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关于”十二生肖“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:the twelve Chinese zodiac signs。以下是关于十二生肖的高二英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:the twelve Chinese zodiac signs

Good dog: the charm of the mouse, the patience of the cow, the sensitivity of the tiger, the eloquence of the rabbit, the health of the dragon, the depth of the snake, the popularity of the horse, the elegance of the goat, the intelligence of the monkey, the thoughtful consideration of the rooster, the loyalty of the dog, the chivalrous pig, the rat race, the mouse desert, a sinking boat, oxox eyes, the tiger tail rabbit stepping on SBS's feet, tiger print paper, tiger tail rabbit make a rabbit Start a rabbit you start a rabbit at a meeting you can't run with hares and hunt dragons and Dragons' teeth. Old dragonfish Johns' behavior should be a snake snake snake in the gr to warm a snake in a bosomtak noticed that the snake walked up high in the gr and worked like a horse doctor black horse. When the black horse won the nomination list and was hanged as a lamb, voters were surprised that there were black sheep in every flock, and those who made themselves sheep would be eaten by wolves.

A sheep that prays for peace with the wolf will soon become a mutton monkey. What are you doing, you little monkey, monkstop, playing around with the TV and putting SBS's monkey up. Your last word really got his monkey up.

Turn a monkey into a monkey with a long tail. Get the monkey down and put the monkey on his back. A rooster walking on his back / a rooster in a pit in a school / a fight like a pit and a bull story rooster.

A hen barks louder than a rooster. Dog, you dirty dog. A lucky dog.

A stupid dog. A cunning dog on a horse Dogs barking in the manger seldom bite people. Every dog has his day.

Dogs don't eat dogs, pigs, pigs, pig pens.





The zodiac you may be the most tasteful person in the zodiac, so in love, Aries is the most tasteful person, a fixed sign of the zodiac, and other more complex questions about where the moon falls, its relationship with the planets, and within the zodiac can also play a role.




Aries you are energetic, but sometimes you are too impatient. You want to be a leader. Some people think you are selfish.

Sometimes Taurus is stubborn. You don't like to change. You are a diligent person.

You are patient and don't give up easily. Gemini, you are a curious and intelligent person. You like to talk about cancer.

You like your family and your family. You like to save money to cook. Leo, you are a strong man You are very generous, you like to buy beautiful gifts for your friends Virgo, you are a modest person, you always worry too much, you are practical and you always pay attention to details Libra you are a polite and fair person, you are very elegant, like beauty, you like peace, don't like others Scorpio you are a strong person, have a lot of energy, you like to keep secret 。 Sometimes you don't forgive other people's mistakes are stupid Sagittarius.

You like life, have a sense of humor, you are often very lucky, you like to fly to different places, Capricorn is business and often successful, you are good at doing or planning, you have enough patience to wait without getting angry, Aquarius, you are kind and smart, you have a lot of friends. But some people think you are strange because you hate to be like others. You try to be different Pisces.

You are a generation, kind, gentlemanly. You are creative and imaginative. You like to dream about everything.




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