poems and poems in different times. 通过辨诗文之别、诗与非诗之别,以及诗歌的时代之别,突现了诗歌的本体特征;

15、Lanting poem of the Eastern Jin Dynasty is distinct in characteristics from Mountains-and-Rivers poem and Metaphysical poem. 东晋兰亭诗有着区别于山水诗和正宗玄言诗的不同特质。

16、However, the meanings of poetry of these two genres are quite different with the one of Pasolini. 但是这里的“诗”与帕索里尼在《诗的电影》中提到的“诗”有着本质的区别。

17、Drinking poet Li Bai's poems fully reflects the unique personality. 李白的饮酒诗充分反映出诗人别具一格的人格力量。

18、Changhe poems(poem of writing and replying) are a particular category of the Chinese ancient poems. 唱和诗是中国古典诗歌的一个特殊的类别。

19、Homeric Epics and Gesar are two of the best heroic epics in the ancient Greece and the old Tibet in China. 荷马史诗和《格萨尔》是分别产生于古希腊和中国古藏区的两大英雄史诗。

20、Though as a pastoral poet Wei Yingwu is influential in Tang Dynasty, he wrote a number of farewell poems. 韦应物以其山水田园诗在唐代诗坛占有一席之地,但其诗集中有一定数量的送别诗。

21、LI He is a distinguished poet in the history of the Chinese poetry. His special life experience has made his death consciousness quite different from that of others. 李贺是中国诗歌史上一个特殊的诗人,特殊的人生际遇使其死亡意识迥别于其他诗人。

22、I've liked poetry since I was little, and especially ancient poetry. 我跟你不一样,我从小就喜欢诗歌,特别是古诗。

23、The literatus has already discussed in the large extent the Wang Wei's poems, especially the dynamic and tranquility of his landscaping poetry. 对于王维诗歌特别是山水诗的动静问题,文学界已作了大量的探讨。

24、But it’s saying something else here. 但是,这首诗里还说了些别的。

25、Besides Shi Chi and Bu Shi Cang Shi Xuan, he also compiled other anthologies and collected works as one of the participants. 除《诗持》、《补石仓诗选》以外,他还参与了很多选本和别集的编选工作。


26、The poetry of Wang Wei can be categorized by themes: nature, meditation, memory, frontier, political reform, offerings, sendoff, mourning and miscellaneous. 王维的诗作类型包含山水田园诗、禅诗、咏怀诗、边塞诗、应制诗、赠答诗、送别诗、悲悼诗和杂诗。

27、The poem about separation is an example. Chinese ones are full of tragic color while the western ones are full of comic and optimistic color though there is some sadness in it. 表现在离别诗上,中国诗多浓重的悲剧色彩,而西方爱情离别诗虽伤感,却充满喜剧色彩、乐观。

28、But as one of the important poets in Jia-Dao period, he pays attention to poetry's artistic quality. 当然,作为嘉道年间的重要诗人,包世臣也特别重视诗的艺术性。

29、For example, many classics as special recommendations in the Quarterly have been published as the offprint within The Afterglow Poetry Series. 如本刊“特别推荐”栏上发表的经典诗人的经典作品,有许多已转为“夕照诗丛”中的“短诗选”。

30、He not only wrote a large number of powerful frontier fortress poems and obscure poems, but also wrote a lot of popular farewell poems. 王昌龄是盛唐著名诗人,他不仅创作了大量雄浑豪迈的边塞诗和委婉含蓄的宫怨诗,而且还创作了大量内容丰富脍炙人口的送别诗。

31、The first half of the 20th century, especially the first and second decades, is the worst period of the construction of poetic style of new poetry. 20世纪前半期,特别是xx年代,是新诗诗体建设最重要的时期,最能呈现出新诗诗体建设生态的恶劣。

32、Most of Dai love poems have sad, dreary and graceful style which was much alike the style of Li love poems. 戴望舒之感伤凄清、朦胧婉曲的爱情诗,与李商隐开创的玉溪诗风,特别是他的爱情诗风格非常接近,十分类似。

33、And he says this is what's unique about poetry. 这就是诗歌的特别之处。

34、The writing style in his poems reflect the formation of creation pattern of farewell poems in late Tang dynasty, which is also the major reason why he became the model of the later generations. 许浑送别诗所构成的写作特点,反映了中晚唐送别诗创作模式的形成,也是他的诗作为后世模拟的主要原因之一。

35、Know each other well with every see, and talk much hasty departure. 求高手试译汉诗两首为英诗逢见相知不俗同,又谈离别许多匆。

36、Having originated from" The Book of Songs", send-off poems have evolved into one of the main themes in poetic creation. 古代送别诗自《诗经》滥觞始,其后逐渐演绎发展成为诗歌创作的重要题材和类别之一。

37、All of these artistic characteristics distinguishes him from his contemporary poets. 这是黄庭坚区别于其他诗人的艺术特征。

38、The Selected Poems of the Song Dynasty was a famous anthology in the Qing Dynasty. 《宋诗别裁集》是清代一部很有影响的宋诗名选。

39、The translation quality of motion images in poems affects the artistic conception of the poem directly as well as the charm and artistic effect of it. 诗歌中的意象特别是动态意象翻译的好坏直接影响到全诗意境的营构,影响到诗歌的感染力和艺术效果。

40、In China, we, too, have a particular liking for Wang Weis “having poetry in his painting and painting in his poetry”. 我们中国也特别称道王摩诘的“画中有诗,诗中有画”。

41、This is really moving poetry, remarkably so. 这真是一首特别感人的诗。

42、When Lee Chi was writing association poems, he was different from the other poets who put emphasis on lyric, farewell. 李颀在写作交往诗时,有别于一般诗人之著重抒情、叙别;

43、Most of WangWei's poetry, especially the landscape poetry in his later years, is full of interest and theory of Buddhism. 王维的许多诗作,特别是他晚年所创作的山水田园诗,极富禅理禅趣。

44、The author points out that a special kind … 指出丘诗在七言古诗存在一种特别的押韵样式。

45、Though both types of poems express sad feelings at parting, they are different in their focuses owing to their authors different moods and situations. 送别诗与留别诗都是以表达离情别绪为主的诗歌创作 ,但由于作者的身份、心境不同 ,因此在表达感情时各有侧重。

46、I think we're fully entitled to ask why: why Milton waits for the last eight lines of his poem to tell us that there's a difference, that there's a difference between the poet and the speaker. 我们完全有权利问为什么:,为什么弥尔顿要等到诗的最后8行,才告诉我们这里的区别,这里诗人和演说人之间的区别。

47、"Qiangdi" and Aiyuan the farewell poem "presentation of willow" link, it seems that also reflects the "Qiangdi" unique expression. “羌笛”与哀怨的送别诗《折杨柳》联系在一起,似乎也反映了“羌笛”所特有的表现力。

48、Tell me not in mournful numbers; 请别用悲悼的诗句对我讲;

49、Love is an eternal subject in poems. The poems that describe lovers' separation are an important part in love poems. 爱情是诗歌中一个永恒的主题,惜别诗则是爱情诗的重要组成部分。

50、In ancient times, poets made lots of poems about parting and gave their expressions of parting. 诗人做过很多吟留别的诗作,以寄托他们的分别之情。


51、Chapter 3: The difference between poems describing objects of the two periods and the new development. 第三章:初唐咏物诗与齐梁咏物诗的区别及其新变。

52、Our fellowship meets every Friday night for Bible study, special topic seminars, music and worship, sharing and fun activities. 我们每周五晚聚会,内容有诗歌、 见证分享、 查经或特别讲座、 祷告、 点心。

53、Without the hoof shaped rhyme, Chinese antithetical couplets may not be differentiated from poetry, Ci and Qu. 马蹄韵使对联与诗词曲特别是诗的界限变得清晰。

54、This cluster including the sun, the moon, the water, the land, the wheat and other images is so adsorptive and productive that it becomes a primary symbol of Hai Zi different from other poets. 这一意象丛包括太阳、月亮、水、大地、麦地等多重意象,具有强大的吸附能力和生发能力,是海子诗歌区别于同时代诗人,也区别于乡土诗人、抒情诗人的根本性标志。

55、The author points out that a special kind of rhy… 指出丘诗在七言古诗存在一种特别的押韵样式。

56、The series of poems"Singing the poor"displayed the subject intensively. 特别是《咏贫士》组诗,对此表现尤为集中。

57、Shen Deqian s theories of poetry put gentleness and sincerity to the first place, and advocated that poetry must have social functions. 沈德潜的诗论以“温柔敦厚”为首,主张诗歌要有社会功用,他在《唐诗别裁集》中十分强调这种儒家诗教。

58、告别的[B] farewell present 饯别礼物farewell farewell party 欢送会 His farewell speech was very touching。

59、It is customary to write a farewell poem, but I am neither poet nor calligrapher. 按照惯例是要写一首诗来告别的。

60、The poems arrived in typescript. 送来的诗歌是打字稿。


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