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关于”介绍赛珍珠“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Introduce Pearl Buck。以下是关于介绍赛珍珠的专升本英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce Pearl Buck

Design and decoration: a piece of Shangri La Doris Duke, the heiress of American tobacco, is the incarnation of many people: philanthropist, gardener, seducer, surfer, collector and world traveler. She is also a woman with many houses (the most famous of which is rough spot, whose family is located in Xingang, Lijiang and Shangri La, a city of Hawaii) The exotic Islamic style palace although Ms. Duke is famous for her luxurious rooms for entertainment, the private area is the most dazzling place for her bold style.

Her bedroom and dressing room are decorated with her own taste, and no one would have thought that what was created to please her herself seemed to please her more than anything else, the mother of peel furniture (Doris ducneport) rough point Shangri La during a one month honeymoon world tour, Ms. Duke and her first husband, James Cromwell, Middle East and India visited Syria and Turkey. Soon after visiting Syria and Turkey, she began her lifelong love of Islamic Art and furniture, especially her hiding place in Hawaii decorated in this style In the new book "Doris Duke's Shangri La: a house in heaven" (Rizzoli accompanies an exhibition at the New York Museum of art and design in February) (James Cromwell) · (Doris Duke's Shangri La: a house in paradiserizzoli Houses of the great Newport houses of the great Newport houses of the new port houses of the paradiserizzoli MacLeish said that in this period, the decoration of "private" or main bedroom areas was often more creative than that of traditional public reception areas, and Doris Duke seemed to have done much better than herself in creating boudoir, Ms.

Duke in rough Point's sea view bedroom features Amethyst carpets and electric purple Thai silk curtains, which make her striking "father of mother" furniture collection, including a century Austrian furniture that Helena Rubenstein once owned, sparkles Rubenstein)).


设计与装潢:香格里拉的一块美国烟草女继承人多丽丝·杜克是许多人的化身:慈善家、园艺家、色诱者、冲浪者、收藏家和世界旅行者她也是一个有很多房子的女人(确切地说,其中最著名的是粗糙点,她的家庭所在地在新港,里和香格里拉,夏威夷的一座充满异国情调的伊斯兰风格宫殿虽然杜克女士以其用于娱乐的豪华客房而闻名,但私人区域是她大胆风格最耀眼的地方她的卧室和更衣室装饰的除了她自己的品味之外,没有人会想到,为了取悦她自己而创造的,似乎比任何东西都更让她高兴的是皮尔家具之母(美国烟草公司)•(多丽丝·杜克内波特)粗糙点香格里拉在为期一个月的蜜月世界之旅中,杜克女士和她的第一任丈夫詹姆斯·克伦威尔,中东和印度访问叙利亚和土耳其之后不久,她开始了她对伊斯兰艺术和家具的终生热爱,尤其是她在夏威夷的藏身处用这种风格装饰起来的镶嵌有珍珠母的作品,在新书《多丽丝·杜克的香格里拉:天堂中的房子》(Rizzoli是纽约艺术和设计博物馆xx月展出的展览的伴奏)(詹姆斯·克伦威尔(James Cromwell)•(Doris Duke的香格里拉:ParadiseRizzoli的一座房子(纽约艺术和设计博物馆’s great Newport houses of the great Newport houses of the great Newport houses of the new Port houses of the ParadiseRizzoli)(纽约艺术和设计博物馆,位于纽波特修复基金会(Newport Restoration Foundation)收藏主管布鲁斯•麦克利什(Bruce MacLeish)说,在这一时期,“私人”或主卧区的装饰往往比古板和传统的公共接待区更具创意,多丽丝•杜克(Doris Duke)似乎在打造闺房方面做得比自己强多了,杜克女士位于Rough Point的海景卧室配有紫水晶地毯和电紫色泰国丝绸窗帘,这使得她那引人注目的“母亲之父”家具系列——包括海伦娜·鲁宾斯坦(Helena Rubenstein)曾经拥有的一套世纪奥地利家具——更加闪耀着(纽波特修复基金会)•(一个布鲁斯·麦克莱什•粗点•(Helena Rubenstein))。


2:,With confidence in our armed forces and with the firm determination of our people, we will achieve the inevitable victory. God forbid, I ask Congress to declare that since Japan's unprovoked and despicable attack on Sunday, December

7, there has been a state of war between the United States and the Japanese Empire.




3:介绍赛珍珠,Pearl Spring in Nanjing is a good place for Nanjing citizens and Nanjing University students to travel in early spring, and it is also a must visit place. Tourists from other places should not come here because they are suitable for vacation and relaxation. It is not a place to visit.

There are Laoshan National Forest Park, Tangquan and hot spring. The most standard golf course in Nanjing has not yet reached the gate. It just feels that the fresh air makes people relaxed and happy It's refreshing.

Long lost city residents also come too fast, yes, for a long time there is no such fresh air to breathe, can not help but deep, in a breath, the green trees on both sides of the road are verdant, "endless hills" seems to be really a landscape painting full of Chinese artistic conception. Entering the door from afar, the path on it is walking along the park, interlocking, the bridge is not bright, and the lake water is in the mirror On the surface, it is clear to the bottom. Several old people in Baotu Spring are fishing by the lake.

The students on the far right are rowing bamboo rafts. After passing the small bridge, the mountains and waters of Lijiang River Walk to the left, and you will see what kind of concrete platter pearl spring is to imprison his son. Here, I'm afraid of the cultural scenery.

I'll go to see the hundred Tiger Garden and cable car here. Even the tickets are worth yuan.




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