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关于”富有哲理的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Philosophical sentences。以下是关于富有哲理的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Philosophical sentences

1、There is a necessary and inevitable tension between philosophy and belief or to put it another way between philosophy and the civic pieties that hold the city together. 所以紧张关系必然,且无可避免地存在于哲学与信念之间,或换句话说,介于哲学与维系全城的公民虔诚间。

2、There is also a philosophy, pathologically classified, which denies the sun; this philosophy is called blindness. 按病理分类,也还有一种否认太阳的哲学,那种哲学叫做瞎眼论。

3、But a broader and more generous, certainly more philosophical, view is held by those scientists who claim . 有些科学家的观点更开阔,更富有普遍性和哲理性。

4、Is it what philosophy is in others’ eyes? 哲学在别人的眼中就是这样子的吗? 这帮玩哲学的还好意思高谈阔论?

5、Now and then, apropos of nothing save her own mood, Mrs. Bracebridge would indicate her philosophy of life in an epigram. 联桥夫人不时谈及自己的性情,总用一句警句指出她的人生哲学。

6、Post-modern philosophys appearing makes philosophy reason lapse into non-philosophy. 后现代哲学的出现,又使哲学理性向“非哲学”滑落。

7、Everything is rising in price, but the ony college diploma is depreciating. 最近发觉扛的一句话很有哲理,什么都在涨价,只有大学生在降价.。

8、The moral philosophy is the backbone of Chinese philosophy thought, it contains extremely rich management thought, moreover, it has affected Chinese human resources management several thousands years. 道德哲学是中国哲学思想的主干,在这个道德哲学体系中蕴藏着非常丰富的管理思想,而且,它影响了中国几千年的人力资源管理活动。

9、The so-called intellectual writing uses faulty sentences to express philosophical concepts. The so-called folk writing emphasizes desire and instinct. 所谓的知识分子写作实际上就是用病句来表达“哲理” ,所谓的民间写作,强调对欲望、本能的推崇。

10、The Jewish philosophy is different both from rationalist philosophy of West and the intuitionism of ancient China. 犹太哲学既不同于西方的理性主义哲学,也不同于中国古代的直觉主义哲学。

11、Such as Hamlet's famous soliloquy, full of philosophy. 如哈姆雷特的著名独白,富有哲理性。

12、Laocius s philosophy and Confuciuss philosophy was communicated with and was complemented each other, and had a profound and ever-lasting effect on Chinese culture. 老子哲学和孔子哲学既相通又相异,相互补充、相得益彰,对中国文化产生了极为深远的影响。

13、Laozi is full of philosophical thinking, it use progressive complex sentence and narrate-judge complex sentence to express the relation of reasons and the judgment definitely. 《老子》一书哲学色彩浓厚,大量使用顺承复句和按断复句来表示事理的相关性和论断的肯定性。

14、The philosopher demonstrated a philosophical principle. 那位哲学家论证了一条哲学原理。

15、There is a philosophy parable, call philosophy of porcupine . 有一个哲学寓言,叫豪猪的哲学。

16、Tanzania is the school of philosophy in physics, mathematics philosophy of Pythagoras were found, the first flight by thinkers express a logical philosophy ideal. 在米利都学派的物理哲学之后,毕达哥拉斯派发现了数学哲学,埃利亚派思想家最早表达了一个逻辑哲学的理想。

17、What's its 'truth maker', to use the philosophical jargon? 用一句哲学行话来说,它的“真理塑成者”究竟是什么?

18、In his defense, Socrates offered a remark that has stood as the motto of philosophy ever since: “An unexamined life is not worth living.” 苏格拉底在为自己辩护时所说的一句话从此成了哲学的警句:“未经审视的生活是毫无价值的”。

19、At the center of the rich philosophical resources of Wang Bi is his ontology. 王弼的哲学思想十分丰富,本体论思想毫无疑问是其哲学思想的核心。

20、Philosophy Education should embody the internal spirit of philosophy instead of education with non-philosophical approaches. 哲学教育应该体现哲学的内在精神,不能“以非哲学的方式进行所谓的‘哲学’教育”。

21、Trust is earned. 信任是自己赢得的。 这句话很有哲理的意味。

22、Mozi founded the philosophy called Mohism. 墨子创立了墨子哲学。

23、The comtemporary Axiological Philosophy will offer unlimited prospect of bringing the three doctrines into peaceful coexistence. 今天,价值论哲学有可能成为打通阻碍我们哲学理论创新的中、西、马哲学壁垒的一把钥匙。

24、Based on the theory of happiness, happiness philosophy is essentially different from the philosophy of happiness which takes a probe into happiness from the perspective of traditional philosophy. 幸福哲学以幸福学为其理论前提,它与传统的从哲学角度看幸福问题的“幸福的哲学”有着本质区别,不能混淆“幸福哲学”与“幸福的哲学”这两个不同的概念。

25、Philosophy of language is philosophical thinking stretch"guide", it is philosophy thinking level of external marks, philosophy of language"functional"namely philosophy thinking mode. 哲学语言既是哲学思维伸展的“向导”,又是哲学思维水平的外在标志,哲学语言的“内面”即哲学思维方式。


26、and Nietzsche were kings of the aphorism. 和尼采这样的哲学家们是警句之王。

27、The unusual - thinking of Laozi and Zhuangzi was on the foundation of life and philosophy. 《老子》《庄子》的逆反思维有着深刻的生活基础和哲学支撑。

28、English proverbs are of great brevity, and possessing particularities, which are abundant in rhetoric and archaic and elegant sentences full of philosophic theory. 英语谚语简洁洗炼,独具特色,所含修辞丰富,句意古雅而富哲理。

29、Beardsley by the way was actually a philosopher who taught at Temple University, a good friend of his. 顺便说一句,比尔兹利其实是个哲学家,他在Temple大学教书,是文萨特的好朋友。

30、Today y's philosophy of physics, mostly discuss and study philosophy of quantum mechanics, however, philosophy of physics have many other issues and interests. 内容提纲:本日的物理学哲学,大大年夜多评论争论以及研讨量子力学哲学问题,然则形成物理学哲学的还有良多其他议题与论旨。

31、Now psychologists have found that his quip bears the hallmark of truth. 现在许多心理学家认为,他的这句名言承载有许多哲学真理。

32、it's better to be alone than to be with someone you're not happy to be with。 经典人生哲理英文句子。

33、Chuang-Tzu is the pioneer in the studies of death philosophy in China. 庄子则是中国哲学史上死亡哲学研究的开创者。

34、In the 17th century the French philosopher said:"Cogito, ergo sum(I think, therefore I am)".We can see, consciousness has been a philosophy topic for a long time. 17世纪的法国哲学家有一句名言:“我思故我在”。 可以看出,意识在很长时间里都是哲学讨论的话题。

35、Alternatively, you could interpret the iPhone data as support for the philosophical dictum of Bobby McFerrin: “Don’t worry, be happy.” 或者,你也可以将iphone的数据理解为对Bobby McFerrin这句哲学箴言的支持:“别发愁了,开心点吧。”

36、French ideologist and peaceful of Er of philosopher bend over have a famous remark: "Life depends on motion." 法国思想家与哲学家伏尔泰有句名言:“生命在于运动。”

37、Adorno criticizes the "reasonable" identical form of traditional philosophy, advocating the non-identical form of philosophy that is "humane". “合乎人”的非同一哲学形态其实是表达了阿多诺对现代哲学使命即现代哲学观的理解。

38、The philosophical idea in Military Science of Sun Tzu is of great referential significance for talent superintendence . 《孙子兵法》中蕴含的哲学思想对人才管理也有重要的借鉴意义。

39、that which passes will be dear . 此诗胜在意境,传达积极乐观的人生态度,诗句清新流畅,热烈深沉,在朗读上可能不及第一首听着押韵,但是却含有丰富的人情味和哲理意味。

40、Yi Jing, a book used to practice divination in ancient China, is endowed with rich meaning of philosophy. 《周易》是我国古代的一部占筮用书,其《易传》是一部充满丰富哲理的古代哲学著作。

41、Zhuangzi is an ancient book that illustrates philosophical principles through parabolical images. 《庄子》之书,以寓言形象说明哲学道理。

42、" But there is more wisdom in this: "Love me, love my book. 其实"爱我及书"这句话蕴涵更多的哲理。

43、Such as Hamlet's famous soliloquy, full of philosophy. 如哈姆雷特的著名独白,富有哲理性。 。

44、Substantiating and enriching the world outlook theory is an effective way of perfecting philosophical method. 充实和丰富世界观理论是完善哲学方法的有效途径。 实践是世界观与哲学方法统一的基础。

45、Bohr's thought of philosophy of science is not confined to philosophy of physics. 尼耳斯·玻尔的科学哲学思想并不仅仅局限于物理学哲学。

46、His poems have not only the rhythmic beauty of Chinese ancient poetry but also the popularity of doggerels and philosophic thoughts of adages and epigrams. 既有古诗词的韵律美,又有顺口溜的通俗性,还有格言警句的哲理性。

47、Such philosophizing about science is inherently fascinating but in this case may be less interesting than the philosopher. 这种用哲理来解释科学的书籍本来就很引人入胜,但在这个例子中,哲学家本人可能还更有趣。

48、History is the most philosophical textbook. 历史是最富哲理的教科书。

49、He was an itinerant Chinese philosopher and sage , and one of the principal interpreters of Confucianism. 他是一个游学的中国哲学家和圣人,一个主要传播儒学的哲学家据称,他是孔子孙子子思的学生。

50、In this drama, Dong Zhe's father has a thought that saying ' a great man should be able to forgive his enemy'. 在戏里,东哲爸爸有一句名句- 原谅你的敌人,人的心胸一定要比大白山还要大。


51、Your philosopher, Mencius, lived about the same time. 们的哲学家,孟子,生在实在同一期间。

52、The phenomenology, existentialism and baconian traditionalism provide accomplish the founding of the self-determination theory. 现象学、存在主义哲学以及培根主义哲学传统构成了自我决定理论的哲学基础。

53、From survival angle, philosophical contradiction displays the contradiction of philosophical comprehension, knowledgical philosophy and philosophical action from outward appearance to inner essence. 从生存论的角度看,哲学的矛盾由表及里地展现为哲学理解的矛盾、哲学之知的矛盾和哲学活动的矛盾。

54、Philosophically, he contributed to combine Lao-zi's idea of non-action with Xun-zi's materialist thoughts of Natural Ways, human nature and epistemology. 在哲学上,他将老子的自然无为主义与荀子的唯物主义天道观、人性论、认识论相结合,为其法哲学奠定了强有力的理论基础。

55、Philosophers have their own golden idea. 哲学家都有自己的金点子。

56、Broadspectrum philosophy, a new typical philosophy, is very different from the traditional one in constructional thought, research method and theoretical form. 广谱哲学作为一门新型的哲学,在建构思想、研究方法和理论形式等方面与传统哲学有很大的区别。

57、This was said by Confucius, an ancient Chinese philosopher, over 2500 years ago to review his own life. 这是孔子讲的,他是中国古代的哲学家,生活在xx年以前,说这句话的时候,他是在回顾自己的生活。

58、To generalize the relationship between speech and Tao is very useful to understand Zhuangzi philosophical thinking. 廓清言与道的关系,对于理解《庄子》整个哲学思想体系有着至关重要的理论意义。

59、Philosophy encompasses subfields called philosophy of religion, of law, of economics, of biology, of physics, of mathematics, of computers, of psychology, of art, of music, of literature, and so on. 哲学包含的子目录信仰哲学,法律哲学,经济哲学,生物哲学,数学哲学,电脑哲学,心理哲学,音乐哲学,物理哲学,和文学哲学等等。

60、Only through transcending reality can philosophy become philosophy. 只有超拔于现实,哲学才能成其为哲学。

61、Huainan Zi, as a significant work of ideology of the West Han Dynasty, possesses abundant thoughts of ideological philosophy. 《淮南子》是西汉重要的思想著作,其中有着丰富的精神哲学。

62、There is a theoretical correlation between"Being"and"Non-being". At the beginning The two conceptions are becoming the key ones in company with"Tao". and along with LaoTze's philosophical upgrading. “有”、“无”在源头上就存在理论关联,经过老子的哲学提升后,与“道”共同成为《老子》哲学体系中的核心概念。

63、《Principle of Statute Philosophy》 is about the philosophy of rights. 《法哲学原理》是关于权利的哲学。

64、Laozi's "silence" view exerts a great influence on the philosophy of nature, the philosophy of life, the philosophy of society and aesthetics. 老子的“虚静”观,在自然哲学、人生哲学、社会哲学、美学等方面都有很大的影响。

65、His poetry is refreshing and philosophical. And he won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913. 他的诗清新而富有哲理。他在xx年获得了诺贝尔文学奖。

66、After all, only a gay philosophy is profound philosophy; 只有快乐的哲学,才是真正深湛的哲学;

67、I will do myself the justice to say, that I have never had any better opinion of the philosophies of all those philosophers, than of the spectacles of the grimacer of Tivoli! 我敢夸句口:我从来没有把这批哲学家的哲学看得比蒂沃利的那个做丑脸的小丑的眼镜更重一些!

68、As there can be no science with a philosophy, it is both. 这世界上不可能有具哲学性的科学,这理论既是科学也是哲学。

69、Sentence processing is an important issue in psycholinguistic research, with attachment ambiguity processing as its focus. 句子加工是心理语言学研究的重要内容,主要关注歧义句的处理过程。

70、Fear not that the life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning. 与其担心生活什么时候结束,不如担心生活从未开始。(能力有限,总觉得辞不达意,这种哲学范畴的句子太难翻译了)

71、He holds that there are three major categories of philosophy: philosophy seeking truth, philosophy seeking goodness, philosophy seeking beauty. 认为哲学可以分三大类:求真哲学、求善哲学与求美哲学。

72、Second, Tao's Ontology and phi1osophy of life. 第二部分:庄子的“道本体论”、“人生哲学”。

73、This is a broad, philosophical, partly scientific view of what people might eat, and it's not a bad set of rules to follow. 这句话是一个宽泛的关于人们该吃什么的,富有哲学性又带有科学性的观点,是一套不错的守则

74、Dickens must be a philosopher, or there is no way that he could come to this sentences. 狄更斯一定是个哲学家,不然是断说不出这样一句话的。

75、"Wang's Four-sentence Doctrine" is the condensation of Wang Yang-ming's philosophy, which can easily result in ambiguity. “王门四句教”是阳明哲学之浓缩,也是最易产生歧义之处。

英文句子模板76:Philosophical sentences

76、We find some elements which are very similar to Jewish philosophy of dialogue in Confucius's philosophy. In one sense, Confucianism might be called the dialogical one. 在孔子儒学中可以发现类似于犹太哲学家所说的对话哲学,因此在一定意义上可以称孔子的儒学为对话的儒学。

77、Hermeneutics is 'a philosophy of understanding'. 阐释学是“理解的哲学”。

78、The philosopher Frege said that only in the context of a sentence do words have meaning. 哲学家Frege曾说过词语只有在一个句子终才有意义。

79、Zhuangzi is an ancient book that illustrated philosophical principles through parabolical images. 《庄子》之书,以寓言地步来证明哲学道理。


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