英文浪漫的情话 短句_小升初英语句子5个

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英文浪漫的情话 短句_小升初英语句子5个

关于”浪漫的情话 短句“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Romantic love words。以下是关于浪漫的情话 短句的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Romantic love words

1、Someone like me who's a-romantic will generally have no desire for a romantic relationship (or a physical relationship, at least). A-浪漫的人,比如我,一般对浪漫恋情(或者至少是身体恋情)没有欲求。

2、Sudden romantic infatuations won't be lasting. 突然出现的浪漫的恋情不会持久。

3、Sternberg calls that "romantic love." 斯腾伯格称之为浪漫式爱情

4、Other people's fairy tales always is romantic, but my fairy tale but never be miserable. 别人的童话永远都是浪漫的,而我的童话却永远都是凄凉的。

5、Bills split, roommate fun, the kindness of friends and the potential for romance. 分摊的费用、合租的乐趣,朋友的友情,浪漫的爱情。

6、M en allways remember love because of romantic only . 浪漫使男人牢记爱情。

7、This is a romantic city like fairy tale beautiful medieval town in fairy tales. 这是一个浪漫的城市,童话般美丽的中世纪小镇童话。

8、Man Always Remember Love Because of Romance Over.(男人只因浪漫而牢记爱情)

9、Write a love letter is romantic, send 99 roses is romantic, brush table and dunk tea is also romantic. 写情书是一种浪漫,送99朵玫瑰是一种浪漫,擦桌子送药也是一种浪漫。

10、Every Valentine'sday are very romantic. 每年的情人节都很浪漫。

11、The romantic love, is the beautiful fairy tale story. 浪漫的爱情,是美丽的童话故事。

12、Still, thinking about romance as a verb can help decode what romance is: romance is an action taken, most likely because ardor (or man-cleavage) is present. 但是,把浪漫当做一个动词可以帮助我们诠释浪漫:浪漫是在热情驱动下所采取的一种行动。

13、Elegant romantic silver-coating and delicate cumbersome description of silver wear, relaxed romantic and French style. 高贵浪漫的银箔色涂装及细腻繁琐的描银搭配,让产品轻松浪漫,尽现法兰西风情。

14、Romance, emotions, possitive thoughts, sweet dreams and fantasies. 浪漫、情感、绮思、美梦、幻想。

15、Very sentimental, romantic song. 很富感情而浪漫的一首歌。

16、The longing associated with that early bloom of romantic love is well known and is the subject of love songs, romantic movies, and love stories. 渴望绽放烂漫的爱情之花是爱情歌曲、浪漫电影、爱情故事的永恒主题。

17、Pasting love quotations on walls or mirrors can express your love in romantic way too. 把情话写在墙上或镜子上也是一种表达爱意的浪漫之选哦。

18、Jun was king, loving, and romantic. 君成熟稳重,浪漫多情。

19、But, who can resist camellia only America and the romantic love? 可是,谁能拒茶花唯美而浪漫的爱情?。

20、Everything I know about romance, I learned from romance novels; 我对浪漫的所有了解都来自爱情小说。

21、August Rush is a romantic movie. 《xx月迷情》是一部浪漫的电影。

22、Love quotes have always been the most memorable and beautiful way to express your love to that special one. 浪漫情话脱口而出注定能成为示爱过程中最难忘和美妙的时刻。

23、Romantic love and motherhood are sentimentally idealized. 浪漫的爱情和母性被多情地理想化了。

24、Romantic needs to create, seeks desirably romantic also becomes is not romantic. 浪漫需要创造,刻意去寻求的浪漫也就变得不浪漫了。

25、She wants love, romance and conversation. 她想要爱情、浪漫和交谈。


26、Those photographs where two little kids exhibit an unnatural affection for each other and only the roses are in color are romantic. 照片中两个小不点之间的奇妙情感是浪漫的。 娇艳的玫瑰也是浪漫的。

27、Marlboro-Man Always Remember Love, Becourse Of Romance Only. 男人总是因为浪漫而记住爱情。

28、"We wouldn't have love, " Linden says. “我们也不会有浪漫的爱情,”林登说。

29、Every Valentine's day are very romantic. 每年的情人节都很浪漫。

30、Almost like a romantic old love-letter, but shorter and with more emoticons. 它们几乎就是一封浪漫的调情短信,但是更简短、更煽情。

31、Light purple evokes romantic and nostalgic feelings. 浅紫色唤起浪漫和怀旧的情感。

32、You can email or text, romantically cute love quotes to your love mate to express your love gestures. 你可以通过邮件或短信,把浪漫情话传达给你的爱人。

33、When walking in an exotic place, imagining only if I could come with a romantic companion, would take away the very romantic moment you are sharing with yourself. 当我们漫步在名胜中,只想着能跟一位浪漫的同伴同行的话,就会葬送你自己的浪漫时光。

34、Romance, flirtation, pleasure, a risk-taking mood buoy you Sunday to Tuesday. 周日到周二,浪漫,调情,喜悦,冒险的情绪都是你的心情小浮标。

35、The ultimate romantic hero of candy floss romances is romancing young chick with lots of grace. 最终的浪漫英雄棉花糖爱情是浪漫青年鸡,有很多的宽限期。

36、Many were idyllic, and they were just the setting for romantic exchanges and furtive looks between lovers. 很多这样的野餐都是田园诗一般,为书中两情相悦的情人们提供了一个互送秋波、情话绵绵的完美浪漫背景。

37、Now, "serious" issues are routinely presented as secondary to the comic or romantic plotlines. 现在,“严肃的”话题已成为仅次于滑稽或浪漫情节主线而例行地呈现。

38、More laughter and love and romance. 多些欢笑、情爱和浪漫。

39、This image is precious to me. But romantic? 这一情景于我很弥足珍贵,但浪漫吗?

40、Romantic relationships should stabilize. 浪漫情缘应当要稳定下来。

41、Kim's Note: This is a classic, romantic, movie sentence. Long-lost lovers always use this sentence when they are reunited. 这是句经典、浪漫的电影台词。久别重逢的恋人们总是在见面的时候说这句话。

42、The romanticism of the bar enriches the night life of Shanghai. 有浪漫的情怀,撩动夜的上海。

43、We tend to use terms like ‘a-romantic’, ‘bi-romantic’ and ‘hetero-romantic’. 我们喜欢用“A-浪漫”,“ B-浪漫”或“异性浪漫”等词。

44、Romance will develop through work. 工作中会发展浪漫情缘。

45、That's romance. That's romantic love. 这就是浪漫,浪漫式爱情。

46、And always dreaming of romantic relationship. 还有,你常常朣憬著一段浪漫的恋情。

47、If only I was more romantic I could have a better relationship. 要是我变得更浪漫的话,我就会有一段更棒的感情。

48、We had a romantic evening on valentine's day.  情人节那天我们共渡了一个浪漫的的夜晚。

49、Bring the romance back into your relationship by enticing your partner to be more romantic. 增加情趣– 把浪漫带到你们的感情关系中, 让伴侣也变得浪漫起来。

50、Every inch of space filled with a romantic affair, Pianfei Splendor Musical melodious. 每一寸空间都弥漫浪漫情愫,翩飞蝶舞琴韵悠扬。

经典英文句子51:浪漫的情话 短句

51、Sternberg calls that "romantic love." 斯腾伯格称之为浪漫式爱情“

52、Libran moms are sentimental, romantic and sympathetic at heart. 天秤座母亲浪漫温情、充满同情心。

53、Australia's Thorngrove Manor Hotel is like something out of a fairytale, thanks to its romantic architecture. 澳大利亚的桑格洛夫庄园酒店像童话故事里的情景一般,主要归功于其浪漫的建筑美学。

54、Steps into the dream the paradise, fantasizes your my romantic plot. 踏进梦的乐园,幻想你我的浪漫情节。 。

55、Sanmao romantic enthusiasm and kept the Rangers, for injured feelings. 颖慧热情浪漫的三毛,不停的流浪, 为爱痴狂, 为情所伤。

56、The multiflora rose represents the romantic love and so on. 野蔷薇代表浪漫的爱情等。

57、She could be the female romantic lead in just about anything. 在任何事情上她都能引导出女性的浪漫情怀。

58、The romanticism of the bar enrich the night life of Shanghai. 有浪漫的情怀,撩动夜的上海。

59、Someone once told me that every romantic relationship in our lives will fail until one doesn’t. 有人曾跟我说每一段浪漫的恋情终将化为泡影,除非它不浪漫。

60、Aquarius man in love is also very romantic and amorous and there will be no dearth for romance. 恋爱中的水瓶男既浪漫又多情,你们的爱情里绝对少不了浪漫情调。

61、Romantically, you will be hot all month, and actually, all year. 浪漫的是,你整个月都处于爱情的热浪中——实际上,是一整年。

62、The romance of Dalian residents is evident everywhere. 处处体现着大连人的浪漫情怀。

63、Write a classic, romantic, passionate, handwritten, heartfelt love letter. 写一封经典,浪漫,多情,字迹优美,感情真挚的情书。

64、There's such a thing as keeping 至少彼此还拥有曾经的朝夕

65、But there are plenty of good things about this "no BS" kind of love that is in between romance and sentiment. 但是这种介于浪漫与柔情之间,“废话少说”的爱情也有许多好的地方。

66、Always have tapes of romatic, acoustic music in the car. 车里总放着浪漫的抒情歌曲磁带。

67、But he is also a spokesman for Chazelle's entire approach: "Why do you say 'romantic' like it's a dirty word?" 他也是查泽雷整体思路的代言人:“干嘛把‘浪漫’说得像一句脏话?”

68、If Rome has a nickname, it must be Romance. 若是罗马有一个奶名的话,那么必然是浪漫。


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