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1、The newly unearthed bronze vase is pleasing in form and engraved with delicate and intricate traditional designs.


2、Practice how to check in and out of a hotel in an elegant hotel lobby.


3、Adopt double rods feeding with light sound, small vibration, sewing more beautiful and stitch length stability.


4、Our company is located at the Wuhou Science Park in Chengdu with beautiful surroundings and convenient transportation.


5、《The mountain village snow Ji 》select an excellent art work of national teacher exhibition and get a prize.


6、Valmet's services cover everything frommaintenance outsourcing to mill and plant improvements and spare parts.


7、She's so, she's so ethereal and beautiful and such a really, you know, such a good actor.


8、You do not have to be a professional dancer to mount an excellent performance.


9、Almost without exception, any harpsichord sounds better in an historic temperament.


10、Konovnitsyn's firm, handsome, good-humoured face was bright with a sly and kindly smile.

她喜欢这里高高的天花板,它 造型 优美,还带有一圈漆成白色的飞檐。

11、She loved the gracefully high ceiling, with its white-painted cornice.


12、Chao, Chu and Locke represent many firsts and unusual honors for the

3.6 million Chinese-Americans.


13、The girl in the sea with elegant pose, and beautiful sightseeing, its really a catching color mix.


14、And a computing example of US treasury bonds proved the advantage of MCMC.


15、Kate graceful hair hung on her shoulders, and the curly lines are very beautiful.


16、It still has many advantages, for exemple, portable, both artistic and practical, well ventilation and no complications. Conclusion:…


17、The beautiful and high - quality one has seemed close at hand , extremely easy to obtain like the fairy tale!


18、Crystal engineering based on coordination polymer is an efficient strategy for designing and synthesizing metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with elegant topologies and potential applications.


19、The beautiful, doube-colonnaded court of the Luxor Temple was built during his reign.


20、Lady Agnes saw him dance and complimented him upon his elegance and activity.

21、The lens is made of cell-shaped plastic which has the beautiful retractile effect.采用蜂窝状塑胶做透镜,其表面花纹达到优美的折射效果。

22、The Shanyuan Hotel is located in this place with convient transportation and beautiful environment.三元大酒店就座落在这典型的江南水乡,交通便利,环境优美。

23、Recursion is a wonderful technique that solves certain problems in an elegant manner.递迴是一种非常棒的技术,解决了某些问题在一个优美的方式。

24、Beautiful Arts and Crafts lettering proudly announces the station's name on the facade, as if it were a West End theatre or grand hotel.建筑正面的站名采用优美的工艺美术字体,使得整座建筑看似一座西区剧院或是豪华酒店。

25、You will have an excellent Natual Oxygen Bath in our beautiful, splendid back Mountain Forest Park.优美、峻秀的后山森林公园是天然氧吧和天然矿泉水厂。

英文句子26:,26、Let's ditch the whole idea that being feminine means being perfect and ethereal.让我们梳理一下完整的思路,有女人味意味着优美和轻盈。

27、So there you have it. Big is beautiful… when it comes to SEO.那么你现在应该知道,大就是美,尤其是在进行搜索引擎优化时。

28、The newly unearthened bronze vase is pleasing in form and engraved with delicate and traditional designs.新出土的铜花瓶造型优美,刻有精细、复杂的传统图案。

29、The company is located in the beautiful West Lake Science and Technology Economic Zone.坐落于美丽的西湖科技经济园内,拥有得天独厚的地理优势。

30、"Sell Best products all over the world, build up prefect image of JingJie" is always our tenet.“销全球名优产品,树晶杰完美形象”是公司的一贯宗旨。

31、Everyone knows the virtues of the internet and, at this point, can even harmonize its praises.每个人都知道互联网的优点,甚至可以纠正溢美之词。

32、Ranger (月球探测卫星)徘徊者6号沿着一条优美的曲线循弧线飞向月球。

6 arced on a graceful,curving course towards the moon.

33、Natural Ecological Zone (NEZ) is the ecological "cell project" for constructing regional beautiful eco-environment.自然生态小区是构建优美生态环境区域的生态“细胞工程”。

34、Graceful dancing carriage has also got student's dead cert. Our how energy is not happy!优美的舞姿也得到了学生的肯定。我们怎能不高兴啊!

35、Jumei shares have put up a solid performance this year, up 43 percent since January.今年,聚美优品的股份表现稳健,从xx月开始就上升了43%。

36、It is a graceful, ballet-like dance, using hopping, sliding, skipping and toe pointing.这种舞蹈很优美,象芭蕾似的,采用跳跃,滑行,跳跃和脚趾指向。

37、But the optimum R/R is 但是最优的风险回报率是

3:1. That is $1030 or 103 pips.


38、"Long-yi 100" group will use high-quality project, improve campus facilities, beautiful campus environment, a reasonable size to the majority of the buyers feedback.“百益龙”集团将用优质工程、完善的园区配套、优美的园区环境、合理的户型来回馈广大的购房者。

39、The country has more than 1000000 customers experience and enjoy the beautiful home of professional services.全国已有超过1,000,000客户体验并享受了优美居的专业服务。

40、Conclusion: The efficacies of trimetazidine are better than coenzyme Q10 for stable exertional angina.结论:曲美他嗪治疗稳定性劳力型心绞痛的疗效优于辅酶Q10。

41、What wonderful music it is! Ilike Beethoven's symphonies better than anybody's.多么优美的音乐啊!我喜欢贝多芬的交响乐胜过喜欢其他人的。

42、Armenians in my neighborhood when I was growing up used to make their own yogurt, which is essentially milk fermented with certain bacteria.每当我起床时,我家附近的亚美尼亚人总是在制作他们的优酪乳,其实优酪乳就是含有有益菌的发酵牛奶。

43、The western region today enjoys clearer sky, greener land, cleaner water and a better environment for development.今天的西部天更蓝、地更绿、水更清,发展环境更加优美。

44、Under the terms of the acquisition, announced yesterday, the UK company would pay AIG $25bn in cash, $5.5bn in stock, $3bn in mandatory convertible notes and $2bn in preferred stock.根据这宗昨日公布的收购的条款,保诚这家英国公司将向AIG支付250亿美元现金、55亿美元股票、30亿美元强制性可转换票据,以及20亿美元优先股。

45、Have many years of manufacturing experience, the beautiful paintings, fine craftsmanship, honesty and trustworthiness .拥有多年丰富的生产制作经验,画工优美,做工精细,诚实守信。

46、Front-tipping arc door is closer to your life while elegant radian reflect its fair shape.前倾式圆弧门体倍感亲切,优雅弧度尽显流畅之美。

47、Serving as Count Dooku's most-trusted in, Asajj Ventress was a lithe beauty possessing both serpentine grace and lethality.阿萨吉•文崔斯(Asajj Ventress)是杜库伯爵(Count Dooku)最信赖的刺客,她身形轻盈优美,像毒蛇一般融合了优雅的身躯和致命的毒性。

48、China will spend $88 billion constructing intercity rail lines, the highest priority in the plan.中国将投资880亿美元建设城际铁路,在方案中处于优先级。

49、A small handful of celebrities attended and pranced delicately from painting to painting.一小部份名流出席晚会并优美地在一幅幅的画中欢愉地穿越。

50、Xitang is an ancient town in the north of Jiashan County.座落在嘉善镇北部的西塘是一个环境优美、气氛祥和的古城小镇。

经典英文句子51:优美,51、Advantages: a beautiful pair of noise canceling headphones with active noise cancellation, battery-powered.优点:一对精美的降噪耳机,结合了电池供电的主动噪音消除。

52、The slaves next performed some pretty fairy-like dances, to the sound of beautiful music.现在奴隶们跟着美妙的音乐,跳起优雅的、轻飘飘的舞来。

53、The exquisite snowflakes, one after another, falling feathery . Blossoming out into the perfect beauty.玲珑的雪花,一朵一朵优雅地落下,绽放出那绝世的美的温柔。

54、Our school still advances the garden type campus construction pace of " beautifying , purifying, and optimizing " actively.我校还积极推进“美化、净化、优化”花园式校园建设步伐。

55、1984 "Travels in Guilin" shown at the "6th National Art Exhibition; " won a prize for outstanding work.xx年《桂林行系列》参加“第六届全国美展”,评为优秀作品;

56、Stream of consciousness calligraphy is make their source of design imprint, beautiful, free and easy, nature.意识流书法是许燎源设计的烙印,优美、洒脱、自然天成。

57、What her's dressed in nowadays fits her bad, clarifying her beautiful figer.她当今穿的这件衣服非比寻常合体,显出了她身材优美的曲线。

58、Good posture creates a dynamic commanding presence and an attitude of leadership.优美的姿态创造一种威风凛凛的气场,以及一种领导者的气势。

59、It probably is the most beautiful, elegant, literary English translation that will ever be produced.它可能是最美丽,优雅,书生气的英文译本,将永远不会再有。

60、Cutter chooses excellent steel and the hardness is up to the international standard.切刀选用优质钢材,硬度符合国际标准,刀盘一次成型,外观美观。

61、And his diary became a new type of literature for the later ages.日记模山范水,优美雄奇,形式自由,为后世创立一个新的体裁。

62、Please insure for me against all risks 200 pieces of high-quality furniture valued $20,000.请为我投保价值为20000美元的200件优质家具的一切险。

63、And the company perfectly combines the original, professional, theme-artistical, aesthetical designs attributed to these advantages with the requirements of customers.并将这些优势所具备的原创性,专业性,主题艺术性,美学审阅性的设计同客户的需求完美的结合起来。

64、Black-faced snbills are renowned for their graceful poise, which have earned them the nickname of" Black-faced dancer."黑面琵鹭以优美的姿态闻名,赢得「面舞者」雅号。

65、By relying on stable quality, excellent service in good standing for the EU, Southeast Asia, the Americas, Russia and other places to provide quality products.凭靠着稳定的产品质量,优秀售后服务良好的信誉为欧盟、东南亚、美洲、俄罗斯等地提供优质的产品。

66、Early fruit walnut variety of Daifeng showed excellent characters with bigger fruit, high yield, thin shell and good quality, It is highly resistant to the adverse growing conditions.岱丰’为核桃品种‘丰辉’的实生后代优株,果实中大型,丰产,优质,壳薄光滑,外观美,抗逆性强。

67、We offer office supplies with high quality and competitve price. Our main products including self-inking stamp, k pocket embosser seal and hole punch.翻斗印章、手打钢印、打孔机等办公用品都是我司生产的主打产品,我们将为您提供优质优价美的产品。

68、Brmenians in my neighborhood when I was growing up used to make their own yogurt, which is essentially milk fermented with certain bacteria.每当我起床时,我家附近的亚美尼亚人总是在建造他们的优酪乳,其实优酪乳就是含有有益菌的发酵牛奶。

69、As for Skelton, 78, his concession was plain and graceful, befitting his reputation.至于斯凯尔顿,78,他的让步是平原和优美,使之适合自己的名声。

70、Human nature, comfortable, perfect design and quality construction techniques, all in Jia Yi to design.人性、舒适、完美的设计和优质的施工工艺,尽在佳易设计。

71、Full-bodied, generous, with all thecharacteristics of the best wines from the Saint-Emilion appellation.酒体饱满,和谐均衡,具有所有圣达美隆优质酒的特性。

72、Hammer Head: Made of Gemany-made felt, it has pure, beautiful tone and strong expressive force.弦槌:采用德国制造的呢毡,音色纯正优美,表现力强。


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