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关于”城市经济发展的“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Of economic development。以下是关于城市经济发展的的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Of economic development

In recent years, people have become richer and richer, and more and more people begin to care about their health, because we all know that our medical level is improving, but it is strange that diseases still attack and kill people just because of what we eat and what we do, so we need a better way to choose what we eat and what we eat It is recognized that the fat and salt in the diet can cause many diseases. A large number of studies have shown that people who eat too much fat or salt are more likely to have high blood pressure or heart disease than those who eat less alcohol, so it's good to drink less. Lack of exercise is also a risk factor, diabetes or other chronic diseases, most of which are difficult to cure.

Exercise can not only improve our body immunity, but also make us have a better mood, so as to reduce the chance of cancer, because we all know that smoking is a bad thing in our world. Smoking not only causes lung cancer of smokers, but also affects non-smokers. Don't kill yourself and the people around you in this way.





Study the above two pictures carefully and write an article entitled "the relationship between environment and economy". You should describe the pictures and explain their meaning, give your opinions and some evidence, give your conclusion. You should write down your conclusion on the answer sheet.

The two pictures above are the second pictures about the relationship between environment and economic development The GDP is on the rise, while the environmental pollution is serious, and the economic benefits are improving with environmental protection. It is easy to draw a conclusion that the development according to the second map is more reasonable than the first. In the early period of socialist development, the price paid by our country is not much.

The government attaches great importance to environmental protection and has tasted the bitter experience. Many measures have been taken to implement the strategy of sustainable development. One aspect is to take measures to protect the environment while developing the economy.

If we do not pay attention to the environmental problems and blindly develop natural resources, our country will be able to continue In short, our country will become a barren land sooner or later. Sustainable development is a reasonable strategy and should be implemented for a long time. Nature has generously provided us with abundant resources, but if we don't care about it, it may inflict severe punishment on us.




Economic development and environmental protection, they think that environmental problems are inevitable and inevitable in the process of economic development. They are only the by-products of economic development. We have time and money to solve these problems.

Others hold different opinions. Those who hold opposite opinions believe that environmental protection is more important than economic development, because the current serious environmental problems will threaten people's livelihood People's health hinders economic development. Protection and economic development can coexist in parallel or in harmony.

The ultimate goal of our economic development is to provide people with a comfortable and happy life. If we achieve economic development at the expense of the environment, what is the significance of economic development? There is a lot of evidence to prove that the balance between the two helps to achieve a more rapid and sustainable development of society.




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