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关于”正能量的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Positive energy sentence。以下是关于正能量的句子的专升本英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Positive energy sentence

1、It takes a strong man to save himself, and a great man to save another. 坚强的人只能救赎自己,伟大的人才能拯救他人。

2、Your English level will depend on the number of sentences you can speak. 你的英语水平取决于你能说出的句子量。

3、Make friends with positive energy. 和有正能量的人交朋友。

4、The target sentence supplied by Google Translate is not and must never be mistaken for the “correct translation.” That’s not just because no such thing as a “correct translation” really exists. 首先,谷歌在线翻译呈现的句子不能看做为“正确的翻译”,这不仅是因为“正确翻译”不会真正存在,还因为谷歌在线翻译呈现的句子是通过上天入地般在互联网搜索出来的天文数字式匹配句子,随后进行必要运算处理才将句子呈现到使用者的面前。

5、As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. 正如一句老话,知识就是力量。

6、这里少个角色吧,Everyday there always have positive energy. 

7、None of the students likes English. 你的例句是不正确的,every不能这样用。

8、n种说法 最普遍就good morning,一般morning就够了 或者how have you been last night?

9、In other words, if the average energy of all the valence electrons. 换句话说,就是所有价电子的平均能量。

10、Positive energy is repulsive, and negative energy is attractive. 正的能量值代表斥力,负的能量值代表引力。

11、"Positive energy". I need encouragement and positive energy.我需要正能量。

12、It is note worthy that small as atoms are, they contain vast amounts of energy. 值得注意的是原子虽小,却具有很大的能量。(主语从句转译为表语)

13、In other words, the energy is just linearly varying with temperature. 换句话说,能量只是随温度做线性的变化。

14、Listen and choose the right answers. 听句子,选择正确的答语。

15、The result shows that the approximation of the energy spectrum is symmetry for magnetic quantum number. 磁量子数为零时,能量的一级修正随角量子数增加而增加。

16、We cannot really interpret and understand subject-predicate subject sentences until the targets and ranges on subject and sentence are determined. 只有确定了主语和句子这两个概念所研究的确切对象和范围,才能真正地认识和解释主谓主语句。

17、Example: This could be a complete sentence; this could be another one. 例如:这可能是一个完整的句子,那可能是另外的一句。

18、In this physical existence you are learning how to handle the inexhaustible energy that is available to you. 正在物量的存正在中,您们正正在进建若阂央置您能得到的用之没有竭的能量。

19、Then learn many complete sentences by heart. 其次。背下大量完整的句子。

20、Read the question and sentence, listen to the conversation, choose the right answer. (5 marks). 看问题和句子,听对话,选择符合问句的正确答语。(5。

21、And the truth is, when you each gave your demonstrations, nobody spoke properly because nobody spoke Here's the sentence: "Glorp fendel smug wuggle." 事实上,当你们听到例句的时候,没有人能正确地说出例句,因为本来就没人会说,比如这个句子,"快醒醒,疯狂,自满,拥抱"

22、That quantity in parenthesis, I have a mass which is a positive number. Something raised Something raised to the fourth power has got to be positive. 顺便说一句,质量这个量是个正数,四次方的值,肯定是正数。

23、We must full of positive energy at every moment. 时刻可以替换为 always; all the time; continuously

24、Your English level will depend on the number of sentences you can speak. You can communicate much more with ten sentences than you can with one hundred isolated words! 你的英语水平取决于你能说出的句子量。十个句子比一百个孤立的单词更能让你与他人沟通!

25、Will you please remember that in my shop the customer is always right. 麻烦你能不能记住在我们商店,顾客永远都是正确的这句话啊。


26、For this project,I hope that everyone will make positive suggestions. 对这项工程,希望大家提出积极建议。

27、I am positive that he will agree with me. 我很肯定他会同意我的建议。

28、The positive energy develops into fundamental particle, and the negative energy develops into negative energy field. 正能量形成基本粒子,负能量形成负的能量场。

29、如果角色是你自己就是 Everyday I always have positive energy.

30、Mature people know if Sir's this sentence weight, but really think if why do you say and geometry? 心智成熟的人们都知道袁腾飞先生这句话的重量,但真正能思索袁腾飞先生为何这么说的人又有几何呢?

31、The rough XML is syntactically correct, but may not use the proper vocabulary. 粗略的 XML 在句法上是正确的,但可能没有使用正确的词汇表。

32、It is important to bring all the positive factors into full play in the building of socialism. 在社会主义建设事业中调动一切积极因素是很重要的。

33、In other words, the same proportion of the total energy will be lost for a power-hungry plasma TV as for a tiny PDA. 换句话说,不管是高能耗的等离子电视机,还是小小的PDA,传输所损失的能量占总能量的比例是相同的。

34、There’s a mistake in the sentence. Who can put it right? 句子有错误,谁来改正?

35、IX. Write the sentences correctly. 请按正确形式书写下列句子。

36、This path has been placed before you. The choice is yours alone. 路就在你脚下,你自己决定。

37、Your English level will depend on the number of sentenc you can speak. You can commun much more with ten sentenc than you can with on hundr isol words! 英语水平取决于你能说出的句子量。十个句子比一百个孤立的单词更能让你与他人沟通!

38、Example: This could be a complete sentence, and this could be another one. 例如:这可能是一个完整的句子,而那可能是另一句。

39、Quantum tunneling is an effect where a particle can pass through a barrier it would not normally have the energy to overcome. 量子隧穿效应是指粒子能够穿过正常来说它的能量不足以通过的障碍。

40、我们要时刻充满正能量 We must always be full of positive energy.

41、A subordindate complex sentence is composed of clauses with a subordinate relation. Between the clauses there is a primary and a secondary. For example. 偏正复句由具有偏正关系的分句构成的, 各分句之间有主有次。 例如。

42、For formal use, the variable can be marked with a "#" symbol -- or "#1", "#2", and so forth -- if multiple variables exist in one sentence. 对于正式的使用,如果一个句子中存在多个变量,则变量可以用“#”符号(或“#1”和“#2”等)作为标记。

43、And here you get a potential infinity of sentences. 这样你就能得到潜在的无限数量的句子

44、When you choose to become others, you will lose yourself. 当你选择成为别人时,你将失去你自己。

45、Whenever I read things like that, I wonder how anyone correctly conforms to the spec. 每当我读到这样的句子,我纳闷,怎么有人能以正确的遵从规范。

46、Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. 希望是美好的,也许是人间至善,而美好的事物永不消逝.

47、The student is able to remember details in the articles read. The student is able to write passages while observing proper grammar and sentence structure. 并自组句子回答问题和透过阅读文章记住重要讯息,并能用正确的语法和句子结构写出文章。

48、Nothing just happens,it's all part of a plan.没有事情随随便便发生,都是计划的一部分。

49、“Now, his vocabulary is well over 100 words, and he speaks to me in full sentences, ” she said. “现在他的词汇量大了,能够运用100个单词,还能用完整的句子和我说话,”她说。

50、Energy goes as one over r. 能量和1/r成正比。


51、Your English level will depend on the number of sentences you can eak. You can communicate much more with ten sentences than you can with one hundred isolated words! 你的英语水平取决于你能说出的句子量。十个句子比一百个孤立的单词更能让你与他人沟通!

52、well intentioned, do something positive energy. [原文]心存善意,做一些正能量的事。

53、Make sure that the sentence is grammatically correct and punctuated correctly. 注意句子的语法和标点都正确。

54、I need encouragement and positive energy.我需要正能量。

55、In other words, it’s a bit like cosmology’s dark energy: something is going on, but no one has any idea what. 换句话说,它有点像宇宙学所说的暗能量:有些事情正在发生,但没有人知道那到底是什么。

56、The electrons give off packets of pure energy, which decays into matter and anti-matter, following the predictions by Einstein's famous equation that relates matter and energy. 电子失去能量,能量变为物质与反物质,这正是爱因斯坦著名的质能方程所预言的物质与能量的关系。

57、After experiment on lots of examples, the segmenting precision can achieve 97.1% if taking sentence as unit; it shows that the disambiguating method is very good. 经大量例句作实验,以句子为单位的切分正确率可达到97.1%,验证了该消歧方法的有效性。


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