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Our society is in the trend of change, with the increase of changes, people's work pressure is also increasing, and growing. In my opinion, many people have a lot of views on this issue. This trend is inevitable.

What people can do is to accept it first. The world's population is growing day by day, but the resources are less and less. Some places are short of resources.

This is a common phenomenon. In order to survive, people must work hard and strive for enough resources for themselves. In addition, because people attach great importance to education, now most people have received a good education, of course, knowledge is also very rich, and their competition is more and more fierce.

Finally, with the development of technology, industry has greatly improved our work efficiency, machines can work without rest, but people can not all these changes bring a lot of burden to people. Therefore, although their work pressure is not high, the industrial development has greatly improved our work efficiency However, it will increase naturally. People face it in the right way, which is the main trend of the world.

People can't change it with personal power. They can't change it, but they can find a good way to accept it. Because their work pressure is increasing, they can find other ways to relax themselves, such as exercise, dance, travel, reading If people can adjust their situation well, they can still enjoy a happy lifeline and work together for our happy life.




In the past decade, the number of young smokers in China has increased rapidly, and teenagers are in the mature stage. They like to pursue new things and are easily affected by the environment. The reasons for the increase of young smokers are various: first, China's economy is developing rapidly, people's living standards are improving and getting better and better, and they have got more income With more pocket money, teenagers have a lot of money to buy what they want.

Cigarettes are their second choice. Teenagers are easy to be affected by movies. Because there are many movies about the main character smoking, these movies are heroic teenagers who regard smoking as a calm performance, so they will imitate smoking behavior.

Third, with the implementation of family planning Shi, there are many families with only one child, so the family spoils their children. They give everything to the children, and even the children make mistakes. They turn a blind eye to the children's behavior and let them dare to smoke.

The number of young smokers is increasing. Teenagers should not smoke. This is harmful to the health.

Families should educate their children and the government should take more measures Action to reduce young smokers.




Farmers clean the oyster shells, transplant them to the bottom of another oyster shell, transplant them to the bottom of another oyster shell, and then transplant them to the bottom of another oyster shell, and then transplant them to another oyster shell. They attach themselves to the bottom of the clean shell, where they stay and eventually grow into small oysters called seeds or oysters Little oysters. Small oysters get bigger by inhaling seawater, and they extract tiny food particles from the water.

Until recently, the supply of wild and shoddy oysters was enough to meet people's needs, but today delicious seafood is no longer abundant, and the problem has become so serious that some oyster farms have completely disappeared, as early as the early s, the sea Marine biologists realized that if they didn't take new measures, oysters would be extinct, or at best just a luxury food, so they set up well-equipped hatcheries and began to work, but they didn't have the right equipment or skills to deal with eggs they didn't know where and when and how to feed young fish, they knew little about carnivores, they attacked And eat millions of young oysters. They failed, but they persevered. In the s, marine biologists discovered that by raising the water temperature, they can induce oysters to lay eggs not only in summer, but also in autumn, winter and spring.

Later, they developed a technology to feed and raise oysters, and further developed new varieties that were resistant to disease, grew faster, grew larger, and grew in water of different salinities. In addition, the oysters cultured had better taste.





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