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关于”诗集“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Poetry collection。以下是关于诗集的八级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poetry collection

1、This collection of poetry includes ten modern poems. 这本诗词选集收录了十首今体诗。

2、These are a few of those romantic poems from Xi Muyong. 这是席慕容诗集中少有的甜美诗中的一首。

3、His poetry collections include: Poetry Extract and the Stream of Time. 著有诗集《海外诗抄》及《时间之流》。

4、Set volume, this compilation Poetry Volumes I and II. 集一卷,今编诗二卷。

5、He has published over twenty collections of poetry, prose poems, essays, literary commentary, and translated works including poetry and novels. 出版有诗集、散文诗集、散文集、理论集、小说集翻译诗集等二十余种。

6、The Italian sonnet form is commony called the Petrarchan sonnet, because Petrarch's "Canzonieri, " a sequence of poems including 317 sonnets, established the sonnet as a major form in European poetry. 意大利体式的十四行诗通常也叫彼得拉克体,彼得拉克创作了由317首十四行诗的组成的诗集--"Canzonieri",这部诗集确立了欧洲十四行诗的主要形式。

7、Collections of exchange of poems almost cover one third of all poem collections in Tang Dynasty. 唱和是唐代诗人创作的重要形式之一,唱和集几乎占唐代诗歌总集的三分之一。

8、She has had her poem collection Wine Rose published, and Colorful Sail Boat, a poem collection written by herself and four co-authors. 出版过五人诗合集《五彩梦帆》,个人新诗集《酒玫瑰》。

9、Pavilion—Short Poems by Ceng Xin was published in Thailand. 泰国诗人曾心中英双语短诗集《凉亭》于泰国出版。

10、There are 37 kinds of monk-poets extra corpora and 4 monks poems entire corpora in Collected log of Sikuguanshuzongmu, which has a brief appraisal to these monk-poets character and their works. 《四库全书总目》集部收录了37种诗僧别集和四部僧诗总集,并对这些诗僧的品性、创作得失作了扼要评价。

11、I have read Tagore's poetry, such as Gitanjali, Stray Bird, Gardener and Crescent Moon, many lines of which remain fresh in my mind. 泰戈尔的《吉檀迦利》、《飞鸟集》、《园丁集》、《新月集》等诗集我都读过,许多诗句让我记忆犹新。

12、Though as a pastoral poet Wei Yingwu is influential in Tang Dynasty, he wrote a number of farewell poems. 韦应物以其山水田园诗在唐代诗坛占有一席之地,但其诗集中有一定数量的送别诗。

13、It is the very fountainhead of Chinese poetry and also the earliest anthology of Chinese poems. 《诗经》是中国诗歌的源头,是中国的第一部诗歌总集。

14、Gao Bing is the representative of the Fujian poetry school, of which The Collection of Tang Poem is the centralized embodiment. 高棅是明初闽中诗派诗学理论的主要代表,他所编选的《唐诗品汇》是闽中诗派诗学思想的集中体现。

15、Tom: Absolutely, The Book of Songs is one of the earliest anthologies of verse in china. 没错,《诗经》是最早的一部诗歌总集。

16、Liu Guo's Longzhouji embodied the achievements of his literary works. 南宋诗人刘过的《龙洲集》 ,集中体现了刘过的诗词艺术成就。

17、Also his Jingyetang Poetry was one of the excellent poetry of Chinese clical poems. 他的《敬业堂诗集》是一部非常优秀的诗歌集,为人们所重视。

18、In li He' s Poetry anthology, the most outstanding is his god - ghost poetry. 在李贺诗集中,最耀眼的莫过于神鬼诗,诗人也因此赢得“诗鬼”的称号。

19、He has published books of poetry including Olivine and Duet (co-author). 出版的诗集有《橄榄石》、《二重奏》(合集)等。

20、Late generations printed his 5 volumes poems in Qing Dynasty, which includes almost 800 poems. 后人曾于清代重刻其诗歌选集《妙远堂诗钞》五卷,收马氏诗800余首。

21、Shakespeare's 154 sonnets first appeared in a collection in 1609. 莎士比亚的154首十四行诗最初见于xx年出版的诗集里。

22、His Complete Poems(1950) won the Pulitzer prize for poetry in1951. 他的《诗作全集》xx年获普利策诗作奖。

23、He has published 9 books of poetry and lyrics including The Collected Works of Chen Lubai. 曾出版《陈侣白文集》和诗集、歌词集等共9部。

24、There's a good selection from Thomas in your anthology. 在你们的诗集中有精选的托马斯诗歌。

25、The Origin of Poetry is an awarded collection of poems by Malaysia-Chinese poet, Lin Xingqian who was born in 1960s. 《原诗》是隶属六字辈马华诗人群体中的林幸谦先生的获奖诗集。


26、Hua Man Ji, a set of poem collection, reflects his contributions on poem; 诗文总集《画墁集》,体现其诗文创作情况;

27、Pulitzer prize for poetry in 1951. 他的《诗作全集》xx年获普利策诗作奖。

28、The philosophical consciousness of existing destiny is the spiritual guidance! 生存宿命的哲学意识是陈梦家《梦家诗集》诗歌的精神指向。

29、One of the first books printed in the colonies was the Bay Psalm Book, the standard hymnal of the time. 海湾圣诗集》是最早在殖民地区印刷的图书之一,它是当时的标准赞美诗集。

30、His most recent poetry book is Amorous Poems, finished in 2004. 杨炼最新之作为xx年完成的艳情诗集《艳诗》。

31、In poetry , his works are Commentaries "Conception of Lyrical Poems", poem collection "On the Road to Yan An", "Wind in the Southern Frontier", "Dimples", etc. 诗歌方面,有评论集《抒情诗构思》、诗集《延安道上》《南疆风》《酒涡》等。

32、Poet: I hope you have received the little volume of poems I sent you. 诗人:我希望您收到了我寄给您的一册小诗集。

33、He sets a high value on “Poems”. 他给《诗集》以高度评价。

34、She has published Three Simple Hearts (co-autd) and Rambling Slowness. 曾出版诗集《三素心》(三人合集)、《漫无目的的慢》。

35、Her works include a poetry collection named Wind Takes Me Away and a play named Charm of Purple Veil etc. 著有诗集《风带我走》、散文诗集《花语》、剧本《紫纱魅影》等。

36、She has published more than 20 books such as selections of poetry, prose, fictions and novels. 出版诗集、散文集、小说集、长篇小说20余部。

37、The Collection of 300 Tang Poems will be reprinted next month. 《唐诗三百首诗集》将于下月再版。

38、There are more than one hundred food poems in sushi's poetry. 苏轼诗集中有一百多首食品诗。

39、In The Book of Songs (Shijing), the oldest existing collection of Chinese poetry, there are countless descriptions of peach blossoms. 在中国最早的诗歌集——《诗经》中有无数描写桃花的诗篇。

40、The Book of Songs is the earliest collection of poems and songs in China. 诗经是中国历史上第一部诗歌总集。

41、She loved the poet so much that she copied out his whole collection of poetry. 她酷爱这位诗人,以致将他的诗集全抄录下来。

42、His published works are 21st century Accomplished Artists Picture Al-Linxin and Oh, my father-My Black memories. 出版画集《21世纪优秀艺术家画集——林鑫》,诗集《噢!

43、The Felbrigge Psalter , an illuminated mcript Psalter, is the oldest book from England to have an embroidered bookbinding . 费尔布雷奇诗集是一部彩色稿本的诗篇集,它是英格兰最古老的刺绣装订书籍。

44、"North Tour set, " that is the way this line from the poetry collection. 《北游集》即为此行往返途中所作诗词集。

45、Pound's poetic works include twelve volumes of verse which were later collected and published in Collected Early Poems of Ezra Pound, and Personae. 庞德的诗作包括十二卷诗集,后以《埃兹拉。庞德早期诗集》,《人物》的书名出版。

46、She has published five volumes of poetry and four volumes of critical essays. 郑敏共出版诗集五种,论文集四种。

47、Buy an anthology of spiritual teachings. 买一些灵性教导的诗集。

48、By preserving history in poetry, the Collected Works of Cangshange truly embodied the epic spirit. 《藏山阁集》“以诗存史”,体现了诗史精神。

49、Look at the end of that poem. This is page 139 in the Hughes. 看这首诗的末尾,在休斯版弥尔顿诗集的139页。

50、With "Mr. Fang Quan poetry." 有《方泉先生诗集》。


51、He has published the books Nine Places and Crown. 出版诗集有《九地集》、《王冠》等。

52、Whose poetry is it? 这本唐寅诗集,是谁的?

53、"Toa Mouse" and "The Holy Fair", two of his most popular poems, both appeared in his first book of poetry. 在他最受欢迎的诗歌中,《致小鼠》和《圣集》这两首发表在他的第一本诗集中。

54、Kay Ryan took the prize for poetry for “The Best of It: New and Selected Poems.” 凯瑞恩因为其诗歌选集《凯瑞恩精选集》获得诗歌奖。

55、anthologies of clic love poems, love songs and letters, and poems on friendship—include works by writers that range from John Donne to John Up. 这套四本书的 书集 包括经典爱情诗集、情歌集、情书集和友谊诗集,出自约翰多恩和约翰厄普代克等作家之手。

56、As a major member of the Xinyue Society, Xu created many works including Poems of Zhimo, Scales of Paris (prose) and Wheels (novel). 新月社主要成员之一,著有诗集《志摩的诗》、散文集《巴黎的鳞爪》、小说集《轮盘》等。

57、The Selected Poems of the Song Dynasty was a famous anthology in the Qing Dynasty. 《宋诗别裁集》是清代一部很有影响的宋诗名选。

58、Collections of Roaring Songs is a collection of poems edited by Mr. 《啸歌集》是作者生前编选的诗歌结集。

59、Connotations on Poetry Anthology of Fan Chuan was annotated version of Feng Ji-wu which is about the poems written by Tang Dynasty's renowned poet Du Mu. 樊川诗集注》是清人冯集梧对唐代著名诗人杜牧《樊川诗》所作的注本。

60、He has published 23 works including Selected Verses of Liuzhang, Selected Verses by Liuzhang. 已出版《刘章诗选》、《刘章自选诗》等诗文集23部。

61、Shi JiZhuan preface is only for ShiJiZhuan made, not before scholars believe, is Zhu Xi the collection solution, "the creation of the old order." 《诗集传》自序是朱熹专为《诗集传》所作,并非之前学者所认为的,是朱熹为《诗集解》创作的旧序。


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