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关于”写进的神仙“的英语句子32个,句子主体:Written into the immortal。以下是关于写进的神仙的高中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Written into the immortal


1、The Fairy Chimneys are tall, cone-shaped pillars, with rock caps.


2、How did cactuses evolve?

在我国神话中, 神仙是不能随便下凡的。

3、In Chinese legend, the immortals are not allowed to descend to earth casually.


4、I may have a chance to become an immortal myself.


5、Science with a meal is better than living god!


6、A Nereid, goddess of the sea and the wife of Poseidon.


7、Immortal-taoism opera is important in Zaju of the Yuan Dynasty.


8、Huizhou is also considered a city of deities .


9、"Gods" are born which come from the original faith, they can be clified into the nature God, the protection God, family God, Buddhist God, and professional God.


10、So the good spirit collected wood every night.

牙仙子终于来了! 但我却只能为宝贝留下手写的便条。

11、The tooth fairy arrives and leaves him handwritten notes.


12、Automatic writing from Andromedan representatives


13、The reporter's life is a horse iron feet eye fairy belly.


14、Natural beauties collocation, only envy mandarin duck not envy immortal.


15、Today we enter a world of Christmas magic, snowflakes, sweets and sugarplum fairies.


16、He was a guardian spirit, the offspring of a nymph and the wind god.


17、Bodi said goodbye to small angelfish, swam forward again.


18、The words of the living immortal really are true.


19、We must touch his weaknesses with a delicate hand.


20、Well, GOD is everywhere and even cares for your buddhist life…

21、I am also going to Shenxian Lake.正好我也要去神仙湾呢。

22、clouds nine = on the top of the world)(她使他神魂颠倒,飘飘如仙。

23、The "days that things" and "save the world said, " of Christian has done a critical by Fu Shan and he put forward the "suffering is to save those who suffer from" point of view.傅山用医学知识对道家的神仙方术做了批判,提出“神仙即在人事中”的观点和“蒸变听自然”的生死观。

24、On top of the mountain in Zhangjiajie live immortals.张家界顶有神仙。

25、Home Taoist and Temple Taoist of Tao came of Immortal Overseas and Mountain God-man of Doctrine Fangxian respectively.居家道士和宫观道士,分别来源于方仙道中的海外仙人派和山岳神人派。

英文句子26:,26、Why did it take shape in China?为什么会在中国形成神仙观念?

27、I have seen the lady Aprilbringing the daffodils我也见过给我们带来盛开水仙的xx月女神

28、Were there no women, men might live like gods。世上没有女人的话,男人可以活得象神仙。

29、I bet I'll have a gay time.我敢说我会快活得像活神仙。

30、The poetry about immortals is caused by original idea of supernatural being . Chuci poetry and Zhuangzi .游仙诗是由原始的神仙思想、楚辞、《庄子》三个因素共同促成的,经过汉魏的酝酿,在晋代得以成熟。

31、After 1987 he set out to kick the Immortals upstairs.xx年后他着手处理了处于高层的“神仙”们。

32、"After giving us a moment to write down the three wishes, he then asked us, "Why do you need a genie?“他让我们写下自己的愿望,然后问我们:”为什么你们会需要神仙呢?。

33、This article discusses the first part of Yuan Meng of the social background of the times;本文引言部分对元代神仙道剧的文献与研究论文进行回顾;

34、Second, expounding the changing conditions of"Shenren"concept to"Dixian"concept;其二,“神人”概念向“地仙”概念转变的条件;

35、Cold mountain cave with a total of 寒同山神仙洞共有6个石洞,洞内供奉道家诸仙石雕塑像36尊。

6 cave, cave where Taoism Zhu Xian stone statue of 36.

36、The heart, that obscure, celestial flower, undergoes a mysterious blossoming.这颗心,这朵奥妙的仙花,那么神秘地开放了。

37、The immortal was enraged and made him stay on the moon.他的神仙老师便非常生气,让吴刚呆在月亮上。

38、A divinity presiding over forests and trees; a wood nymph.德律阿得斯森林与树之神;林中女''。'仙'。''。

39、Angelfish are an easy-to-keep cichlid species.神仙鱼是易于饲养的慈鲷科鱼种。

40、If the rain god lowered Ganlin, Fuze creatures convey the voiceless.雨如神仙降下的甘霖,传递着福泽众生的清音。

41、The deity state that he yearns for is the ideal world of Zhuang Xuan.阮籍向往的神仙境界则是人格精神绝对自由的庄玄理想世界。

42、An immortal will not die, but can be punished by being reborn as a person living in the human world if he or she makes a great mistake.神仙是不会死亡的﹐但是﹐如果一个神仙犯了大错﹐他或她就可以被惩罚投胎为一个人住在人的世界中。

43、Three student has already gradually gone into fairyland, true God-man also! ?第三位学生已渐入仙境,真神人也!?。

44、In Wrong you write about the "Wizard of Oz" effect.在《错误》一书中,你写道“绿野仙踪”效应。

45、With the introduction of the concept of immortals from the Han dynasty on, the mountain god gradually became defined as Lord Lu.随着汉代以降神仙说的传入,山神逐渐确定为庐君。

46、The nymphs are departed," Eliot says.仙女们已经离开“,艾略特写到。

47、Nereid, goddess of the sea and the wife of Poseidon.海中仙女,海的女神,波塞冬之妻。

48、Gray angelfish are common inhabitants of coral reefs.灰神仙鱼是常见的居民珊瑚礁。

49、If a genie appeared, what would your 如果一个神仙出现,你会许哪三个愿望呢?

3 wishes be?

50、This makes the gods faith lasting since the pre-Qin.这使得“神仙”信仰自先秦以来长盛不衰。

经典英文句子51:写进的神仙,51、In Greek mythology, Cepheus represents a King of Ethiopia.在希腊神话中,仙王座象征着埃塞俄比亚的国王。

52、As we are still interested in enjoying the Jasper Lake Fairyland and Fairy Path, we have walked into the unique scenery area: Water Flowing beneath a Little Bridge.各位游客,当我们还沉浸在流览瑶池仙境、仙女神道的兴致之中时,不知不觉又走进了独具风韵的小桥流水景段。

53、Visions from the Andromedan representatives从仙女座代表而来的自心灵感应式的自动书写

54、The ancients thought its jagged peaks resembled gods and heavenly guardians .古人认为它嶙峋的尖峰就像神仙和天兵。

55、Daphne was a beautiful nymph, the daughter of a river god.是河神的女儿,一个美丽的仙女。

56、Mo smiles were empty meditation, convergence will be immortal hero.莫笑道人空打坐,英雄收敛便神仙。


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