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1、B: I think so. He's always flirting with me.


2、When she said that,I belted into her.


3、Vietnamese people always criticize but do not stand to play a little quality of the line does not? Ability to point out …


4、I don‘t want to see you ce!

我骂、 姐姐、 哥哥都喜欢做运动。

5、My sister, anf I, we all like do sports.


6、Prince daily and ZhangLiHua flirting, bender.


7、So stop cussing and learn to cope.


8、Here I am exposing them in my diatribe.


9、If things were in an awful mess here, they would have let their journalists come, knowing that the result could only be vicious articles.


10、why on earth didn't you tell me the truth?


11、Why on earth didn‘t you tell me the truth?


12、I could curse her for losing my key!


13、On the road, do you frequently curse other drivers, to the point that driving has become unpleasant?


14、you're just a good for nothing !


15、Respect other viewers and the streamer.


16、Lady to personal attacks on the heart to tongue, Jiang Ma immediately scold by imposing fly into a rage, no words of a lady.


17、You don't know, I really think with you to scold!

他,调皮捣蛋,目中无人,爱说大话,眼高手低,不管他做什么,似乎都是对的,没人骂他,没人打他。 。

18、He, , being naughty, defiant, love to boast, nowadays, no matter what he do, seem to be all right, no one called him, beat him ody.


19、The results, I again be scold the "broken blood shower head".


20、She attacked him with a torrent of abuse.

21、你是个混球 It's none of your business.关你屁事

22、Everybody lashed out at his unfairness, calling him a cowardly bully.大家骂他不公平,欺软怕硬。

23、But it is also the audience most fun nuwa posterity, many netizens said she did not like the nuwa posterity, bristle.但也是被观众吐槽最多的女娲后人,很多网友说她最不像女娲后人,骂声一片。

24、who do you think you're talking to?你以为你在跟谁说话?

25、But what people enjoyed most was her swear-crying.大伙最爱听的,还是她的骂哭。

英文句子26:,26、Plus, he gave me a piece of his mind.而且,他还把我骂得狗血喷头的。

27、If thy soul check thee that I come so near.你的灵魂若骂你我走得太近。

28、In 2009, psychologists from Keele University in the UK found that swearing can even help relieve pain.xx年,一群英国基尔大学的心理学家发现:骂人甚至有助于减缓疼痛。

29、She was scored for staying out late.她因回家太晚而受到父母的责骂。

30、Purported Chinese curse is in fact the harmonics.其本意其实是中国国骂的谐音。

31、The shrew stands at the door and keeps shouting abuse.泼妇站在门口,不停地嫚骂。

32、you are out of your mind.你脑子有毛病!

33、i'm telling you for the last time!我最后再告诉你一次!

34、她说了那事以后,我痛骂了她一顿。When she said that,I belted into her.

35、bab egg坏东西 hold in mouth叼 You are out of your mind.你脑子有毛病!

36、I‘ve had enough of your garbage 我听腻了你的废话。

37、That girl gave them the rough edge of her tongue.那姑娘把他们痛骂了一顿。

38、As before, the crowd began hooting, but now, rather than come near, they threw things.像先前一样,人群开始叫骂起来。但是,这回他们不走过来,而是投掷着东西。

39、It is proper that you should scold him for his idleness.你骂他不求上进是应该的。

40、i don't want to see your face!我不愿再见到你!

41、i never want to see your face again!我再也不要见到你!

42、Don‘t look at me like that 别那样看着我。

43、For cultivators, it's important to be able to endure cold and heat, wind and rain, hunger and thirst, and insults and beatings.修行人主要能忍冷忍热、忍风忍雨、忍饥忍渴、忍骂忍打。

44、You are out of your mind 你脑子有毛病!

45、Do I bring it up, do I chide him?要把事情提出来吗?要责骂他?

46、B: I think so. He's always flirting with me.我想是吧。他老是跟我打情骂俏。

47、We should not be concerned about what foreigners say; let them say what they please. They'll only abuse us for being unenlightened.不要怕外国人议论,管他们说什么,无非是骂我们不开明。

48、Therefore, either the thought of only " less scolding and more help "of Dagong Bao, or denying it thoroughly, was unilateral.因此,认为新记《大公报》只是“小骂大帮忙”是片面的,但如果完全否认“小骂大帮忙”也是片面的。

49、As the player, although I am unapt right staff member shout abuse, but still suffering can appeal to.作为玩家,虽然我不至于对工作人员破口大骂,但还是有苦可诉的。

50、The crewmen were cheerily shouting and cursing outside.船员们在外面活泼地喊着、骂着。

经典英文句子51:骂人,51、look at the mess you've made!你搞得一团糟!

52、The old woman rained down curses on our heads.那老婆子把我们骂得狗血喷头。

53、Are we courteous and polite? (No yelling or scolding. ) Don't forget historically speaking China was the Land of manners and justice.言行有礼貌吗? (不随便发怒骂人。) 莫忘中国古称礼义之邦。

54、When two people once again at loggerheads, XiaoMan finally burst, request two people don't in front of others so defiant ground dozen the feeling scold qiao.当两人又一次吵起来的时分,小满终于迸发了,请求两人不要在他人面前这么目中无人地打情骂俏。

55、We find in searching national anthems adopted by great nations that they contain imprecations upon the so-called enemy.掀开一些大国的国歌,我们城市发明有谩骂所谓仇人的内容。


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