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关于”对交通的看法“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Views on transportation。以下是关于对交通的看法的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Views on transportation

Now, some students don't like learning English, because learning English is a hard work. I think it is necessary to learn English in daily life. We should have a good way to learn English and spend more time on it.

These are my suggestions. We should read English as much as possible and talk to your parents and friends. Don't be afraid to make mistakes when you talk to others, because everyone makes mistakes.

Moreover, we should write as much as possible. We spend a lot of time practicing. We should also listen to more English.

We can listen to English music and some tapes, but it is very important to listen to the teacher and take notes carefully in cl. We should do our homework carefully and believe in ourselves. I believe that if we study hard, we will learn it well.






Many years ago, I watched a science fiction movie that described a future world in which people's lifestyles were very different and they could drive cars in the sky. Since then, the future world has become so convenient. I have always wondered how the future world can become a ridiculous "car throwing" now.

But think about many years ago, people never thought about flying in the sky. Now we can travel around the world by plane. Everything is possible.

Moreover, with the rapid development of science and technology, the world will change greatly every decade No matter where you go, you can pay online. With a mobile phone, I believe the transportation in the future will be more efficient and will bring us surprises.




Travel safety is not only related to one's own life safety, but also related to the embodiment of respecting other people's life. It is an important factor in building a harmonious society. Through the flow of traffic, "love life, safe travel" is more prominent in my mind.

When it comes to travel safety, it is difficult to make people think of traffic safety in daily life. Traffic safety is always around us If you want you to travel safely with traffic safety, you may p into this idea absentmindedly. When crossing the road, you will have a fluke mentality.

If you drive illegally, just a little negligence. All of these will make the short-term spinning wheel of life devour an accident once seen in the pedestrian's life: "one person will die under the wheel every minute in the country". This is not a real and tragic fact This is a wake-up call to us: "civilized journey, civilized walking".

Although the development of modern transportation has brought endless facilities to people, it has also increased many security risks. Some people once said that traffic accidents are "traffic wars in modern society". Traffic accidents are like invisible killers, waiting for illegal offenders to appear on the road.

People should learn to protect themselves, Civilized travel, civilized travel, develop the habit of "only once in a person's life" and "the most precious life". This case tells us that we must abide by traffic laws and regulations, truly achieve "love life, safe travel" safe travel, unconsciously create a good traffic environment for the construction of a harmonious society, and support a blue sky for the construction of a harmonious society and traffic safety It is a win-win wisdom as an ordinary primary school student. To abide by traffic regulations and maintain traffic order is to have the social morality of "walking in a civilized way and building a harmonious society".

This requires every citizen to start from himself and from small things, so as to make the "safe Avenue" more smooth.




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