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Some people think that the purpose of emigrating to Australia is to seek new opportunities for greater success. However, some people want to change their life law, change the scenery and seek more freedom. Australian passport has no visa in 130 countries.

Although the living standard in China has improved, it is not right for you to travel for visa. This is also why they want to immigrate Third, there are also some people who are for children. If you pay tens of thousands of tuition a year, if you are successful in immigration, you can enjoy the same free education benefits from high school to university to local schools.

My customer service is based on this concept. Many people, whether you are looking for better opportunities or cultivating your own children, are looking for free life There are three effective ways to achieve greater success in Australia: the first is that Australia, which is the easiest country to study abroad, is required to complete a degree. Australia's current policy is to allow them to stay in Australia, which is their own immigration conditions.

The second is the intellectual college graduates with more than three years of work experience, good English foundation, IELTS scores of at least

5 and

6, reaching the comprehensive immigration approval score. (at present, the third type is successful entrepreneur immigration, but money can't immigrate. It depends on whether he has business background.

They have their own assets. Australia also has a welfare system with management background. Australia is one of the earliest countries to implement social welfare system in the world.

Australia's social security system has begun to build, and Australia is also the country with the best social welfare in the world Now you can enjoy free health care and parental benefits.




2:,What I was doing when the earthquake happened, I was with my girlfriend, we were together, we were together, I got up and she came down, so we went up and down, the earthquake was getting bigger and bigger, we were more and more excited, although my girlfriend said no, no, I know her heart finally agreed, we were together into the high that day, we are the happiest one God, I hope the last time comes soon.




3:讨论移民,(Toronto - Durham, York, peel, Hareton - Toronto (Toronto) is the capital of Ontario, Canada. The Greater Toronto area is composed of the city (Duran District, Toronto City (Durham District, York District, peel District, York District, York District, peel District, Toronto City) and Dayton district (Halton District, with a total population of more than one million, covering an area of square kilometers), is the largest in the world Freshwater lakes are located in the center of the Great Lakes in North America, northwest of Ontario. The terrain is flat and the scenery is beautiful.

The water flow of Toutun River is continuous. At the same time, ships here can enter the Atlantic Ocean through the Cullens River, providing important resources for the Great Lakes region of Canada. The port city of Toronto was originally a trading place for Indians to hunt in the lake Toronto, an Indian language gradually becoming a catchment area, is a catchment area and trade port built by French colonists.

It has become the capital railway crossing point. After completion, it will become a freight hub, financial, commercial, industrial, educational and cultural center. Niagara's industrial power supply mainly comes from hydropower stations, meat processing, aircraft manufacturing, agricultural machinery and printing The CN Tower is one of the tallest TV towers in the world.

The Royal Museum of Ontario has a rich collection of ancient Chinese arts and crafts. Toronto is the largest university in the country, extending from the city center. The famous satellite cities York, NATO, East York, Scarborough and Fort Pitt Valley pottery art, such as ITO, are famous satellite cities Canada's important financial center is the headquarters of major companies in the country.

The Toronto Stock Exchange is one of the active news centers in the North American stock market. According to reports, Toronto is the largest newspaper and city daily in the country.




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