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关于”100句让人受益的名言“的英语句子38个,句子主体:100 words that benefit people。以下是关于100句让人受益的名言的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:100 words that benefit people


1、This Guaranty shall be binding upon the successors and assigns of the Guarantor and shall inure to the benefit of Buyers successors and assigns.


2、When I explained, this gentle doctor did the verbal equivalent of shaking me. “You are your daughter’s advocate!” he exclaimed.


3、This form provides beneficiary designation of primary and secondary beneficiaries. The beneficiary designation of secondary beneficiary will be effective only if all primary beneficiaries die.


4、Who are your beneficiaries?


5、Lightning kills and injures between 75 and 100 people every year - more than hurricanes or tornadoes.


6、Do only the things that benefit you directly.


7、It went--that's that famous minus 100% return, right, which dominates everything.


8、All these are my reasons for deciding on using anything in my name for charity in which co-incidentally you have been favoured as the beneficiary.


9、More than 100 priests are facing allegations and 400 people have been identified as victims.


10、North Eastern province, which includes some of the most remote areas, benefited most: the number of nurses per 100 000 population increased by 37%.


11、Barroso has taken to quoting the wisdom of another of the founding fathers of the EU, Jean Monnet: "People are ready to change when they understand there is no alternative.


12、This Contract is made for the benefit of the Parties hereto and their respective lawful successors and assignees and is legally binding on them.


13、The trade of the chattel mortgage subject could cause a conflict between the mortgagee and assignee.


14、More than

20,000 refugees, mostly young people, benefited from the contribution.



15、In a second study, Dr Holmes asked around 100 student volunteers to watch Serendipity - the 2001 romantic comedy starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack, while 100 watched a David Lynch drama.


16、Object:180 senior two students in

4 natural teaching classes in Chaozhou Baihuatai Vocational Middle School, 100 boy and 80 girl.

比如,麦克(Michael )的受欢迎指数为100,是研究范围内使用最频繁的名字。

17、For example, the PNI for Michael is 100, the most frequently given name during the period.


18、In a second study, Dr Holmes asked around 100 student volunteers to watch Serendipity –the 2001 romantic comedy starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack, while 100 watched a David Lynch drama.


19、Bulatao says the proposed project would initially directly benefit 100 farmers.



20、Not Too Late to Benefit From a New Language

21、With respect to the Second beneficiary who rejected the amendment, the Credit will remain unamended .对拒绝接受修改的第二受益人而言,该信用证视作未被修改。

22、In a second study, Dr Holmes asked around 100 student volunteers to watch Serendipity – the 2001 romantic comedy starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack, while 100 watched a David Lynch drama.在第二次研究中,赫尔姆斯博士让约100名学生自愿者不美旁观xx年由凯特·贝金塞尔和约翰·库萨克主演的影片《缘份天注定》,同时让此外100人不美旁观大卫·林奇导演的一部影片。

23、Taking me out of play, there are other people out there that this technology can really help.言归正传,这项技术,确能让一部分人受益良多。

24、Recourse to the beneficiary in a negotiation; can the beneficiary and nominated bank agree to effect negotiation for a value less than 100 per cent of the drawing amount?议付后对受益人的追索权;受益人和指定银行可以商定议付的金额少于100%的支款金额吗?

25、These books don't just teach a language, they teach a philosophy and do it well.这些书不仅仅教会了我一门编程语言,而且还教会了我一门哲学,并让我从中受益非浅。

英文句子26:,26、Article 82Upon receipt of the notice of assignment of the obligee's right, the obligor may, in respect of the assignee, avail itself of any defense it has against the assignor.例句第八十二条债务人接到债权转让通知后,债务人对让与人的抗辩,可以向受让人主张。

27、If you are a mid-sized company (say, 100+ employees), you’ll likely benefit from a green consultant or special green training over a few days for your employees.如果你是中型公司(比如,超过100名职工),你可能会从一名环保顾问或者为你的职工进行几天的特别环保培训中受益。

28、This Agreement shall be binding upon the heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns of the undersigned.本协议应对签名人的继承人、执行者、管理者、继让人及受让人具有约束力。

29、Radioactive particles spewed from a pipe at a nuclear reactor in Tricastin of southern France Wednesday, slightly contaminating 100 employees, said a spokeswoman for electric company EDF.法国电力公司发言人说,xx日法南部的一个核反应堆的管道发生泄露,造成该公司100名工作人员受轻微放射性物质污染。

30、The subjects then rated how rare they thought their own names were, on a scale from 0 to 100.然后让受试者评价自己名字的罕见等级,并要求他们在0-100分的分数段之间打分。

31、Second, Mr. quarter two sentences, he said that the Chinese people "to benefit him, full stroke damage."二是季先生的两句话,他说中国人主张“谦受益,满招损”。

32、At 下午6点,两组人员都需对另外100张面孔和名字进行记忆并接受检测。

6 pm, both groups memorized another set of 100 faces and names and were tested on their memory.

33、The tremendous explosion caused, at least, 那次大爆炸使得至少20人丧生,100多人受伤。

20 deaths and more than 100 in-juries.

34、My experience as a volunteer provided life-long lessons.作为一名**的经历让我受益终身。

35、A clue to his motiveis provided by his childhood reaction to the famous Biblical query: "Whatshall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his ownsoul?"理解他的动机的一条线索,就是他年幼时对《圣经》里那句名言——“人若赚得全世界,赔上自己的灵魂,有什么益处呢?” 的疑问。

36、There are lots of happinesses and sorrows in life. Any way , I belive that there are charming pleasures and hurts in it when one enjoy it.生活总让人欢喜也让人忧。我总喜欢说那句:享受生活赐予的迷人的痛和乐。

37、Abraham Lincoln said, "Behaving faithfully will bring people a lifetime benefit" as a matter of fact, not only we individuals will benefit, but also the whole time behind us.林肯说过,“诚信做人会让我们终生受益。”事实上,受益的不仅仅是我们个人,而是我们背后的整个时代。

38、Father r's education to benefit Sima Guang lifetime.父亲的教育让司马光受益终生。

39、When the ones litigate, they can only regard debtor as the defendant, and the beneficiary or the assignee as the third people.提起撤销之诉时,只能以债务人为被告,受益人或受让人只能列为第三人。

40、Because everyone benefits,when we study the best.研究最优秀的个体,能让每个人从中受益。

41、The name of a mess, and that these names, some of the hotel operators greatly benefit from some miserable so hoteliers.这些乱七八糟的名字,而就是这些名字,有的使酒店经营者受益非浅,有的使酒店经营者苦不堪言。

42、The beneficiaries lose the right to the insurance benefit according to law or forfeit the right to benefit and there are no other beneficiaries.受益人依法丧失受益权或者放弃受益权,没有其他受益人的。

43、The test -- learning 100 face-name pairs and then matching them up -- was given at noon.这些人接受的测试是:在中午,学习100个名字/容貌配对,然后进行这些东西的匹配。

44、Patrick O'Brien, a spokesman for the college, said: "There is gradually accumulating evidence that universal vitamin D supplementation in the UK might be beneficial for the whole population.该科学院的发言人帕特克·欧布林说,有多年积累的证据表明,在英国推行全民维他命D补充计划将让所有人受益。

45、How will your customers, students, audience, or beneficiaries be better off for having interacted with you?在与你的配合中,你如何让你的客户、学生、观众或受益人能从中受益呢?

46、First of all, donating blood will benefit others.首先,捐血可以让他人受益。

47、So, the conflict of the original owner, non-entitled party and assignee is more complex and delicate.原所有权人、无权处分人与受让人间的利益冲突更加复杂微妙。

48、This Contract shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the Parties and their respective permitted successors and assigns.本合同对双方及其各自准许的继受人和受让人均有约束力并使其受益。

49、The direct benefit of tax abolishment is 100 yuan per-person.废除农业税每人直接受益100元。

50、The factory has dropped below 100 workers this month.本月这个厂的工人人数已减少到不足100名。

经典英文句子51:100句让人受益的名言,51、And in an unprecedented response, 100 percent of users 50-plus report benefiting from their online communities.并且以一种前所未有的响应, 100 %的使用者的50余名报告受益于他们的网上社区。

52、In a second study, Dr Holmes asked around 100 student volunteers to watch Serendipity – the 2001 romantic comedy starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack, while 100 watched a David Lynch drama.在第二次研究中,赫尔姆斯博士让约100名学生志愿者观看xx年由凯特·贝金塞尔和约翰·库萨克主演的影片《缘份天注定》,同时让另外100人观看大卫·林奇导演的一部影片。

53、Life insurance; Beneficiary; Beneficial right.人身保险; 受益人; 受益权。

54、Jinhongxing gate industry boasts more than 金鸿星门业拥有科研人才20多名,中级专业技术人员30余名,产业工人100余名。

20 professional technological personnel, medium-grade more than 30 specialized personnel, there are over 100 industrial workers.

55、Vary the size of shelters to accommodate people from the 100-500 range.避难所的规模各不相同,可容纳人员从100名到500名不等。

56、SILENCE: Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.寡言:少说废话,言必于人于已有益,避免无益的聊天;

57、There are diamond VIPs and platinum VIPs in our club with limited 50 diamond VIP members and 100 platinum VIP members. All the VIPs can enjoy favorable price and discounts.本俱乐部会员分钻石会员、白金会员二种,钻石会员仅限50名,白金会员仅限100名,所有会员均可享受优惠权益和折扣待遇。

58、In a survey of 100 people between the ages of 100 and 104, 23 percent said faith rather than genes and good medical care were responsible for their long life.在对100名年龄在xx岁至xx岁的老人的调查中发现,23%的人认为,信念比基因和医学疗养更有益于长寿。

59、Costs per patient treated are generally US$ 100–400.接受治疗的患者人均费用一般为100-400美元。

60、Debevoise employed about 100 lawyers and more than 100 support staff to direct the investigation. Deloitte used about 西门子说,Debevoise雇用了约100名律师和100多名辅助人员指导调查,德勤则动用了大约

1,300 forensic accountants and support staff, Siemens added.


61、UE has employed over 100 professional technicians and more than 700 well-trained workers.公司拥有100多名专业技术人才和700多名训练有素的生产工人。

62、Two were written on fine vellum and made out by name.其中的两张写在上好的牛皮纸上列出了受益人名字。

63、The beneficiary is legally deprived of or waives the beneficiary's rights and there are no other beneficiaries designated.受益人依法丧失受益权或者放弃受益权,没有其他受益人的。

64、Now, for the benefit of any male readers, let me explain something.现在,为了让我的男性读者受益,让我稍加解释。

65、A kind man benefits himself, but a cruel man brings trouble on himself. - Proverbs 仁慈的人自己获益,残忍的人自己受害。 - 圣经: 箴言

11:17, The Bible.


66、Adding to confusion on Tuesday, beneficiaries of the transaction distributed signed statements by Mr Ho disputing the lawyer's claims, saying it had been “100 per cent” in accordance with his wishes.更让人看不懂的是,周二,上述交易的受益人散发了由何鸿燊签署的声明,对律师的说法表示异议,称这一交易百分之百合乎赌王的愿望。


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