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Every morning, when I go to school, I always see some people in orange clothes sweeping the street. They are city cleaners. People describe them as city decorators.

They are easy to be ignored by the public. Because they work in the morning, most people sleep at home. The public environment is so clean that it brings great comfort to people It deserves our high respect, so some people will treat them to drink in hot weather.

The news reports moving messages about how people respect these lovely people, and we are glad to see the public's attention to the little people.




Workers workers workers workers workers workers workers workers society is looking for a competent researcher, and then I hired a worker who had an argument with another person at work. If you need help at work, your personnel manager should be able to help the unemployed. Information about the job market is a lifeline for those who are unemployed.

Work reports suggest that students are allowed to pay off their debts through community service work, tasks, and work tasks.




, employee memo employee: in order to ensure the highest level of work quality and productivity, our policy is to make all employees get good training through our special intensive training program (if you feel that you are not getting the return you deserve, we tries to make us have more employees than anyone else. Of course, please meet your boss and you will immediately At the top of the list, our supervisor is particularly good at getting you all the you can handle. Those who don't take them seriously will be included in the Department staff evaluation plan (those who don't take deep seriously will be included in the Department staff evaluation plan).

They must attend the employee attitude training (because our supervisor received training before promotion, they don't have to do it again. If you are interested in a job of teaching others, we can give your name Join our leadership basic understanding list (for those employees who intend to engage in management and consulting careers, we will recommend to you the Department of management operations research education (more this course emphasizes how to manage more garbage, if you have further questions, please contact our hothithank directly All in all, boss, bighit PS now sends this to those who need it in their lives. It's just that they're not sending you this .

They're full. Thank you sincerely for your time. The director of ultra high intensity training (stupid) makes fun of the acronym "p".

It's a bad irony, all elements in the organization It's just a asure = person's signature productivity = quality as a production supervisor = person in charge of a department or job immediately = emphasize without delay = emphasize a strong concern for something Bureau = a branch of the Department sarcastically = sarcastically mark the person who intends to hurt.


,员工备忘录员工:按顺序为了保证员工的最高水平的工作质量和生产力,我们的政策是通过我们的特别高强度培训计划,让所有员工都得到良好的培训(如果你觉得自己没有得到应有的回报,We试图让我们的员工比任何人都多当然了,请见见你的上司你会立刻被放在清单的首位,我们的主管特别擅长让你得到你能处理的所有。那些不认真对待他们的员工将被列入部门员工评估计划(那些不认真对待DEEP的员工将被列入部门员工评估计划)必须去参加员工态度培训(因为我们的主管在升职前就接受了培训,他们不必再这样做了,如果你对一份教别人的工作感兴趣,我们可以把你的名字加入我们的领导基本理解名单(对于那些打算从事管理和咨询职业的员工,我们将向您推荐管理运筹学(更多本课程强调如何管理更多的垃圾,如果您有进一步的问题,请直接联系我们的高强度培训教学主管(HOTThank you,总的来说,老板,特别高强度训练(BIG)PS现在把这个发给那些在生活中需要的人,只是不是给你发这个的人他们已经吃饱了,真诚地感谢你的时间,超高强度训练局局长()作者取笑缩略词,这是一种不好的讽刺,组织中的所有元素都只是一个asure=人的签名生产力=作为生产主管的素质=负责一个部门或工作的人立即=毫不拖延地强调=强调对某件事的强烈关注局=部门的一个分支讽刺性=讽刺地标记有意伤害的人。


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