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关于”激励人的语句“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Motivational statements。以下是关于激励人的语句的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Motivational statements

1、It proves adequate to explain the various discourse functions of D TQ both in English and Chinese with this generalization. 对英语和汉语的分析表明,论文的概括可以解释陈述附加疑问句的各种话语功能。

2、This article aims to discuss the adhibition of motivation in chronic disease prevention and control institutions management using the Porter-lawler aggregative motivative model. 应用波特-劳特综合激励模式来论述激励在慢性病防治机构管理中的应用。

3、How do we want to give presents to parents? 刚刚输成陈述句了

4、Milton's language doesn't have the same kind of headlong rush that most declarative English sentences have. 弥尔顿的语言不像大部分英语陈述句一样,直接把意思说明白。

5、A rhetorical question is intended to draw attention to a subsequent statement. 反诘问句的用意在让人注意后续的陈述。

6、How can any such statement of non-existence be true? 一句话,关于非存在的任何陈述怎么可能是正确的陈述呢?

7、I spent the last couple of years looking at the science of human motivation, particularly the dynamics of extrinsic motivators and intrinsic motivators. 过去两年我一直研究人类的动机,尤其是那些外部的激励因素和内在的激励因素。

8、Here are some statements in English. Just below each statement is its translation in algebra. 这里有一些英语陈述句。每个陈述句的下一行就是它对应的代数式。

9、There were two experiments to investigate the Chinese negative declarative sentences and negative imperative sentences individually. 研究共分为两个实验,分别考察了汉语否定陈述句与否定祈使句。

10、Yeap , it's a statement sentence. 其实它是一句陈述句,对吗?

11、Colony employee's motivation is an important part in the management of human resource in modern enterprise. vroom expectancy model of employee's motivation describe inspirit to individual employee. 群体员工激励是现代企业人力资源管理的一个重要组成部分,弗罗姆的员工动机期望模型描述了个体员工的激励力量。

12、Students learn how to use reported speech to report in statements, yes/no questions, wh-questions and imperative sentences in this part. 通过讲练法让学生学会在陈述句,疑问句和祈使句中的具体用法。用例句为学生创设语境。

13、In an affirmative statement with one verb, the direct object pronoun comes immediately before the conjugated verb. 在陈述句中,直接宾语在变过位的动词前面。

14、Motivational Quotes - Develop student's confidence with motivational quotes if they get the correct answers. 激励话语- 当学生选答对的答案时,激励的话语将增加学生的自信心。

15、If you aren’t sure where to start, a good personal mantra is, “Do it now!” 如果你还是不知从何入手,有一句很棒的自我激励语,“现在就做!”

16、Does your mother like which sweater? 这些题目主要是考察第三人称后动词单复数在陈述句和疑问句的不同用法

17、T: Now let's look at these sentences again. If we want to change Direct Speech into Indirect Speech, what should be changed? 直接引语变成间接引语时,要注意以下几点:人称变化、时态变化、宾语从句要用陈述句语序。

18、Because of the exciting action by the vibrating machine and the influence of wave propagation, broken ores will generate excited response when ores are mucked out by vibration. 振动出矿时,由于振动机的激励作用和波动传播的影响,碎岩便会产生激励响应,这种激励响应可以改变散体的动力特性和流动特征。

19、It points out that MBO is a long - term inspiring and binding mechanism for listed companies. 进而阐述了MBO对经理层的激励约束作用,指出MBO是上市公司的一种有效长期激励约束机制。

20、A concise, clever, often paradoxical statement. 隽语一个简明,机智,经常似是而非的陈述。

21、Packing the suitcase has taken up a whole moring, hasn't it? 打包( 手提皮箱)花了一个上午,是吗?(动名词短语作陈述句的主语)

22、The discourse functions of marked initial elements in English declarative sentences will be examined in their textual and pragmatic aspects. 文章从语篇和语用方面,考察英语陈述句的标记性句首成分的话语功能。

23、Each tag question must agree in tense and subject with its preceding statement. 反意疑问句的问句部分一定要与前面陈述句的时态和人称一致。

24、the children may come with us. → may the children come with us? 3.陈述句中只有一个实义动词作谓语且其时态为一般现在时,变为一般疑问句时要在句首加do或does 主语后的实义动词用原形。

25、I don’t know why he hasn’t come yet. 我不知道他为什么还没来。(宾语从句,陈述语序。


26、The children may come with us. → May the children come with us? 3.陈述句中只有一个实义动词作谓语且其时态为一般现在时,变为一般疑问句时要在句首加do或does 主语后的实义动词用原形。

27、There is a semantic sentence's opposite of declarative mood vs. subjunctive mood. 上海方言中存在着陈述语气和虚拟语气在句法形式上的对立。

28、we're watching tv. → are you watching tv? 2.陈述句中有情态动词(can may must …

29、Negation, the process or goal of negating the meaning of a single word or the whole declaration of a declarative sentence, can be realized by means of meaning approach or pragmatic one. 否定是关于陈述句中个别词语或者整个陈述的否定过程和结果。 否定可分为语义否定和语用否定。

30、It expounds the inspiring and binding role of MBO. It points out that MBO is a long - term inspiring and binding mechanism for listed companies. 进而阐述了MBO对经理层的激励约束作用,指出MBO是上市公司的一种有效长期激励约束机制。

31、Do you know whom they are looking for? 你知道他们在找谁吗?(宾语从句,陈述语序。

32、What(=The things that)the lecturer said is of great value. (what在从句中作宾语, 表示陈述。) 主讲人所讲的非常有价值。

33、Is a statement, it is a single sentence, the verb the non-subject-predicate sentence. 是陈述句,又是单句、动词性非主谓句。

34、He sketched the situation in a few vivid words. 他用几句生动的语言简述了局势。

35、The voice often falls at the end of a statement. 在陈述句的句尾,发音通常降低。

36、Auto vibration has two main driving sources: one is engine reciprocation, which form the regular vibration; the other is random vibration that caused by uneven road. 主要讲述形成汽车振动的两大激励,一是往复式发动机运动激励,形成有规律的振动现象;二是道路高低不平引起的无规则的振动-随机振动。

37、Of, relating to, or being the mood of the verb used in ordinary objective statements. 陈述的,直陈的简单客观陈述句的动词语气的,或与之有关的。

38、Ross is a girl of the period. 陈述句的末尾应该有一句号。

39、Compared with general English, the UCP600 uses large numbers of declarative sentences, complete sentences, long sentences and parallel structures. 较之普通英语,UCP600大量使用陈述句、完整句、长句及平行并列结构。

40、How many boys and girls【 can you see,,please? 特殊疑问句型形式 Please tell me how many boys and girls 【you can see,.宾语从句形式,从句陈述语序 祝你开心如意!

41、Can you tell me what your favorite subject is? 宾语从句用陈述句语序 楼下不严谨

42、Teachers motivating styles and verbal rewards have important influences on students intrinsic motivation. 教师的激励风格和言语奖励是影响学生内部动机的重要因素。

43、We're watching TV. → Are you watching TV? 2.陈述句中有情态动词(can may must …

44、Usually for a declarative sentence: the subject (S) precedes the predicate and the verb (V) precedes the object (O); the modifier (attributive and adverbial) precedes the central words. 陈述句的词序:一般是主语在前,谓语在后;动词在前,宾语在后;修饰成分(定语和状语)在前,中心词在后。

45、The narrative or facts with declarative intonation sentence is declarative sentences. 叙述或说明事实的具有陈述语调的句子叫陈述句。

46、Inspiritment is a psychological process in which human internal motivation is prompted so that a person moves towards the expected goal. 激励是指激发人的动机,使人具有一种内在的动力,朝所期望的目标前进的心理活动过程。

47、A declarative sentence "declares" or states a fact, arrangement or opinion. Declarative sentences can be either positive or negative. A declarative sentences ends with a period (. ). 陈述句是对事实、安排或观点进行“声明”或陈述。陈述句可以是肯定句,也可以是否定句。陈述句以句号(。)结尾。

48、The STN is thought to be important for motivating action. STN被认为对激励行动(提供动机)很重要。

49、Can you turn the declarative sentence into a rhetorical question? 你能把这个陈述句改成反问句吗?

50、Rewards and recognition are key incentives to encourage people into this new way of working. 奖励和认同感是激励人们在新方法中工作的重要动机。


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