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关于”考试的调查分析“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Investigation and ysis of examination。以下是关于考试的调查分析的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Investigation and ysis of examination

Examination is the most familiar word for students, because we all need to face it. Every existence has its own reasons. The long-standing examination also has its advantages.

First of all, it can check how much or how hard you have learned in this period of time. This can let you know more about your learning situation. Through the examination, you can see some shortcomings, and then you can decide how to correct them, There are also some shortcomings in the examination.

Some schools have too many examinations, which may even bring burden to students. If teachers and parents regard examination as the most important thing, students will feel pressure, which may lead to cheating. We should take an appropriate attitude towards the examination.

If everyone does this, the examination will not be terrible any more.




After several days of so-called mock tests, I think I will die very well. I think I am not the only one who thinks that Fasis will be defeated in the world in a few years. Putin held an international conference today to remind the world of this.

But in my opinion, he is only partiting in some consultation activities. He does not really regret the loss caused by Fasis, but he just wants to improve Russia Ross's economic situation and international status, for example, fortunately, I still know what's going on outside the house. I'm moving my apartment tomorrow.

It's next to my school, but there's no Internet connection. I think I'll have to keep silent for the next week. Everyone emphasizes it to me in order to get high marks in the coming national college entrance examination It's a turning point in my life, and my mother has been mumbling to herself.

I think it's time for me to study hard. If I'm a person who only depends on the examination or a few days' examination, how can I become an outstanding person? You may say that I'm very cynical, but how can the examination affect one's life? Or can you imagine that God will curse it.




The world's environmental problems can not be solved by ordinary people. The government and large companies should be responsible for this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree with environmental pollution = environmental pollution n environmental problems = environmental problems n various environmental problems n simple life = choose a simple lifestyle V start a simple lifestyle = choose a simple lifestyle V environmental protection = environmental protection = environmental protection Environmental protection n improve public awareness of environmental protection V enhance = enhance = raise V awareness = n take public transport = adopt public transport V foster water truck lifestyle V foster = cultivate V reduce the use of paper V reduce = minimize = reduce V encourage people to buy small cars with low emissions and cherish other natural resources V whether personal efforts can effectively solve this problem is a heated debate Address = resolve = tolk V my position is that personal partition in greenism is definitely a valuable effort, which helps to protect the natural environment in greenism.

The design and promotion of cleaner cars or compact cars is definitely a valuable effort to protect the natural environment and encourage people to travel by public transport from the perspective of environmental protection. Public transport = public transport = public transport n at the same time, everyone should be encouraged to partite in local organizations, oppose policies that damage the environment, or work like environmental volunteers = partite = partite V strongly suggest spending more money on public transport such as buses, trams and subways. I would like to reiterate my belief that environmental issues are of course related to every citizen, the cooperation and partition of individual citizens Protecting the natural environment plays an indispensable role, and individual citizens can and should play an active role, as long as we really desire to do so.

In order to optimize our living environment, optimize our living environment V premise is = if.


世界上的环境问题不是普通人能解决的,和大公司应该对这个问题负责,你在多大程度上同意或不同意环境污染=环境污染n环境问题=环境问题n各种环境问题n生活简单的生活=选择简单的生活方式v开始简单的生活方式=选择简单的生活方式v环境保护=环境保护=环境保护n提高公众的环保意识v提高=增强=提高v意识=意识n乘坐公共交通=采取公共交通v福斯特水车生活方式v福斯特=培养=培育v减少纸张的使用v减少=最小化=减少v应鼓励人们购买低排放的小型车珍惜其他自然资源v个人努力是否能有效解决这一问题存在激烈争论环境问题address=resolve=tolk v我的立场是,个人参与绿色主义绝对是一项有价值的努力,有助于在绿色主义中保护自然环境。设计和推广更清洁的汽车或紧凑型汽车绝对是一项有价值的努力,有助于保护自然环境从保护环境的角度出发,鼓励人们乘坐公共交通工具出行。公共交通=公共交通=公共交通n同时,应鼓励每个人参加地方组织,反对环境的政策,或像环保志愿者那样工作=参与=参与v强烈建议在公共汽车等公共交通工具上多花些钱,电车和地铁我重申我的信念,环境问题当然与每个公民有关,公民个人的合作和参与在保护自然环境方面起着不可或缺的作用,公民个人可以而且应该发挥积极作用,只要我们真的渴望这样做为了优化我们的生活环境优化我们的生活环境v前提是=如果。


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