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关于”清明节的古诗“的英语句子32个,句子主体:Ancient Poems of Qingming Festival。以下是关于清明节的古诗的专升本英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Ancient Poems of Qingming Festival


1、Higher education in Xingtai has its origin in the Taixue in the "Five Dynasties & Ten Kingdoms" period. Shuyuan in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties symbolized a surge in the development.


2、It established a basic paradigm of the drama of showing the struggle between loyal officials and treacherous ones and opened a new chapter in the history of Chinese traditional opera literature.


3、Choose ancient scientific and technological files, agreement document and officials file is it prove to go on to this characteristic to come Qing Dynasty.


4、And now Armenia, with its numerous historical monuments, can rightly be called one of the most interesting places in the Old World.


5、"Sanli" and "Sanbie" provided the ancient narrative poems with two narrative patterns-discourse and speaking for others, and vividly demonstrated the author's standpoint, attitude and feelings.


6、This article helps to realize the ancient book collectors clear by source books, discussing and explaining the definition of book collectors in Ming Dynasty.


7、The seasonal changes of AOT are obviously in south Xinjiang Basin and middle-west region of Inner Mongolia, but not obviously in Sichuan Basin and the lower reaches of Yangzi river and Yellow river.


8、The term biblical archaeology refers to archaeological investigations that rve to clarify, enlighten, and enhancthe biblical record.


9、The main feature in the fields of society, culture and thought on this time is that Eastern learning and Western learning, the ancient ideas and the modern ideas were colliding and interchanging.


10、During the Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties, the ranks of Mongolian writers who wrote in Chinese were gradually getting stronger and created vast and numerous literary works.


11、Through this classification, we can see clearly the records of the Paleozoic history in MoZi, and have a clear understanding the historical role of MoZi in the study of the Ancient History.


12、The difficulties were made clear in articles by Nicholas Wade and Andrew Pollack in The Times this month.

中国古典园林最早是道家诗人设计的静思暝想之处。 到了宋代和明代,许多富裕人家都建造了私家园林。

13、First designed by Taoist poets to provide a tranquil and meditative atmosphere, classical Chinese gardens became very popular with rich Chinese families in the Song and Ming dynasties.


14、In the Qing Dynasty Xibo was part of Manchu- Tungus culture.


15、The feed intake and water intake of Mongolia sheep and palatability indices of various plants grazed by the sheep were measured.


16、Forbidden City is a magazine founded in 1980, by the Palace Museum, covering antiquity, ancient architecture as well as history and court customs of Ming and Qing Dynasty.


17、Combining the parts can establish Shi Bu Yin's status in the history, and expound the developing course of traditional ancient phonology from sprouting to setting up formally.


18、"Ancient academies, glazed pagodas, black satins and salted pressed ducks" indicating their wide-spread reputation long ago.


19、Sun Yirang is a famous philological and ancient literal scholar in late Qing Dynasty.


20、I desire to be like the ancient hermit alone corner, only with gentle breeze and bright moon as partners, row boat tours, weeping willow, a romantic.

21、The ancient Eastern residence, the misty and subtle color, is an elegant art piece.古老的东方民居和朦胧而清淡的色彩,构成了一幅清雅的水彩作品。

22、Chapter one has presented different forms and significance of foreign-related judiciary in Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.文章第一章阐述了我国古代唐、宋、元、明、清初各朝涉外法权的表现形式及其意义。

23、The imperial palace used by emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is the largest and most complete ancient wooden-structure building complex in the world.皇宫由明,清两代皇帝采用的是规模最大,最完整的古代木结构建筑群,在世界上。

24、The archeologist discovered the remains of an ancient culture.考古学家发现了一处古文明遗址。

25、Sanxingdui archeological discovery shows that the splendid ancient Shu civilization bears its own remarkable features. It has close cultural exchange with the Centra Plains civilization.三星堆考古发现告诉我们,辉煌的古蜀文明有着自身的鲜明特色,与中原文明有着密切的文化交流。

英文句子26:,26、Have collection of antique curio, like Jingtai vases, Jun, pots of gold and so on.有收藏的古董古玩,像景泰花瓶、钧瓷、清中期的鎏金花盆等。

27、After passing through the phases of inchoation and development, the ancient history of calligraphy esthetics in China reached maturity in Ming and Qing Dynasty.经历了发端、发展到成熟的过程,到了明、清两代,中国古代书法美学思想必然地进入了守成期。

28、Sumerians created a brilliant ancient civilization in Western Asia, which is one of the oldest civilizations of Mankind.苏美尔人创造了光辉灿烂的古西亚文明,是人类最古老的文明之

29、The construction of this ancient complex, including the surrounding teahouses, restaurants and stores were all built in the style of the Ming and Qing dynasties.夫子庙古建筑群,包括周围的茶馆、酒楼、店铺等建筑都是明清风格。

30、All these indicate that Yinxu was a mature ancient capital with an integrated plan, clear layout and high level of architectural skills in that period.这些都说明,殷墟在当时已是一座规划完整,布局清晰,建筑水平较高的古代都城。

31、British tourists enjoying the hot weather and cool water at Coogee beach in Sydney couldn't see what all the fuss was about.正在悉尼古珠海滩享受骄阳和清凉海水的英国游客不明白到底发生了什么。

32、Chinese ancient history could be divided into four stages, with the main line of trio civilization model.以三位一体文明模式的形成和发展的历史为主线,中国古代社会可分为远古、上古、中古、 近古四个时期。

33、He ignored the Mingzhi, Dazheng era Japan, the ancient Chinese art collection, eye-catching modern Ming and Qing paintings, especially for Chinese literati paintings are pushing.他无视明治、大正时期日本对中国艺术的古老收藏,注目明清近代绘画,尤其是对中国文人画极力推崇。

34、Gong Xinglun ancient ink figure painting, outspoken style atmosphere, the characters of ancient elegant high style.龚兴伦的水墨古代人物画,风格率真大气、人物造型高古清雅。

35、Sui, Tang and Song Dynasty Shi You mature further refined, to the Yuan Ming and Qing dynasties when the Chinese classical gardens reached a peak of maturity.隋唐两宋时又进一步成熟细化,到元明清时中国古典园林达到了成熟的顶峰时期。

36、It used to be a custom to plant a few new trees around the family graves, but nowadays people tend to plant tress in a larger area.而清明植树,其实也是传统的沿袭,只是古人只在祖坟植树,而今则扩大了范围。

37、The discovery of the Qinghezhen fauna shows that during the Early Palaeozoic there occurred a significant event in the North China geosyncline.清河镇动物群的存在说明我国北部地槽区早古生代早期的一次重大生物事件。

38、In classical fairy tales, step-mothers always play an evil role.在古典童话里,继母几乎是清一色的坏蛋。

39、The four ancient civilized nations symbolizing human's culture are placed on the Ark, which is composed of many small boats.用众多小船构成的一只方舟,其上并列古代四大文明古国,象征人类的文明。

40、Jianshui is an ancient city of Yunnan, established as Lin'an Prefecture during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.建水是云南古城,明清时期为临安府,管辖建水州、阿迷州、石屏州和通海县、河西县、蒙自县。

41、Li Dong-yang was the first Hunan poet in Ming Dynasty who produced important influence in the whole country. He turned the literary world from Tai Ge Genre to Restore Old Customs.李东阳作为明代第一个在全国产生重大影响的湖南籍诗人,他引导了明前中期文坛由台阁体文风向复古风气的转变。

42、Xiaoshanlou hostel is at a southern residential area of the Ming and Qing style, located in the ancient city of Zhenjiang, a Millennium Street --- XIjin ferry.旅舍是一幢砖木结构的明清式江南民居,坐落于古城镇江的一条千年老街---西津渡。

43、Ancient streets mostly gravel paving pattern, intact, clear and continuous landscape of ancient heavy.古街巷多为沙石铺地,格局保存完整,脉络清晰、景观连续古朴厚重。

44、There is a conspicuous relationship of origin between the formation of such a style and the traditional Chinese allegories and satiric verse, and popular culture of ridicule.这种文体特征的形成与我国古代的寓言故事、讽谕诗以及民间的笑文化有明显的渊源关系。

45、At the end of Ming Dynasty and beginning of Qing Dynasty, Heilongjiang was an area where the nomad, the fishing and hunting nationalities inhabited compactly.明末清初,黑龙江地区是蒙古、索伦及东海女真等游牧渔猎民族聚居的地区,清兵入关对这一地区各民族也产生了较大影响。

46、Xitang in this season is the most beautiful with the comfortable shadow of willow trees, the small boat floating on the river, the ancient house, and the happy smile on the beloved ones.这个季节的西塘是最美的。柳荫伴着清凉,河上泛着小舟,情人挂着笑脸,房子透着古朴。

47、Archaeological discoveries also help to clarify some of the mysteries.考古发现还有助于澄清一些迷团。

48、Apparently, it was this devoiced, “whispered” w for which Middle English scribes, under French influence, invented the spelling wh-.显然,正是由于这个清音化,“whispered”中的w在中古英语的文书中,受到法语的影响,发明了拼写wh-。

49、Is the laser cleaning of historical stone cost-effective?用激光清洁古老的石件划不划算?。

50、This has annotated the spirit of the Gutian Meeting and clarified "the Gutian spirit".科学诠释了古田会议精神,澄清了“古田精神”一说。

经典英文句子51:清明节的古诗,51、The archaeological evidence for ancient cookery is equivocal.考古学关于古代烹饪的证据是意义不明的。

52、Civilization, Past & Present Longman, Inc. , 2000.《古今文明》,朗曼公司。

53、The archaeologists found some traces of an ancient civilization in that area.考古学家们在那个地区发现了一些古代文明的陈迹。

54、The Greek culture, as the resource of western civilization, was greatly influenced by the ancient Near East, especially the Egypt and the Western Asia.作为西方文明之源的古希腊文明,早期曾受到古代近东地区文明的重要影响。

55、Panoramio - Photo of Art Nouveau Style Architecture in Harbin …哈尔滨文庙,是典型的仿清代建筑风格古建筑群…

56、"De Sheng Lou" is located to world culture inheritance- Pingyao old city Ming and Qing Dynasties street 84, Geography lively, the transportation is convenient.“德盛楼”座落于世界文化遗产—平遥古城明清街84号,地段繁华,交通便利。

57、The dosage of vancomycin was modified by creatinine clearance rate. To evaluate the factors that influenced the vancomycin nephrotoxicity according to the APACHE method.万古黴素的用量根据血清肌酐清除率相应调整,按照APACHE评分法研究影响万古黴素肾毒性的各种因素。

58、Mozart is one of classical faction representatives, and his music is elegant and beautiful, clear and transparent, filled with youthful vitality.莫扎特是古典乐派的代表人物之一,他的音乐典雅秀丽,清澈透明,洋溢着青春的生命力。

59、China is one of the earlies cradles of civilization and a visit to this ancient civilization had long been my dream.中国是最古老的文明摇篮之一,访问这个文明古国是我梦寐以求的愿望。

60、Shuhe ancient town named as the town of clean water is 从丽江古城往北四公里,便是被称为清泉之乡的束河古镇。

4 kilometers far away from the northern Lijiang ancient city.

61、From ancient elegance to Ming and Qing liveliness the jade fish accouterment became more agile, from which we can see something about the aesthetic progress.从远古的端庄到明清的鲜活,玉鱼形饰件渐趋灵动,由此可窥中国美的历程之一斑。

62、The Mongolia policy of Manchu in the early Qing Dynasty is a miniature of its vassal policy.清初满洲政权的蒙古政策是满清藩部政策的缩影。

63、Artificial Landscape Architects play an important part in gardening design in ancient China, which has a deep influence on Chinese ancient horticulture, especially the one in both Ming Qing Dynasty.职业叠山家是我国古代造园家群体的重要组成部分,其对我国古代尤其是明清园林艺术的发展有着深刻的影响。

64、Anzhen Bridge in north Ming furniture and a display of ancient artifacts Tambo Hall seemed cents obscure.在安贞桥北边一个以展示明清家具及各种古代文物的坦博艺苑显得有些毫不起眼。

65、The results showed that the Mongolian sheep and cattle foraged different plants species, both of them show a selective grazing behaviour, but the sheep foraged more selectively than Mongolian cattle.研究结果表明:蒙古牛和蒙古羊均表现出一定强度的选择性采食行为,但蒙古牛和蒙古羊的食物构成具有明显不同。

66、China, I need hardly tell you, is one of the world's oldest and most accomplished civilizations with a record of innovation unparalleld anywhere else in earlier world history.毋庸置疑,中国是世界上最古老的文明古国之一,其古代发明声震环宇。

67、First rays of morning sunlight stream through lofty bamboo groves.清晨入古寺,初日照高林。竹迳通幽处。

68、This river brings to the city a thoughtful rhythmical individuality and the pleasant-sounding limpidity exhaling from a land of age-old culture.香水河带给顺化市富涵思想、有节奏、有个性且悦耳清澈的散发出古老文化发源地的气息。

69、They can come from the ancient civilization of the country, from the profound and mysterious the night sky, even from some of the fresh meaningful notes.它们可以来自古 老的文明之国,可以来自深邃而神秘的夜 空,甚至可以来自于一些清新隽永的音符。



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