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关于”正能量“的英语句子45个,句子主体:positive energy。以下是关于正能量的雅思英语句子。

英文句子模板1:positive energy


1、Indeed there is a new energy on this planet, and this energy seeks to now further activate your awareness and light quotient.


2、These energies are slowly being transmuted, and eventually will have been completely removed.


3、Some slogans of the advertisements are quite funny and full of positive energy.

引力算是负能量, 当然星星的质量毫无疑问是正的.

4、Gravity accounts for negative energy, whereas the mass of a star is undeniably positive.


5、As you can see from above, I find it unlikely that the differences between the high and low energy limit will have such a huge effect.


6、To release it, just allow an antiparticle to come into contact with normal matter, and then capture the energy released.


7、Dear, right now, have you already aware of your inner energy is surging, whether do you aware of your inner streng this awakening.


8、Be able to design the correct SPC chart type, rational sub-grouping, and sampling frequency.


9、By contrast, brown adipose tissue consumes energy to generate body heat.


10、In Toulouse, France, city officials are investigating the use of energy-absorbing sidewalk panels that harvest pedestrian power.


11、But it was never about energy conservation as it was normally known and used," Feng said.


12、In energy formula, it is indeed correct to use the reduced mass.


13、Positive vacuum energy, however, acts like antigravity : according to Einstein's equation, it causes the three dimensions that we see to grow more and more rapidly.


14、If the total energy is positive, the orbit is not bound.


15、You are not a failure, those who say you fail, because they don't love you.


16、This calorimeter is no-contact, accurate, and has functions of low power consumption, auto-compensation for temperature and pressure.


17、And the research and development of motor energy management and thrust vector control (TVC) technique are being carried out.


18、Because of its distinctive structure, bacteria cannot utilize Xylitol for energy.


19、Your nausea should be tapering off and your energy should be returning.


20、Maybe that's your power as a performer.

21、The dual-energy digital X-ray image (88) is corrected for scatter (46).因为散射(46)而 校正双能量数字X射线图像(88);

22、The caloric content of leaf and stolon increased while that of inflorescence decreased with the rising of QAP.叶片和匍匐茎的能量与土壤速效磷浓度呈正比。花序的能量则随著有效磷浓度的增加而减少。

23、However, this positive peak was soon pushed away by a even higher peak from the same negative energy pack.然而,这股正能量峰很快被一股更为强劲的负能量高峰给冲刷掉了。

24、You are not a failure, those who say you fail, because they don't love you. 难过只会吞噬你的正能量。

25、This energy is something like positive and negative electrical charges pulsating throughout.这种能量就像正负电荷一样脉动着流遍全身。

英文句子26:,26、But wedlock can't be weighed; a house and home can't be distilled to data.但是,婚姻是不能以重量来衡量的;一个真正的家也不可能单纯的用数字来代替。

27、For one Earth is entering a new energy flow of another sector of creation that she once existed within that hosts no electrical energy whatsoever.因为地球正在进入所在造物另一部分的新能量流,那是不带有电流能量的。

28、The dead time, counting rate plateau curves, X-ray energy linearity, energy resolution and window transparency of the FGPC have been measured.得到了正比计数管的死时间、计数率坪曲线、能量线性、能量分辨、窗材料透过比曲线;

29、Is this is the legend of the people in order to move the positive energy?难道这就是传说中的给人以感动的正能量?

30、Only when the positive energy regain ground that this crash can be avoid.只有当正能量重新积聚反弹,才能避免此次的市场崩溃。

31、As such, all of you on the earth-plane are now within the field immersion of an incredible crystalline energy.如此,你们地球上所有地球层面上的人正置身于浸润着惊人水晶能量的能量场里。

32、The treatment dimension and social function of the existence quality scale of the patients with visual functional lesion were positive correlation (P< 0.05).治疗维度与视功能损害眼病患者生存质量量表的社会功能正相关(P<0.05)。

33、I have three out of the five energies, and they are all positive.这有3/5的能量,他们都是正的。

34、They rightly refer to this result as a low-energy limit.他们正确地参考此结果作为一个低能量极限。

35、Incorrect inputs can lead here to faulty measurements or to fail functionings.不正确的输入将导致测量出错或者机能失败。

36、Auto cunt device to properly contol production volume.装置自动计数装置,能正确控制生产数量。

37、According to Kurzweil, “the cost per watt of solar energy is coming down rapidly and the total amount of solar energy is growing exponentially.据库兹威尔说:“太阳能的每瓦成本正在迅速下降,而太阳能总量正在成倍增长。

38、Milly is fighting poverty with a fierce, indignant energy.米莉正在以凶猛、愤怒的能量与贫困作斗争。

39、ConclusionsBoth routine-subtraction and dual-energy subtraction CTA can clearly display normal and stenotic vessels. The radiation exposure dose is relatively lower in dual-energy CTA.结论“常规减影法与双能量减影法CT血管成像均能够清晰显示正常颅外颈动脉及狭窄血管,双能量减影法患者受到的辐射剂量更低。

40、“It all comes down to energy balance, ” or, as you might have guessed, calories in and calories out.“这都可以归于能量平衡,”或者正如你所猜到的那样,热量的摄取和消耗。

41、The quality of community correction depends on the community correction workers comprehensive abilities.社区矫正质量的高低,关键看社区矫正工作者队伍综合能力的高低。

42、Therefore, the only skills worth formally vouching for are those that require substantial effort to learn.因此值得做正规证明的技能,是那些需要花费大量精力去学习才能获得的技能。

43、Body mass index was significantly positively associated with high energy food knowledge scores .身体质量指数亦与高能量食物营养知识分数呈正相关性。

44、To live a better life, we need positive energy.为了生活得更美好,我们需要正能量。

45、The heat resources can fully ensure the normal growth and development of autumn crops and their yield formation.热量资源能够保证秋作物的正常生长发育和产量的形成;

46、At this moment, I see a very strong positive energy.此时此刻我看见了无比强大的正能量。

47、It is indicated that the peak power for pulse varies as the square and energy released linearly with the reactivity insertion.计算结果表明,脉冲峰功率与反应性引入量的平方成正比;一次脉冲释放能量与反应性引入量成正比;

48、We first saw Masdar HQ a couple of years ago, when it was aiming to be the world's first positive energy building.我们几年前第一次认识了马斯达尔的总部大厦 ,当时它的目标是成为世界上第一个正能量建筑(也就是产生的能量大于消耗的能量)。

49、We separate position information from energy information by position correction. Scatter photon can make disto…通过位置校正能实现位置信息与能量信息的分离。

50、But computer makers are pushing the limits of weight and power.但电脑制造者正在突破电脑重量和能力的极限。

经典英文句子51:正能量,51、ICW and ECW retrieved by ideal body weight may be sensitive parameters to determine the dry weight in patients with MHD.理想体质量纠正的ICW 和ECW可能是评判干体质量的敏感指标。

52、This is about energy not actually disappearing, it is recycling, spiraling out of 3D.这就是能量不会真正消失的说法,能量是循环往复的,是以螺旋形状离开3D空间。

53、Basically I'm going to prove that this is a fine statement to make, as long as you can write the energy as a sum of component energies.我要证明,这个等式就是正确的,如果能量可以写成各组分能量之和的话。

54、As I always say: that which is measured, improves.正如我常说的:可测量化,才有可能进步。



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