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1、Thut, first of all I want to apologize to you.

once more.请再次接受我诚恳的道歉。

2、Please accept my most cordial and humblest apologies for…


3、I’m Dean Cardell and I make no apologies.


4、Dimitri apologized to Aleko for having accused him.


5、If not, you owe yourself an apology.

他给女房东写了一封道歉信。 。

6、He wrote a letter of apology to the hostess.


7、I'm Dean Cardell and I make no apologies.


8、He must apologize to me for his impoliteness…


9、And as she did, she frequently said, "Sorry about the tears."


10、The contents of apology should be explained clearly.


11、Apology Please accept my sincerest and deepest apology.


12、Veronica will have to apologise to me publicly.


13、Both of them wept and apologized.


14、I shouldn't think any of us had ever said sorry to a grown-up in our lives---at least, not in a voluntary way.

托尼: 斯通侦探, 我们该向你道歉。

15、TONY: Detective Stone, we owe you an apology.


16、I'm sorry about that. Please accept my apology.


17、It's worse when we can clearly see that someone has been forced into apologizing and that the apology itself is insincere.


18、That should be recognized along with an apology.


19、Please accept my sincere apology to all of you。


20、An apology at this late date? I'm overwhelmed.

21、It was petty of her not to accept the apology. 她气量太小,连道歉也不接受.

22、Herbert: Whenever I punch someone, I apologize.赫伯特:每次我打了人,都会道歉。

23、I apologized to her, for I had wronged her.我向她道歉,因为我错怪她了。

24、Hung-chien repeatedly apologized for his mother.回家路上,鸿渐再三代母亲道歉。

25、I thank him and apologise for the taste, which is unpleasant.我谢了他,为那液体并不让人愉快的味道跟他道歉。

英文句子26:,26、“You should be bowing your head in apology,” he said.“你应该90度鞠躬道歉,”他说。

27、As for Xu Yang, he eventually apologized to his mother.最后,徐阳还是向母亲道了歉。

28、It's all sewn up, since you apologized.既然你已经道了歉,这件事就算了。

29、My apologies if I have the book wrong.要是我记错了这本书,我先道歉。

30、I apologize to you for taking your book by mistake.我就拿错了你的书向你道歉。

31、I guess I better apologize to the founder now.我想我最好现在向创建人道歉。

32、Wrong word to the agricultural explained, and I'm sorry.冤枉的道向农解释了,并且抱歉。

33、Pushkar to her apology, she forgave him.普什卡向佩雅道歉,佩雅原谅了他。 。

34、It takes a strong reason to say sorry, but stronger to forgive. 内心强大才能够道歉,

35、Who do you think apologizes more often, men or women?你认为男人和女人谁更爱道歉?

36、To his credit, a few years later Dole apologized to me.值得称道的是,几年之后,多尔向我道了歉。

37、He made a public apology in expiation of his error.他公开道歉以弥补其过错。

38、His apology seemed to me to be half-hearted.我觉得他的道歉是不真诚的。

39、Don't think you don't have anything to be sorry about.别认为你不需要为此事道歉。

40、He apologized to the people who had been affected.他向受到了影响的人道了歉。

41、You must apologize to me for your impoliteness.你必须就你的无礼行为向我道歉。

42、I will write your wife a letter of apology.我会给您爱人写一封道歉信。

43、Two years ago, Congress formally apologized for the internment.两年前,国会为拘留一事正式道歉。

44、Shu ping XiaoRong to personally apologize to long.淑萍让晓荣要亲自跟长文道歉。

45、He must apologize to me for his impoliteness.他必须要为他的无礼向我道歉。

46、You must apologize at once-you've gone too far.你必须马上道歉-你太过人好。

47、I apologize for sending you the wrong order.我为给您发错货物向您道歉。

48、Beryl came round this morning to apologize.贝丽尔今天上午来登门道歉了。

49、Ann apologized to her teacher for coming to school late.安因上学迟到而向老师道歉。

50、I will not forgive him unless he apologizes.除非他道歉,不然我不会原谅他的。

经典英文句子51:道歉,51、Bill made amends to Tom for rudeness.比尔因无礼行为而向汤姆陪礼道歉。

52、He must apologize to me fir his impoliteness.他必须对他的不礼貌向我道歉。

53、This was after China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) Sunday ordered the two companies to publicly apologize within five working days.该道歉信是在星期天中国工业与信息化部要求双方在五个工作日内对外正式道歉之后发布的。

54、Acknowledge that you hurt her, and then apologize.承认是你伤害了她,接着道歉。

55、Mr. Post said he thought Ethan might be willing to apologize for not being more gentlemanly, but. Well.波斯特先生说他认为伊森可能愿意为自己的行为不够绅士而道歉,那么,你想要伊森道歉吗?

56、He apologized for having offend her visiters.他因为冒犯她的客人而向她道歉。

57、"Sorry" he said and came back Room No. “抱歉。”他说道,并走回12号房间。


58、It is too proud of her to apologise.她太妄自尊大了不可能道歉。

59、A person may be sincerely apologizing and yet, the apology isn’t perceived as sincere because it’s spoken in the wrong language.一个人也许真诚的道歉,但是那个道歉被认为是不真诚的就因为用来错误的语言。

60、Imagine that: Sequoia Capital saying we're sorry!想想吧,红杉资本竟然公开道歉!

61、I humbly apologize for what happened tonight.我谦恭地为昨晚发生的事情道歉。

62、You could see the kind of grim refusal to apologize for "boughten friendship," as a kind of, well, as a kind of apology for his own popular success.你可以看到他无情地拒绝了,为“买来的友谊“道歉“,就像为他自己当红的成功,道歉一样。

63、In the parking lot, Kostya felt the impulse to apologize for his car and, in the apartment, he wanted to apologize again.在停车场,克斯特亚不由得想要为自己的车道歉。 进了公寓之后,他又有了道歉的冲动。

64、" I'm truly sorry for you, Tom, " said Mary.“汤姆,我真地向你道歉,”玛丽说。

65、He wrote a very formal letter of apology to Douglas.他给女房东写了一封道歉信。 。

66、He talks to Charles Westmoreland and apologizes.他和查尔斯(D.B.库伯)谈话并向他道歉。

67、I cannot accept your insincere apology.我无法接受你根本毫无诚意的道歉。

68、I apologized to her , for I had wronged her.我向她道歉了,因为我错怪了她。

69、Ma foi, my dear sir, " replied Franz, "make no apologies.“真的! 我亲爱的主人,”弗兰兹答道,“不必为此道歉。

70、Michael apologizes to Lincoln as he passes.Michael在Lincoln经过他身边时,向他道歉。

71、A respondent points out that "there are benefits to apologizing."答辩人指出,“有利益道歉。


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