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关于”动物的小诗“的英语句子28个,句子主体:Poems of animals.。以下是关于动物的小诗的专八英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poems of animals.


1、Teacher: The animals are having a sports meeting. Three animals are going to have a car race.


2、These lesser rheas spend most of their day foraging – looking for grasses, seeds, insects, and even small rodents and reptiles.


3、The amount of respiration depends upon the degree of activity of the organism.


4、Small fish and invertebrates also graze on the plant-like organisms, and then those smaller animals are eaten by bigger ones.


5、Due to introduction of native species and creation of conducive habitat, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is the home to breeding reptiles and amphibians, small mammals and butterflies.


6、Crocodiles devour many small animals and occasionally sttack large animals and people.


7、Odin was hand-raised at the zoo.


8、Each animal was tagged with a number for identification.


9、Animals reject the runt of the litter.


10、The balance consists of other grasses and occasional small rodents or musk deer fawns.


11、Feeds on a variety of food including bivalves, crustaceans, cephalopods, and small fishes (Ref. 45323).


12、Traditionally, this house rules small animals.


13、For example, unlike animal genes, plant genes are generally much smaller with fewer and smaller introns.


14、Fourth Watch Park: Park to watch the animals.


15、Plague is a zoonotic disease circulating mainly among small animals and their fleas.


16、Like most crabs, this species is an omnivore. Its prey includes mollusks (clams and snails), sea worms, small crustaceans , small fish and occasional plant material.


17、Herbivorous animals have very small canine teeth, or none.


18、It's a crime to neglect such a lovely garden.


19、Saving a small creature's life is wonderful.


20、I have a question to ask. Mary had a little lamb, soMary loves her little lamb best . What animal do you have?or what animal do you like best?

21、A tiger lives off some small animals.老虎靠吃一些小动物为生。

22、Our also zoo , there had the lovable micro-organism , I like them .我们还去了动物园,那里有很多可爱的小动物,我十分喜欢他们。

23、These unique ear thermometers are the only ones specificallydesigned for companion animals and work effectively on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and chinchillas.我们专利的耳温枪是专门为动物设计的对狗、猫、小狗、小猫、兔、豚鼠、雪貂等小动物有效的体温计。

24、The deep sea typically has a sparse fauna dominated by tiny worms and crustaceans, with an even sparser distribution of larger animals.深海里 的动物群以 零散 的小虫和甲壳纲动物为主,此外还有些分布更为稀疏 的较大动物。

25、Rats and mice are similar animals.大老鼠和小老鼠是类似的动物。

英文句子26:,26、The most common examples are probably canids (pup, dog, wolf), felines (cat, kitten, lion) or equines (pony, horse).最普遍的例子大概就是犬科动物(幼狗、狗、狼)、猫科动物(猫、小猫咪、狮子)或马类(小马、马畜)了。

27、This article mainly reviewed the nutrition of small-peptides, its mode of working and absorbing , the recent advances of small-peptides used in monogastric specie…本文重点从小肽的营养、小肽的作用及吸收机制、小肽在单胃动物及反刍动物的应用等方面对小肽营养进行了总结。

28、Besides, meiofauna are good environmental indicator organism because they move slowly and are sensitive to the change of environment.此外,小型底栖动物具有活动范围小、对环境的变化反应灵敏等特点,是环境改变很好的指示生物。

29、I eat plants, insects, bird eggs and small animals, like mice.我吃植物、昆虫、鸟蛋和小的动物,如老鼠。

30、Aardvark is a blue, small mammal.食蚁兽先生是一种蓝而小的哺乳动物。

31、A wolverine is a small fierce mammal.貂熊是一中小而猛烈的动物。

32、Small animals make distress calls.小动物发出求救信号。

33、I love the panda better than the dog.小弟很爱小动物,他说:比起小狗,我更喜欢大熊猫。

34、Baby Animals Touch and Feel Ser.小动物(接触和感受辑。)

35、Carnivorous animals have a very small caecum .食肉类动物的盲肠很小。

36、The biodegradability and biocompatibility of a chitosan film were investigated in mice.用小鼠作实验动物,研究了壳聚膜的生物降解与生物相容性。

37、Snakes are said to fascinate small animals.据说蛇能蛊惑小动物。

38、The tiny protozoans are believed to be the first animals to have appeared on earth.人们认为小原生动物是首先出现在地球上的动物。

39、Spiny anteater " is the nickname of a strange little animal (“多刺食蚁动物”是一种奇怪小动物的绰号,它的真名是针鼹。

1) whose real name is echidna."

40、Make traps to catch small animals.设计圈套去捕捉微小的动物。

41、He is benevolent , and like small animals.阿旭是有爱心的,喜欢小动物的。

42、Keep your brats off my property.别让你的小孩子乱动我的财物。

43、Some can swim, as, for instance, fishes, molluscs, and crustaceans , such as the crawfish.一些能游泳,就如,鱼,软体动物,甲壳动物,例如小龙虾。

44、The small house cat was once a highly honored animal.小小的家猫一度是高度受尊重的动物。

45、You whirlpool effect of these small animals speed.这些小漩涡影响了动物的游速。

46、the dogs is very loyal to people .are you agree with me? 我最喜欢的动物是小狗。

47、Minute marine organisms, such as crustaceans of the genus Calanus, that are a major source of food for right whales.哲水蚤小海生动物,如哲水蚤属的甲壳类动物,是露脊鲸食物的主要来源。

48、Don't you think it is a shy animal?你不认为这是个害羞的小动物么?

49、Among its prey would have been insects, small mammals, amphibians and possibly small dinosaurs that lived in the swamps and forests of the late Cretaceous.它所能捕食的猎物包括昆虫、小型哺乳动物、两栖动物以及可能生活在沼泽和森林后白垩纪的小型恐龙。

50、Besides other fragments of hemoglobin and other similar compound coming from the blood of animals, such as foraminifera, minute crustaceans and small worms.此外还有其它一些来自动物血液的化合物碎片,诸如有孔虫、微小甲壳动物和微小蠕虫类。

经典英文句子51:动物的小诗,51、Like small animals, good-hearted, savvy.喜欢小动物,善良,善解人意。


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