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According to the ethnic and national characteristics of the bourgeoisie, racial restrictions on people's social and legal status and violations of other basic rights and s exist in cl society. Racial discrimination is essentially a cl problem. Racial discrimination existed in ancient times, but its modern form started from the primitive accumulation of capital.

So far, racial discrimination still exists in some parts of the world According to the phenomenon, this phenomenon is the manifestation of the reactionary ruling cl to take legislative and administrative measures to advocate and spread the theories of racial superiority and racial hatred. Discrimination is an open, legal, hidden and real South Africa, which highlights the manifestation of racial discrimination on apartheid. White racists are the basic national policy of the country.

In the past half century, white people The number of racial discrimination laws promulgated by the authorities is as large as that of African Americans. Indians, the indigenous people of Oceania, the former colonial immigrants in Europe, ethnic minorities and foreign workers in Asia, "tribesmen" and caste groups are all victims of racial discrimination today. I am talking about racial discrimination, racial discrimination or color problems in the United States, mainly in the United States and black people Because they make up one-half of the population of the United States.




2:,Although computers bring convenience to people's work and play, they also bring negative effects. For example, many young people are addicted to computer games, which leads to the decline of their learning ability. Some people go to Internet cafes to play computers and even rob computers.

It is easy to type. However, many people are used to the development of writing computers, and at the same time, it also provides convenience for the information dissemination of the r Harmful, because a long time sitting in front of the computer will cause many people sick, not conducive to people's health, so that the computer pollution of the environment.




3:社会的,In the long history of human society, our brave, intelligent and hardworking ancestors have created a rich and colorful civilization with the page of time. These civilizations have become the history of civilization, some of which are inherited continuously, and some are blended with new civilization. Today, human civilization is undergoing profound changes in science and technology.

The progress and economic and cultural exchanges between different civilizations have shortened the distance. No matter in Paris, or in the Champs Elysees on Chang'an Street in Beijing, or in the East and the West that we can see, different costumes, different skin colors and different indigenous people are still a whole, and this kind of communication between people is still a whole Flow has never been so close that the factors affecting people's daily life are no longer limited to a certain culture. Culture is the soul of a nation, and it is the basis for the survival and renewal of a nation.

Whether it is the Chinese nation or the French nation, we all inherit and carry forward the national culture. The state of spiritual and cultural diversity is an important feature of human civilization and human society The cultural diversity of China is the same as the biological diversity of nature. Only by respecting the cultural diversity can we make contribution to the development of human civilization.




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