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关于”读的技巧“的英语句子28个,句子主体:Reading Skills。以下是关于读的技巧的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Reading Skills


1、As a kind of fast reading skills for information, read and requires both speed reading.


2、What is your assessment of using reading skills as a Roll-up measure for the organization?


3、Can we preserve the printed page and the art and skills of reading?


4、Skim the first paragraph of the reading passage below and find who was Ann's best friend?


5、Extensive reading is used to obtain a general understanding of a subject and includes reading longer texts for pleasure, as well as business books.


6、In this tip you learn how to have a process manage the time while the real job runs.


7、A research on the strategies and application of teaching and study of English reading can build up the learners' interest in reading, grasp reading skills and help them succeed in the section.


8、Also practice speed-reading techniques like skimming and scanning.


9、We appreciate Thomas Hardy's unique skills of writing with its profound tragical significance.


10、Many people forget how important it is to read and study to cultivate their creativeness and skills.


11、And because of the many factors like, psychological obstacles, reading habits, reading skills as well as vocabulary and grammar difficulties etc.

许多技巧支持 XML 解析和准备可读、格式良好的文本提供给用户。

12、A lot of techniques support XML parsing and preparing of readable, well-formatted text for the user.


13、He's got some reading skills, so he always gets high mark.


14、Such is his skill, however, that his discussions — translated into clear and elegant English from the Polish original by Agnieszka Kolakowska — make surprisingly gripping reading.


15、Vary your techniques (lecture, discussion, debate, films, slides, reading, etc.)


16、This course is designed to provide students with a variety of reading techniques and materials to enhance their reading comprehension and critical-thinking ability.


17、Furthermore, it offers its readers a peculiar experience by building vivid high-tech reproductive cloning world and cyber world through the use of such writing techniques as suspense, and coincidence.

学生必须学习英文日常生活会话并于课堂上练习。 本学期目标为增进学生听力技巧与阅读技巧。

18、In this course, students need to learn about daily life English conversation and practice it in class. We will go through skills like listening and reading in this semester.


19、Their reading skills were developing at a rapid pace.

The students developed their reading skills further during this term.


21、Reading also keeps your mind in good condition. Similar to solving puzzles, reading books allows your mind to practice its processing skills.阅读还可以使你的大脑持续处于良好状态下,和答疑解惑类似,读书可以让你的思维锻炼它的处理技巧。

22、Therefore, readers could get the main idea-regret-of the poem by reading carefully.亦由于这些技巧而令情诗“遗憾”值得读者一再地细细品味;

23、With just four hours of training it helped them improve their lip-reading skills markedly.只进行了四小时的训练,唇读器有效地帮助他们改善了唇读技巧。

24、Another point is to practice reading speed, there is related to the jump to read, speed reading and other reading skills.另外一个要练习的点是阅读速度,这里面就涉及到跳读、速读等阅读技巧。

25、Because such a "recognizing while looking" manner is similar to the reading behavior of human being, we call it humanoid reading printed piano scores technique.由于这种「边看边辨识」的技巧与人们阅读的方式类似,所以我们称它为仿真人阅读钢琴谱技术。

英文句子26:,26、Reading and writing separate apart, so it is difficult for them to use the knowledge and skills they have learned writing in class.读写脱节,学生作文难以运用课堂上学到的写作知识和技巧;

27、Here we are particularly Jina some people love their lessons incorporate skills to readers.这里我们特别集纳了一些热爱家居的人士总结的收纳技巧,以飨读者。

28、To Master English Reading Skills, Impove English Reafing Ability;你可以运用许多技巧来提高阅读能力。

29、Millions of readers add new tips, suggestions and tools to their raft of knowledge every day.每天都有成百上万的读者把新的技巧、建议和工具添入他们的智囊宝库。

30、Jorden with Mari Noda, Yale University Press, 1987), enhancing the basic skills for conversation, reading and writing.Jorden与Mari Noda合著,耶鲁大学出版社,1987出版),加强会话、阅读、及写作的基本技巧。

31、Chinese English level of widespread characteristics is read with write of the technique be far far the good to listen to with say.中国人英文水平的普遍特点是读和写的技巧远远好于听和说。

32、For an introduction to the concept behind roundtripping please read the previous tip as listed in the Resources section.想要获得往返背后的概念的介绍,请阅读 参考资料部分中列出的前一个技巧。

33、But by thinking about these tips, and trying to follow them myself, I have gotten to the point where I can make writing work for me and my career.但是,因为考虑了这些技巧,并试图按这些技巧来做,我已经达到了轻松应对自己和职业所需要的写作的程度。 希望广大读者也能从中受益。

34、Speed-reading courses teach skimming, not reading, though most won't admit that.速读课程教授的浏览技巧与阅读并不相干,尽管大多数人并不承认。

35、Acquiring necessary reading skills and overcoming the difficulties students meet in the reading will be the key to improving the abilities in speed reading.掌握必要的阅读技巧,克服不良的主客观因素,将是提高快速阅读能力的关键。

36、You are going to read a text about the tips on resume writing, followed by a list of examples.您将读到一篇关于简历写作技巧的文章,其后附有一些范文!

37、Finally, the browsing of the panoramas in the network environment is achieved with some optimizing approaches.本解列技巧实现了鱼眼图像反在网络环境上的齐景阅读,并采取了一订的劣化办法。');

38、They also help readers to see the importance of basic problem solving and organizational skills.它们还能让读者到解决问题和组织管理技巧的性。

39、On average, teachers using it increased the time they taught reading skills like phonics and vocabulary.平均起来,老师使用它增加了教授声学和词汇等阅读技巧的时间。

40、The remaining participants acted as controls, and read a similar-length passage about proper dishwashing techniques.剩下的参与者作为实验的对照组,读了一篇长度相仿的、关于正确洗碗技巧的文章。

41、On the average, teachers using it increased the time they taught reading skills like phonics and vocabulary.平均起来,老师使用它增加了教授声学和词汇等阅读技巧的时间。

42、Some men are very skilled at reading affective cues, " Farris told LiveScience, "and some women find the task challenging.有些男人解读示爱暗示的技巧纯熟,有些女人则认为这十分困难。

43、On average, teachers using it increased the time they taught reading skills like funnies (phonics) and vocabulary.平均上,教师用它来增加教阅读技巧的时间,如:声学和词汇。

44、This is a speed reading technique known as chunking.这是一种叫做信息处理重新译码过程的阅读技巧。

45、They also help readers to see the importance of basic problem solving and organizational skills.它们还能让读者了解到解决基本问题和组织管理技巧的重要性。

46、Once again, I’d recommand reading Tricks Tutorial Developing flexibility guide.我还是提倡你读一读《身体柔韧技巧指导》。

47、Keep reading for some important picture-taking tips.经常阅读一些拍摄照片的重要技巧。

48、It is very important to use the reading techniques of skimming, scanning, guessing, predicting, inferring, etc.注意运用略读、查读、猜测与预测、推论等阅读技巧;

49、The students developed their reading skills further during this term.本学期学生们进一步提高了阅读技巧。

50、One of the most effective speed reading techniques is to visualize the ideas on the page as pictures in your head.最有效的快速阅读技巧之一就是在大脑中视化纸上的内容。

经典英文句子51:读的技巧,51、On average, teachers using it increased the time they taught reading skills like funnies and vocabulary.平均上,教师用它来增加教阅读技巧的时间,如:声学和词汇。

52、Without interpretation of dreams, which means her creation techniques, we can't actually comprehend her works.要真正理解她的作品,自然离不开对“梦”的解读,即作家的创作技巧。

53、Efficient strategies include summary writing, enquiry, reflection, visual image, and the improved version of SQ3R.有效的阅读策略包括摘要、自问、总结、视觉表象和改进的SQ3R技巧等。

54、Based on the result of modern linguistic study, basic English reading techniques include inference, reference, anticipation, recognition of ellipsis, understanding of special language structures.分析了以现代语言学理论为基础的、基本的英语阅读技巧:推断、参照、预测、识别省略和读解特殊语言结构。

55、So, instead of being hard on myself I decided to read what other writers had to say as well as learn some writing technique in the process.所以,与其自寻烦恼,我决定去读一读其他作家所说的,顺便在阅读的过程中学习一些写作的技巧。

56、With respect to the consideration of the readers, a new method is found to valuate the translation skills chosen by a certain translator.另外,从读者观照的角度出发,考察译者对翻译技巧的选择,可以找到一条评价翻译技巧选择成败得失的新途径。

57、zsh Mailing List Archive: Read this mailing list to learn more Z shell tricks and tips.zsh邮件列表存档:阅读该列表以了解更多的 Z Shell 技巧和提示。

58、Cannot read elementary school smoothly commonly, can learn to fend certainly skill, maintain lowermost life level.一般不能顺利读完小学,能学会一定的谋生技巧,维持最低生活水准。

59、The tips and strategies for asset reuse will be generic enough that most readers will find them applicable to his/her development cycle.有关资产重用的技巧和策略将具有很好的通用性,以便大部分读者都能够将这些技巧和策略应用到其开发周期中。

60、On average, teachers using it increased the time they taught reading skills like phonics and vocabulary.平均而言,教师利用它增加了他们教授像看字读音以及单词积累这样阅读技巧的时间。

61、In fact, some literacy experts say that online reading skills will help children fare better when they begin looking for digital-age jobs.事实上,一些读写专家认为,网上阅读技巧将有助于孩子将来找数字时代的工作时更从容。

62、The objective of this part of the project is to exercise skills in critical reading.本专题的这一部分的目的是锻炼学生们评判式阅读的能力和技巧。

63、HOP reads more like a book and less like a series of how-to snippets.HOP 读起来更像是一本书,而不像是一系列 how-to 技巧。

64、Weekly online quizzes will focus on Braille music proof reading skills and instructional materials in each session.测验将著重在点字音乐的阅读校正技巧以及每周教学内容。

65、These techniques for reading apply mostly for non-fiction.这些阅读技巧主要是针对非小说类图书的。

66、Read the letter fast and find the answer as quickly as thy can.训练快速阅读技巧,用跳读的方式直接找到答案。

67、On average , teachers using it increased the time they taught reading skills like funks phonics and vocabulary .按平均来说,教师利用这个计划增加他们教阅读技巧例如发音和词汇的时间。

68、However, the formation of student's ability relates close to Chinese knowledge, a good habit for reading, reading skill and the ability for reading thinking.中小学生的能力结构形成与语文素养知识、良好阅读习惯、阅读技巧及方法、阅读思维力密切相关。

69、Nuttall C. Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language. Macmillan Publishers Limited.罗虹,《实用英语阅读技巧》, 武汉大学出版社。

70、On the average, teachers using it increased the time they taught reading skills like phonics and vocabulary.平均上,教师们用该项目增加了教授阅读技巧如读音和生词的时间。

71、Speed-reading courses preach a form of skimming that doesn’t help comprehension or retention.快速阅读课程所教授的技巧不能帮助理解和记忆。


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