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关于”国庆小长假看法“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Views on the National Day holiday。以下是关于国庆小长假看法的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Views on the National Day holiday

A year is an annual national day, and October is the birthday of our great motherland. Along with the ups and downs, for many years our mother's day, this country will celebrate this festival in the venue. In the early morning, we went to school.

Some students drew cards on the blackboard, some made cards in open classes. With a special theme, others expressed her love for the motherland through diary poems and other forms. During the National Day holiday, students are expected to stay at home with their parents and cruise the great cultural experience of scenic spots.

The balloons and colorful flags at the door of the shop are full of red, yellow and green atmosphere. We launched a series of promotional activities in the original discount activities. There is also a long queue of car purchasing services in the street, and it takes a long time to work hard.

The tourists in the scenic spot are like countless men, women, old and young, who have taken advantage of the festival to play. With almost no empty parking, restaurants, and hotels, the revenue will be substantial..






A week's holiday, good or bad, what do you think? Our national day will be off for a few days, and there will be another week's holiday. Just like the May Day holiday, many people welcome a week's holiday, busy planning where and how to spend the seven days, because many people don't like me. What does a week's holiday mean for a period of time of boredom, boredom, melancholy and helplessness? I want anyone who has experienced the pain of May holiday Will share my feelings with me.

I remember clearly that from May Day, to be exact, a few days before May Day, the shopping season began, and most stores extended their shopping hours in response to their enthusiastic customers. Almost every big store has special coupons, instant lucky draw and various promotional activities to attract potential customers. More and more shoppers flock to department stores.

The purchasing power of stores is high. Almost everywhere there are traffic jams. People look completely exhausted at bus stops: and taxi stops.

When people are pushed or cut in line, anger will explode Hair. Impatient drivers honked each other's horns from time to time; the railway station was full of passengers, who rushed to the platform like a swarm of bees, and then crowded into the train seats as if there were no tomorrow. In the dining room, tables were lined up from the kitchen by rows of waiters, with all kinds of edible things in their hands, orders being held feverishly, and then shouting and serving into the kitchen There's a lot of excitement and excitement everywhere.

The vivid scene that happened a few months ago is full of chaos and chaos. I'm really afraid that the play will be repeated soon. Really, a week's holiday can help activate the economy, but for the depression after the festival, people can undoubtedly have a lot of leisure, but leisure does not always bring much happiness.



不耐烦的司机时不时地互相按喇叭;火车站挤满了旅客,他们像一群蜜蜂一样冲向站台,然后挤进了火车像没有明天一样的座位在餐厅里,桌子被共用一排排的侍者从厨房排成一排,手里拿着各种各样的可吃的东西,命令被狂热地拿着,然后对着厨房大声喊叫,服务员们跑来跑去填订单,到处都是兴奋的气氛几个月前发生的生动场景到处都是混乱和混乱我真的很害怕这出戏很快就会重演 真的,一周的假期有助于激活经济,但对于节后的萧条,人们无疑可以有很多休闲,但休闲并不总是带来很多快乐。


October 1 is the birthday of our country. People all over the country are very excited. They organize schools to learn to sing patriotic songs, learn more about the revolutionary martyrs and glorious struggle history of our older generation, and go to the streets to receive the patriotic education and training of our national league.

I find that our city is more and more beautiful. I see children singing between heaven and earth in the vast land to celebrate the birthday of the motherland In the name of the Republic of China, we pay tribute to our motherland and bless our mother's national day anniversary. We must study hard to repay our motherland's culture.




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