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关于”过去进行时“的英语句子57个,句子主体:Past Continuous。以下是关于过去进行时的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Past Continuous


1、Been doing the packing past few days, tried to throw away things I'll never look twice again.

这说得过去。 他同时也不想把谷歌自己的应用算进去,因为...等等,神马?

2、Nor did he want to count Google's own apps because... wait, what?


3、] or simultaneously accessible via more than one binding [...].


4、Time of coming over already a Shan body gets into.


5、After this we shall pass on to the discussion of causes.


6、"There were moments yesterday, " Zink said in a soft, almost surprised voice, "when you felt sorry for him.


7、The law prefers to let off for one's past wrongdoings.


8、Faced with a new situation, we make assumptions based on prior experiences and judgments.


9、It may feel overwhelming at the time, but what people can do is reflect on what has happened.


10、"We've achieved more in the past five years than in the previous

20 years, " said Peter Piot, the agency's executive director.


11、We must take care to reappraise the historical data we use to estimate the regression equation .


12、Put the soaked soybeans in the hopper, then the soybeans will enter in the peeling tires through the sieve. The tires twirl to peel the soybeans and separate the skin from the peeled soybeans.


13、and figure out where you are going to bury them and all of this stuff that you never think of.


14、Progress during the period has been spectacular, in spite of having to compete in a tough sector and a patchy track record in the past.


15、Our feet slumped repeatedly through the melting ice。


16、As I was walking along Main Street, a car mounted the pavement and crashedsintosa shop.


17、You either make up the process as you go along, or perhaps you adapt the process to such a great extent each time that no process is recognizable from one project to the next.


18、For the past 28 years, on the night before the coveted Oscar statuettes are handed out, another ceremony takes place.


19、Neither when it respasms this meeting nor at the previous did they discuss the proposing.


20、More than 800 patients have been screened at the Institute in the last 24 hours, " said the AIIMS Medical Superintendent, Dr."

21、When I do test-driven development, the hours fly by.当我进行测试驱动开发时,时间过得飞快。

22、Outer boroughs are no more than an hour or two away.步行去外区也不会超过一两个小时。

23、The functions are LED displaying, alarming when 30% over-current, over-voltage and under-voltage occurring, and communicating with the management computer through the series port with some protocols.通过LED显示器显示电压、电流、电度的实时值,当过压30%、过流30%、欠压30%时进行声光报警,并能通过串行口结合有关通信协议,实时与管理计算机进行通信实现远程户外抄表。

24、'Good evening, ' she said as I entered, and she held out her hand.“晚安,”我进去的时候她对我说,同时向我伸过手来。

25、I am not for criticizing hedges and black cattle.我不会去对排排树篱和黑色的牛群进行过多评论。

英文句子26:,26、Meanwhile we limp along in the same old way.与此同时,我们在过去的 老路上蹒跚而行。

27、Over time they learn short-cuts and improvements.随着时间过去,他们学会了捷径和改进。

28、You can reroute the train and save the five people.你可以改变过车的行进方向去救那五个人。

29、Check your progress. After you've acted and the situation is over, spend some time thinking about how it went.看下自己的进步。在你采取了行动,情境过了之后,花些时间去思考下事情的经过。

30、In the old days, they would paint and tattoo their bodies for ceremonies。 过去,他们举行各种仪式前会在身上进行彩绘、纹身。

31、However, any time that the Linux kernel needs to decide if access should be granted, it also checks -- asks a security module via a "hook" -- to determine whether or not the action is okay.不过,不论何时如果 Linux 内核需要判定是否应该准许访问,它还要进行核对——通过一个“book”去要求一个安全模块来进行—— 来确定动作是否得到准许。

32、When you search, you probably like to search through more than one source.当您进行搜索时,可能希望通过多个来源进行搜索。

33、Handle when the control loses focus -- 在控件失去焦点时进行处理 ——

34、The Bu has defined a comprehensive business recovery planning. it has been recently tested and its efficacity is regularly proven.公司已准备了完备的业务应急计划,在不远的过去刚通过测试,并每隔一段时间进行这种测试。

35、Then he took me to the DMV for the practical test and I passed.而后他带我去了车管所进行考试,我顺利通过。

36、Coming and going, the dog moves in a straight line, evidencing no sign of crabbing .过来或离去,都以直线行进,没有明显的侧行迹象。

37、The vectors are first filtered with the low-dimensional approximate distance measure, and then the candidate results are re-computed with high-dimensional distance measure.进行近邻搜索时采用低维过滤算法,先在较高能量的低维子空间内计算近似距离进行过滤,再对过滤结果进行高维距离计算。

38、As I was walking along Main Street, a car mounted the pavement and crashed into a shop.当我正沿着大街走时,一辆汽车越过人行道,冲进一家店铺里去了。

39、Everybody who could ran up to the acropolis to defend themselves.届时每个人都可以去卫城来进行防御

40、Make students describe what Tom was doing at a certain time. If he can describe correctly, he can get a mark for his group.以竞赛的形式用过去进行时描述汤姆在不同时间所做的事。

41、During the past two decades, substantial progress has been made in genetic modification of turfgrasses.在过去的xx年,通过生物技术对草坪草进行遗传改良已经取得了显著进展。

42、To prevent this complication, calcium is infused intravenously while the patient is undergoing the plasmapheresis; in addition, calcium supplementation by mouth may also be given.为了防止这个并发症的发生,病人在进行血浆去除时由静脉注入钙,此外,钙的补充也可以考虑通过口腔进行。

43、Some results of the experiments conducted in the past few weeks are mentioned also. Hundreds of chemical additives have been developed in the markets.在过去一段时间内进行的一些实验结果也列示于文中,提供参考。

44、Method The present and the past cases of sparganosis mansoni in Yunnan were reviewed based on the literature.方法通过现有病例与过去文献报告的病例进行归纳。

45、There's been a big hubbub this past week about antibiotics.在过去的一周,进行了一场关于抗生素的嘈杂的讨论。

46、We must take care to reappraise the historical data we use to estimate the regression equation.应用过去的估计回归公式时,我们必须注意对历史数据进行…

47、She didn`t even want to think ahead to Easter, when I wanted to take a bicycle trip with her during the vacation.当我提出想要和她在我的假期时骑自行车去旅行时,她甚至连想都没想去过复活节。

48、Kyumoto noted that the past three meetings have run over the intended two-hour time slot by half an hour.Kyumoto指出,过去3次会议有槽运行超过了计划两个小时的时间半小时。

49、Meanwhile, we limp along in the same old way.与此同时,我们在过去的 老路上蹒跚而行。

50、So, we resort to multi-tasking. A term I'm all too familiar with所以,我们就采取了多项任务同时进行的办法去生活。这段时光对我来说最熟悉不过了

经典英文句子51:过去进行时,51、The article is a savage attack on her past action.那篇文章对她过去的行为进行了恶毒的攻击。

52、Previously, many deaf people relied solely on TTY to communicate over long distances.过去,许多聋人只能依赖于 TTY 来进行长距离交流。

53、They are accelerating everything that weakened it in the past.他们正在加速进行所有那些在过去削弱美元的事情。

54、He has existen living in the street for about 他一直在这条街住了近xx年了。学会英语过去完成进行时。

20 years.

55、ActiveScaffold can search in real-time by enabling "live search."ActiveScaffold 可以通过启用 “实时搜索” 选项来进行实时搜索。

56、When we can't drive to work, in the cutting time, can not change and adjust the cutting tool, can not use a hand to touch.我们不可以开车的时候来进行作业,在切削的时候,不可以进行换速以及对刀具进行调整,也不可以用手去摸。

57、On the other hand, many tasks once suitable only for the PC are now very doable on other post-PC devices.另一方面, 很多过去只能在PC上进行的工作现在已经能在非PC设备上进行了.

58、After I go back to study, for after ten years in the Tsinghua school.我回去后进行研究,经过十多年的清华学堂。

59、Firstly, reduced the dimensions of correlated inputs and denoised for sample by PLS, then construct the SVM model.该方法通过PLS对样本数据进行降维、去噪以及消除共线性处理后,再进行SVM回归建模。

60、If there is one lesson of the past 46 years, it is to be dubious of that claim.如果需要对过去xx年进行一个经验教训的总结的话,那就是需要质疑过去。

61、We must bestir ourselves to take the necessary action.思考的时间过去了, 我们现在必须行动。

62、Meanwhile, to detect the past regional climate and environmental signs using tree-ring stable isotopes.同时,利用树木年轮不同种稳定性同位素指标进行了区域的过去气候环境信息的探讨。

63、Royal Shell used to have Dutch shares that traded in Holland and U.K. shares traded in London.壳牌公司过去就曾经同时拥有在荷兰交易的荷兰股份,和在伦敦进行交易的英国股份。

64、A building can be programmed temporally as well as spatially to link the present with the past or the present with the future.一栋建筑可以通过时间上也可通过空间上进行布置,使它成为过去与现在、现在与将来的桥连。



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