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At present, there are many problems in food safety. I think there are at least three factors contributing to this problem. First of all, I observed that many food producers sacrifice the health of consumers in order to obtain more money.

The excessive use of agricultural pesticides has led to the decline of food quality. Excessive pesticides have brought great health hazards to people, and some food producers have given livestock The injection of hormone can make them grow faster and make more profits. People's health has been seriously disturbed.

Food safety is a matter of great concern. We should formulate laws and effectively implement them to avoid the production of toxic food and safe food.




When I walk on the street, I find that most people don't obey the traffic rules. They just ignore the rules. When many people cross the road, they just follow them.

It's too dangerous. Accidents are easy to happen. For the sake of safety, the car will hit people at any time.

We should obey the traffic rules.




Dear students, it is undeniable that safety plays an important role in our daily life. Recently, our school has implemented a plan to make our campus a safe place to live. I think this is really a good practice.

It will make us realize that whether in school or in school, safety should always be the first and outside of our daily life. When we do sports, we should pay attention to safety and avoid injury. Moreover, when we have trouble with our classmates, we should keep calm and avoid any form of fighting, which will only bring pain and pain to our body and mind.

As far as I am concerned, I feel that all the students and teachers should work hard and creatively with the safety of school activities in mind. Moreover, we should always abide by the law and discipline we are in. thank you..






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