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Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Jacobs Louis Vuitton clic Vuitton Cup Louis Vuitton has become the myth of tourism industry, because Louis Vuitton has become the leading producer in Paris. After a century and a half, the continuation of this myth is still backed by its international reputation. This myth is vividly presented in the alphabet pattern.

Since the birth of this kind of products, the first one is the famous one Louis Vuitton's story is the focus of story innovation. Louis Vuitton is also active in other creative fields: finished clothing, ss, watches and jewelry Marc Under the guidance of new products, Jacobs has rapidly achieved success and reputation in Louis Vuitton. As a material company combining innovation and tradition, Jacobs has partited in a number of major activities and joined in the pursuit of excellence with pion.

Louis Vuitton clic design is an award designed for car collectors and jockey clubs around the world, and won the most outstanding award in international yacht race, "USA" Although the Challenger must p the test of Louis Vuitton Cup, with the continuous expansion of business, today's Louis Vuitton has production workshops and an international logistics center all over the world, with many stores and employees, more than of which are located outside France.


威登威登威登雅各布威登经典威登杯威登威登成为旅游业的神话,因为威登已经成为巴黎领先的生产商经过一个半世纪的今天,这一神话的延续仍以其国际声誉为后盾,这一神话在字母图案上演绎得淋漓尽致,这类产品自诞生以来一直以无与伦比的成就和现代奢侈时尚在角色演变中扮演重量级人物威登的故事更是故事创新的焦点在传统手工艺和始终引领时尚潮流的威登现在也活跃在其他创意领域:成品服装、鞋类、手表和珠宝Marc Jacobs在新产品的指导下迅速在威登取得了四方成功和声誉,创新与传统相结合的一种物质性公司参加多项重大活动,以澎湃的加入追求卓越的行列威登经典设计是为全球汽车收藏家和会设计的奖项,并在国际游艇比赛中获得最突出的奖项,“美国杯”虽然挑战者必须通过威登杯的考验,随着业务的不断扩大,今天的威登拥有生产车间和一个国际物流中心,遍布世界各地,拥有多家门店和员工,其中超过家位于法国境外。


UNIQLO is a Japanese casual clothing designer, manufacturer and retailer. The company, originally a division of Fast Retailing Co Ltd., was reorganized as an independent wholly-owned subsidiary of UNIQLO Co Ltd. in November last year, the company is Japan's leading clothing retail chain in terms of sales and profits in the first part of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The company also operates in China, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States..


优衣库是一家日本休闲服装设计师、制造商和零售商。该公司最初是Fast Retailing Co Ltd.的一个部门,于去年xx月重组为一家名为Uniqlo Co Ltd.的全资子公司,在东京证券交易所的第一部分中,该公司在销售和利润方面是日本领先的服装零售连锁店。公司还经营着中国、法国、香港、马来西亚、俄罗斯、新加坡、韩国、、泰国、英国和美国。


China's Li Ning Co. will rebuild the troubled Chinese sportswear company within a year, possibly Jin goon Kim Li Ning, its new boss Co., named after its founder and former Chinese gymnast, is struggling with competition from foreign such as Nike and Adidas, as well as lower cost local brands. Since January last year, the company's share price has plummeted more than three times from the Hong Kong stock market in the first half of this year, down from a year earlier 。 Four years ago, Kim was recruited as an executive director from a major investor in private equity firm TPG group.

As one of China's largest sportswear retailers, he has turned around businesses including Dell's South Korean subsidiary and Chinese s retailer Daphne international, where Li Ning has been heavily discounted and is buying back its underperforming store network. Previously, ambitions for overseas expansion have disappeared and the company is now refocusing on China. Kim talked with Fiona law of the Wall Street Journal about the changes in China's retail market and the future of Li Ning's Fiona law.

Wall Street Journal: what's wrong with Li Ning? WSJ: Mr. King: this industry sees many people enter the market in a short period of time, and the demand exceeds supply. Five years ago, China's sportswear brands were wholesalers, not retailers - the focus was on growth.

Unlike commodity marketing and brand DNA and understanding customers, Chinese retailers used to focus more on brands. Now you have to be good at opening stores and managing channels. This is a different game.

What aspects of the company need to improve? WSJ: Mr. King: the former management team had a lot of good processes, but that doesn't mean that these processes are very effective when the market demands big changes in the business. Li Ning was good in the past, but when the good times stop, you need to be a different animal, and it no longer works.


中国李宁公司(Li Ning Co.)将在xx年内重建陷入困境的中国运动服装公司李宁公司(Li Ning Co.)可能是新老板(JinGoon KimLi-Ning Co.)的一项艰巨任务(以其创始人、前中国体操运动员的名字命名)在面对来自耐克(Nike)和阿迪达斯(Adidas)等外国竞争对手以及成本较低的本土品牌的竞争中举步维艰自去年xx月以来,今年上半年,该公司股价从香港股市暴跌,跌逾第三,较上年同期有所下降。xx年前,基姆从私募股权公司TPG集团(李宁)的一位主要投资者那里被招募为执行董事。作为中国最大的运动服装零售商之一,他之前已经扭转了包括戴尔韩国子公司和中国鞋类零售商达芙妮国际(Daphne International)在内的业务,李宁一直在大量打折,该公司正在回购业绩不佳的商店网络。

此前,海外扩张的野心已经消失,该公司现在重新关注中国。基姆与华尔街日报的Fiona Law谈了中国零售市场的变化和李宁菲奥娜定律的未来。《华尔街日报:李宁出了什么问题?《华尔街日报》:金先生:这个行业看到很多人在短时间内进入市场,供不应求。



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