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关于”音乐的短句“的英语句子35个,句子主体:Short sentences of music。以下是关于音乐的短句的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short sentences of music


1、Thirdly, lots of pop music are made in short time. They aren't as valuable as classical music.

Free streaming appears to be tapping it.(以下这句翻译有待商榷)免费的流媒体音乐就是利用了这一点。

2、Free streaming appears to be tapping it.


3、In musical theory circle, Mr. Xiao Youmei is usually regarded as a founder of Chinese modern music, an educator, a composer and an activist of the neo - music but a critic.


4、Much of the work on content based music query focuses on polyphonic music files.


5、And, as we said before, music has a syntax so that these phrases have to be in a-- arranged in a particular way that makes sense.


6、The second part. The feature and style of e'erduosi music form.

艺术歌曲在结构上一般短小精致,是一种高度浓缩的音乐小 品。

7、Art songs are generally short in the structure refinement, is a highly condensed piece of music.


8、Celebrities from around the region and the world took part nightly in a spectacular concert, music video broadcast and fashion show.


9、The noise of the moment scoffs at the music of the eternal.


10、New Music - Wonderful new music from fantastic re-mixers.


11、I love listening to music. I'm in the School Music Club.


12、Say an in the mind words, the tone construction of this folk song affects to me very big, once appear in several music's work.


13、This sound, like all music, pierced my heart like a dagger.


14、Someone who texts on their cellphone in really inappropriate places, like movie theatres, concerts, plays.


15、He is studying music. He is a music student.


16、I'm different from you. I like Chinese music better, especially light music, folk music and classical music.


17、The music historiography is a branch of musicology.


18、The researchers found earworm infections last longer with musicians than with non-musicians.


19、Therefore, the beginning of vocalization, requires that each singer the interval, scales, vocal training period also sings sweet, sweet.


20、Music to hear, why hear'st thou music sadly?

21、During these years, the Ensemble held many joint concerts with over 短短成立几年来, 本团先后应邀赴新加坡、武汉、广州、珠海和中山等地与超过廿个音乐团体一起举办大型交流音乐会。

20 music organizations from different places including Singapore, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Zhongshan.

22、The most popular music back then was called ragtime .那时最流行的音乐叫拉格泰姆音乐。

23、A short piece of music, often improvised on a solo instrument, played as an introduction to a larger work.即兴曲一段短音乐,常为乐器即兴独奏,作为大型作品的序曲。

24、The third line usually brought in new material and a new musical tone to create a deliberate contrast and effect, thereby giving the music a new momentum.第三乐句常常引入新材料、新乐思,以便有意地造成对比、反差的效果,从而使音乐获得一种新动力;

25、Extras: Audio Commentary, Documentary, Featurettes, Music Video, Theatrical Trailer.演员:音频评论,短片,纪录片,音乐录像,电影预告片。

英文句子26:,26、Music Radio is a well-known popular music channel covering whole China.Music Radio 音乐之声 音乐之声是中国知名的类型化流行音乐频率,覆盖全国。

27、The Country Music Association of Australia already runs short intensive courses to help young up-and-coming musicians progress in their music careers.澳大利亚乡村音乐协会已经开设了短期的强化课程来帮助那些有前途的青年音乐家拓展他们的音乐事业。

28、We cover pop, country, hip-hop, and even classical and Broadway show tunes.我们涉及流行音乐,乡村音乐,饶舌,甚至古典和百老汇音乐。

29、Most of the world's folk music was essentially monophonic until contact with Western polyphony.在与西方复调音乐接触以前,世界上的多数民间音乐都是单声部音乐。

30、Through the demonstration: As for the cream of Chinese music;古琴音乐是中国音乐的主流;

31、Do not play brass — no brassy Broadway songs, brass bands, marching bands, or big bands that feature brass, except a muted flugelhorn.不要弹奏铜管乐器——禁止播放百老汇铜管乐曲;装弱音器的粗管短号演奏除外。


32、The musicians keyed their instruments just before the concert began.乐工们在音乐会快开端前为乐器调了音。

33、When Gaga paused between songs to utter that line, we suddenly understood the inspiration behind the concert.当加加暂停歌曲之间说出那一句,我们突然明白背后的音乐会灵感。

34、Vocal music is the language of the singing language, music by means of modeling language of music the language is even more richly musical rhythm and singing nature.声乐语言是音乐化的歌唱性语言,通过音乐的造型手段使语言音乐化,使语言更富于音乐的旋律节奏感与歌唱性。

35、A group of students from the Art and Music Faculty are producing a short film.音乐艺术系的一群学生正在拍一个相关的短片。

36、In addition, the sound of music is non-semantic, which results in the variation of feeling in the course of music appreciation.音乐的声音是不具语义的,音乐的非语义性导致了音乐欣赏的情感不确定性;

37、Period—Music paragraph, is one of main units in music statement structure.乐段——音乐的段落,音乐陈述结构的主要形式之

38、Musicology, a basic subject of music education, is not the course limited by western musical trend, but the anthropology of music that includes all the folk music of times.作为学科基础的音乐学,不应是早已“限于西方艺术音乐”的“音乐学”,而应代之以“范围包括所有时代所有民族的音乐”的“音乐人类学”。

39、Music Launcher plays the same music formats as the Music Player that comes with your phone.启动音乐播放的音乐播放器与您的手机附带相同的音乐格式。

40、Yeah, a lot of African music like Congolese music and music from Mali.很多非洲音乐,像刚果乐和马里的音乐。

41、Korean musicians must export or starve.韩国音乐家,音乐外销成唯一出路。

42、He loves music, and above all classical music.他爱音乐,尤其是古典音乐。

43、A half to two-year-old three-year-old baby, you can choose short, with clear-cut image of music to listen to the music so that they develop their musical understanding and imagination.xx岁半至xx岁的宝宝,可以选择短小、具有鲜明音乐形象的音乐让他们倾听,发展他们的音乐理解力和想像力。

44、The children's playroom, Bose music room, exercise room and seven showers will make the time fly till your boarding call.儿童娱乐室、音乐室、健身房及7个淋浴室,乘客将感觉登机之前的时光异常短暂。

45、Mozart was a musical prodigy, prolific throughout his 35- year lifetime, leaving more than 600 classic pieces to the world.莫扎特是音乐史上罕见的奇才。他在短短xx年的生命历程中,为世人留下600多首不朽的作品。

46、Music may calm the savage beast or, at least, make the workday seem shorter.音乐可以让凶猛的野兽平静,或者音乐至少可以让工作时间变短些。

47、To the European classical music and the modern music three time's understanding elaboration, and draws out the new music form----Musical. The inquisition passes Andrew?而在对欧洲古典音乐和现代音乐三个时期的认识论述,并引出新的音乐形式----音乐剧。

48、It begin with three short note and one long one.这乐曲以三个短音符和一人长音符开始。

49、An exhilarating mix of bluegrass and jazz, New Acoustic features lead roles for folk instruments like the mandolin, fiddle, banjo, and acoustic guitar.新原音音乐是蓝草音乐与爵士乐的混合物,各种民族乐器,比如曼陀林、提琴、班卓琴、原声吉他在新原音音乐中扮演着重要的角色。

50、Q. As chairperson and founder of the music therapy department at Berklee College of Music, would you explain what music therapy is?作为波克丽音乐学院音乐治疗系的主任和音乐疗法的创始人,您可以解释一下什么是音乐疗法么?

经典英文句子51:音乐的短句,51、Phonemic awareness, vocabulary building, and rhyming are entertaining and fun thanks to familiar Leap Padcharacters, colorful animation, and short songs.语音意识、 词汇建设,和韵是娱乐和多亏了熟悉 的飞跃式输入字符、 色彩鲜艳的动画、 短歌的乐趣。

52、Push music key , play hypnosis music in turtle .打开音乐键,播放小乌龟里的催眠音乐。

53、Not only did they present a musical performance, but they also gave a brief introduction to the history of Western brass instruments.他们不但做了音乐表演,而且简短地介绍了西方铜管乐器的历史。

54、Third part is a short description of the post-production process, including editing, use of music and sound effects and so on.第三部分是对这部短片的后期制作流程,包括剪辑,音乐、音效的运用等后期工序;


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