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关于”中的基本类型“的英语句子24个,句子主体:Basic types in。以下是关于中的基本类型的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Basic types in


1、Search engine in the Internet primarily contain three kinds of basic types: The full text search engine, search index directory and meta search engine roundup.


2、These four types of maritime literature of the Pre-Chin period reflect a distinctive heterogeneous world of enormous valley-type spaces and rebirth.


3、In the aspect of controlling the spikelet number, 1B/1R was different from non 1B/1R, and it had no major gene and also fit with the polygene models (C-0) of additive-dominant-etatic.

这可能包含与前面 基本适配器解决方案模式中所描述的相同类型的适配器。

4、This might involve the same type of adaptors as described in the Basic Adaptors solution pattern above.


5、Objective-C -- being C-based -- uses pointer types, which are not easily modeled in UML.

结论我国D2 0 4株的基因组全序列基本类似于已发表的其它登革2型病毒株。

6、The genomic organization of D2 04 strain was similar to that of other reported Dengue

2 virus strains.


7、Based on the research of clification and feature of typical mudstone in some projects in Guangxi area, three groups of model test on rock-socked pile are designed.


8、The Japanese Chinese-character novels belonged to a unique novel type.


9、The different substituents on the aryl ketones determined the different base used in the reactions.

基本上,这个方法只是搜索实现我们期望的 WSDL 端口类型的 UDDI bindingTemplates ,在本例中,股票报价服务的端口类型部署在总线内。

10、Fundamentally, the method simply searches for UDDI bindingTemplates that implement the desired WSDL portType -- in this case, the portType for the stock quote services deployed in the Bus.


11、In the rock types, each big rock types are different degree of distribution, which dominates, cl of granite rock type.


12、Why have I not been given the choice of what kind of primitives to use?


13、Meanwhile, the TOC-based model is applied to an example which proves that it's more effective than the traditional model based on minimizing the total cost in solving these problems.


14、From the perspective of the prototype theory, there are differences in prototypes, category domain, category level, cultural meaning and absence of categories between English and Chinese words.


15、Redefining parents of the enterprise models ("re-parenting") to the new version of the exemplar models

Visual C++ .NET 2003 可以在本机类型上为模板生成 MSIL,但不能在该模板中将托管类型作为参数化类型使用。

16、Visual C++ .NET 2003 is able to generate MSIL for templates on native types, but cannot use managed types as the parameterized type in the template.


17、As noted in the article "How to Choose a Telescope, " telescope mounts come in two basic types: equatorial and altazimuth .


18、RP's output is the same as PTree's output: s-expressions using ruby's arrays and base types.


19、Computer comparison then shows which human genes correspond in DNA sequence and thus, presumably, in function, to the genes in these “model” organisms.


20、The instruction itself is bit-based, so all types use the same underlying instruction.

21、Among the di- and tri-nucleotide repeats, AC/TG (57%) and AGC (12%) were the most abundant type.在二和三核苷酸重复基元的类型中, AC/TG(57%)和 AGC(12%)分别是最丰富的类型。

22、As the most fundamental skills, breath, voice and body language find different expressions in the few types of crying which are mainly seen in stage performance.气、声、形作为表演技巧中不容忽视的基本功,在几类常用的哭的类型中,其表现是不同的。

23、The development of ground source heat pump (GSHP) at home and abroad is briefly introduced.介绍了地源热泵的工作原理、性能评价指标和基本类型;

24、But there is a long tail of smaller deals that falls broadly into two categories — stakes in big tech players in China and smaller incubation-style deals.但还有其他一长串较小规模的交易,这基本上可以分为两类,一类是买进中国大型科技集团的股权,另一类是较小的孵化器风格的交易。

25、"Some of the cultures that are quite tight in our sample include places like Singapore, Japan, Pakistan," Gelfand says.Gekfand 说:“在我们的研究样本中,有些文化类型相当的“紧”,比如新加坡,日本和巴基斯坦。

英文句子26:,26、After the review of traditional text clification models, a method using N-gram language models to clify Chinese text was presented.在分析了传统的分类模型后,文中提出了用N元语言模型作为中文文本分类模型。

27、The base package including point cl, line cl, area cl, volume cl, complex object cl and relation cl, is the base of the application package and the combination package.其中基础类包是应用类包和组合类包的基础,它用点、线、面、体、复杂对象和关系类等基本的要素表示三维空间。

28、The fundamental principles, factors affecting the reproducibility of m Spectrometry and reaction types of CIMS are described.主要介绍了化学离子化质谱的基本原理、影响质谱重现性的主要因素及离子化过程中的反应类型;

29、It is the most common genetic cardiac disease, there are at least 在人类,在编码与构成肌小节有关的蛋白质的基因中,现在发现至少有11种基因,超过200种不同的基因突变类型与肥厚型心肌病有关。

11 genes that encode sarcomere proteins, more than 200 types of mutations relate to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

30、In this scheme, objects are represented by pointers, and GtkWidget is the basic type -- called a cl -- in the GTK+ hierarchy from which all other cles are derived.在这个方案中,对象由指针代表,而 GtkWidget 是 GTK+ 层次结构中的基本类型 —— 叫做 类,其他类都从它派生而来。

31、When the maximum cardinality in a type definition is omitted, the sub-indexes on values of that type can range from 省略类型定义中的最大基数时,此类型值上的子索引范围从

1 to the maximum positive value of integer type.

1 到整数类型的最大正值。

32、Auto-boxing of primitives.基元类型的自动装箱。

33、Here I subcl ExprEditor in my own VerboseEditor, overriding three of the base cl methods -- all named edit(), but with different parameter types.这里我在自己的 VerboseEditor 中派生了 ExprEditor 子类,重写了三个基本的类方法 ―― 它们的名字都是 edit() ,但是有不同的参数类型。

34、It igns the value of a primitive-type attribute in the source business object to a primitive-type attribute in a target business object.它将源业务对象中的某个基元类型属性的值赋予目标业务对象中的某个基元类型属性。

35、Business/domain cles, also known as entity cles, implement the fundamental domain types within your application, such as the Order and Customer cles in Figure 业务/域类,也称为 实体类,实现应用程序里的基本域类型,例如, 图


1 中的 Order 和 Customer 类。

36、According to Giddens, different roles and functions of allocative resources and authoritative resources in human history constitute the basic criteria for distinguishing the types of human society.配置性资源和权威性资源在人类社会历史中的不同地位和作用,构成了吉登斯社会类型划分的基本尺度。

37、Jena provides several Reasoner types to work with different types of ontology.Jena 提供了多个 Reasoner类型来使用不同类型的本体。

38、The following sections discuss the basic concepts of the topology model, along with specifics about how to apply a domain knowledge to the types in the model.下面的部分讨论了拓扑模型的基本概念,同时还有关于在这个模型中如何将专业知识运用到类型的规范。

39、A cl that defines the description of basic ABAP data types, such as c (character), i (integer), and f (floating point).这个类定义基本 ABAP 数据类型的描述,比如 c(字符)、i(整数)和 f(浮点数)。

40、You can use WSIF to change the type of service and location in the normalized version of the WSDL for SOAP-based requests.您可以使用 WSIF 来更改基于 SOAP 的请求的规范版本中的服务类型和位置。

41、Crime of private prosecution is one of categories in criminal legislation and is a basic form of crimes.亲告罪是对犯罪在立法上进行分类的结果,是犯罪的一个基本类型。

42、Dinucleotide and trinucleotide repeats, with similar frequency and accounting for 83% together in all SSRs, were dominant, while the frequency for other repeat type is below 5%.其中,二核苷酸和三核苷酸重复类型占主导地位,二者出现的频率基本相近,占总SSR的近83%; 其它重复类型重复所占比例均不足5%。

43、This thesis is aiming to solve the category problem in translation from the perspective of the theory of prototypes and basic-level categories.本论文旨在从类典型及基本层次范畴理论的角度来解决翻译中的范畴问题。

44、A subtype can also add more element and attribute declarations to the base type.子类型也可以向基类型增加更多的元素和属性声明。

45、This essay elucidates the definition, function, features, basic types of creative thinking and the ways of developing creative thinking in the math teaching of middle school.本文阐述了创造性思维的定义、作用、特点、基本类型和中学数学教学中创造性思维的培养方式。

46、Gets the object ociated with the specified (base-cl) type.获取与指定(基类)类型关联的对象。

47、With the new microdata module you can configure microdata output for basic field types and add microdata output to custom field types.借助新的微数据模块,您可以为基本字段类型配置微数据输出,并向自定义字段类型添加微数据输出。

48、Furthermore, it will be fatherly familiar with the contributing channel and features by virtue of the comparison of constructed circulation channel and the actual one.并且将构建的淡水养殖品流通渠道的基本类型与实际流通渠道的类型进行对比,进一步加深对淡水养殖品流通渠道类型及其特征的了解。

49、When an application creates the first reference type, memory is allocated for the type at the base address of the managed heap.应用程序创建第一个引用类型时,将为托管堆的基址中的类型分配内存。

50、This article supports the value of using type in PHP V5.本文支持使用 PHP V5 中类型的价值。

经典英文句子51:中的基本类型,51、The basic property of phosphogypsum, types of impurities, and the impact of its resource utilization on the pre-treatment process are introduced.介绍了磷石膏的基本性质、杂质类型及其资源化利用中对预处理工艺的影响。

52、There are many, many different ways to meditate. Here I’ll mention some basic categories of meditation techniques so you can understand some of the main options and how they differ from one another.生活中有太多太多的冥想方式,在这里我会提到一些基本的类型,这样你就能够了解主要的类型并且区别它们。

53、OMG IDL provides you with the capability to define types of your own that will help hide some of the complexity and allow you to compose more sophisticated data types from the fundamental data types.OMG IDL为您提供了定义您自己的类型的能力,这可以帮助减少复杂程度并且让您可以根据基本类型组成更精巧的数据类型。

54、In the other type of monosaccharide, the carbonyl function is a ketone group. These sugars are termed ketoses.在另一种类型中,羰基的功能是作为酮类,这些糖被称为酮糖。

55、Compared to other kinds of piles, the cement-mixed pile demonstrates its several strong points, and so it is widely used in subgrade engineering.这种类型的桩与其他类型的桩相比有许多优点,在地基工程中得到了广泛的应用。

56、Gets the object ociated with the specified, base-cl, type.获取与指定的基类类型关联的对象。

57、Fit the Exif data into the properties of the target cl dynamically based on types.基于类型将 Exif 数据动态填充到目标类的属性中。

58、Concerning the population growth model, the types of population movement in 21 villages and township in Taichung County are "exceeding the expectation" and "not exceeding the expectation".其次,在乡镇人口成长模式方面,本文指出战后台中县21乡镇人口变动类型基本上可分为已达预期增长与未达预期增长两大类型。

59、This article focused on retrieving data from Google Spreadsheets, as it introduced you to the basic feed types available and ilrated how to use them with Zend_Gdata.本文主要介绍从 Google Spreadsheets 中检索数据,可用的基本的提要类型,并解释了如何使用 Zend_Gdata 进行处理。

60、Based on the online samples collected by the offline detector, the object cl conditional appearance models are learned by meta-prototype histograms representation and hierarchical cering.基于离线检测模型提供的在线样本,通过特征色直方图和层次聚类方法学习在线目标类别模型。

61、Variables are strongly typed, and there is cl-based inheritance.变量都是强类型的,还有基于类的继承。

62、Chinese opinioned-subjective text is a hotspot in the field of natural language processing.在意见挖掘中所涉及到的文本类型是主观性文本。

63、Although JSF handles primitives and such quite nicely by default, when dealing with date data you must specify the conversion tag .尽管在默认情况下,JSF 可以很好地处理基本型及类似的类型,但是在处理 日期数据时,必须指定转换标签 。


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