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关于”一般现在时“的英语句子32个,句子主体:General present tense。以下是关于一般现在时的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:General present tense


1、It establishes an out-of-pattern time interval not under the usual laws of time.


2、This is normally done as a post-install task.


3、A general uncertainty relation between learning ability and generalization ability suited to overfitting was revealed in the modeling of BP neural network.


4、Sometimes this happens through nocturnal emissions, which are commonly called wet dreams.


5、That is how it is when a man grows as old as Pycelle. Everything you see or hear reminds you of something you saw or heard when you were young.


6、When are you most creative? Generally between 30 and 39.


7、Whenever sang my songs on the stage, on my own!


8、Today will be a lot of people here. All the student.


9、It was shown that glia cells need some days for the reprogramming until they take the normal shape of a nerve cell.


10、He said that when he notices symptoms in his patients' mouths, he'll often have them come back in two weeks.


11、At present, a new high-tech zones in front of the watchtower is now the general public.


12、A modern mirror is usually a looking glass.


13、The CLEAR is highly recommended for photojournalistic assignments and general purpose photography.


14、"Such extreme positioning has typically been followed by a period of relative underperformance," Hartnett wrote.


15、The proper time of operation is about

1 year after injury.

16、The meeting starts now. The meeting ends here. 希望可以帮到你~(^_^)


17、May happiness follow you everywhere ...just like we do.


18、A 16th-century fortress looms over the dawn-burnished waters of Dal Lake in the Vale of Kashmir.


19、May happiness follow you everywhere,just like we do.


20、Recession-worn consumers have become better shoppers who compare prices, look for discounts, wait for sales and take advantage of promotions, Taylor said.

21、I agree involves saying "Yes" to something. It's when two people think alike.agree 表示同意某事。一般用在两个人想法一致的时候。

22、Relish the Moment Tucked away in our subconsciousness is an idyllic vision.品味现在 我们的潜意识里藏着一派田园诗般的风光!

23、Pry off the back. It's usually just snap-fitted together.撬开背面盖板,它一般只是扣在时钟上的。

24、In general, oil-covered waters are silvery and cleaner waters are blue-gray.在一般情况下,石油覆盖的水域会呈现出银色而清洁的水域则呈现蓝灰色。

25、is to think that autism is a form of disorganisation.一般认为自闭症是一种紊乱的表现。

英文句子26:,26、Whereas sarcastic remarks are common and quite often contained in satire.在这里,人们通常会说“(这是)一条sarcastic的评论”。 此类评论一般都出现在satire中。

27、Looking Down While in the Presence of Others – usually indicates disinterest.别人在场时低头向下看 ——这一般代表漠不关心。

28、Ship targets are generally present in SAR ocean imagery as bright points.船在卫星SAR海洋图像中一般是以亮点的形式出现。

29、During this erra the common real estate advise preached was that home values always increase.在这一时期,一般的房地产商则宣讲房屋的价值一直在上升。

30、Generally, this port is specified when the remote VM is launched.一般来说,该端口是在远程 VM 启动时指定的。

31、Now, the crossing is supposed to have regular hours and be open generally to anyone other than men between the ages of 现在,过境将会有固定时段,将开放给除了xx岁到xx岁男子的一般大众。

18 and 40.

32、As far as I know, knives don't appear on the dining-table in Asian countries as a rule.据我所了解,在亚洲各国刀子一般不在餐桌上出现。

33、Parent Long 亲本连5和高37在3个生长性状中表现出较高的一般配合力效应值,龙5和龙1在木材密度性状上表现出较高的一般配合力效应值。

5 and Gao 37 were highly general combiners for three growth traits, and parent Long

5 and Long

1 were highly general combiners for wood density.

34、Roosters are usually given a break of at least an hour before taking on another opponent.一般来说,斗鸡在两场比赛之间有至少一小时的休息时间。

35、After about 90 minutes, you fall into the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep, where vivid, often surreal dreams occur.在我们入睡90分钟后,我们进入一种睡眠状态,简称REM,在这个状态我们的眼球快速转动了,在这个时间段我们做的梦,一般栩栩如生,但同时以是超现实的。

36、In a fixture haunted by history there was a ghost goal.在如此一场被历史所萦绕的比赛中,出现了一个鬼魅般的进球。

37、When they think of the term brand, generally an image or a symbol such as a logo, or a tagline come to mind.当人们想到品牌这一词时,一般会在头脑中浮现出如徽标或者广告语一类的影像或是标记。

38、The theory and implementation methods of color space conversion based on FPGA are studied, and an improved logic architecture with "time division multiple" is presented.针对彩色空间变换的FPGA实现方法,在分析原理和一般的实现方法后,给出一种改进的、具有“时分复用”特点的逻辑结构。

39、Today he's a general partner at the VC firm Polaris Ventures.他现在是北极星风险投资公司的一般合伙人。

40、Yet diabetes in children is often diagnosed late, when the child has diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), or it is misdiagnosed completely.然而,儿童糖尿病的确诊通常较晚,一般在儿童发生糖尿病性酮症(DKA)时发现,或者完全被误诊。

41、person's life, more or less will have some play friend. how to make friends, more closer? will rely on their own communication skills, the socalled communicative competence mainly displays in his character. most of the people is good at with people easygoing personality, not haggle over every ounce and memorial, ready to help others is good at strike up a conversation with a stranger. when with friends, respect the privacy of a friend, don't take my friend say to you mind with people everywhere. abide by the credit to allow friends to things must be done, even if some difficult. don't jie short friends, who all don't like others said his own shortcomings, especially in many occasions. willing to help a friend solve difficult confused, don't wait for him to you for help when you are willing to help her, or some delay. this difficulty refers to the practical difficulties, it requires that you have enough money to pay the manpower, how much is your mind, he can feel it. this refers to the psychological about something don't understand, or psychological pressure, then need to give him comfort him. don't criticize him behind friends of the practice of some bad character or something inappropriate. frequent contact with friends; even if the distance to each other, also want to often make a phone call. when discussing something with your friends, is not very important things don't argue, it will hurt your friendship, even if he is right. one thing don't always take a friend joke with him, he will be very angry. for those poor communicative competence friends less, dare to strike up a conversation with people, care about people around you, to take the initiative to help need help. to learn good at close to the people, and be good at understand others. don't to do as the last of your friends will be more and more good.. 人的一生当中,或多或少都会有那么一些玩得来的知己朋友。

42、Similarly, the use of rich media, usually Flash, is widespread.类似地,富媒体的使用,一般指Flash,现在也得到了广泛的应用。

43、It works much like other spot markets.它如同其他现货市场一般。

44、There are times when I just want enjoy the calm feeling, playing and listening to the songs during broadcast, but now, my body automatically moves like a clock, recognizing 20hrs.曾经我只是想安逸于平静,只是想在广播中为听众播歌一起听歌。而现在,我的身体犹如时钟般为「20时」行走。

45、Once you begin, a new light dawns, sometimes a brilliant light, a light as bright as heaven itself.一旦你开始感恩,一道新的曙光,有时是一道如天堂般明亮的光,会浮现。

46、may happiness follow you everywhere 。just like we do. 愿快乐随时与您同在,就如同我们与您寸步不离一般。

47、I didn't know Anelka. As a man he is very good.我原来不认识阿内尔卡,只知道他人很好,也很有个性,但一般时候他并不表现出来。

48、Makeshift kiosks selling everything from alcohol to household appliances popped up everywhere.临时售货亭如雨后春笋般出现在各地,售卖从酒到家用电器的各种商品。

49、The normal maximum disconnection time is between 30 and 90 seconds.一般地,最大的连接失效时间规定在30-90秒之间。

50、Normally, "Zhe" follows a verb, representing the action or the state is on-going. Sometimes, it also appears after an adjective, in order to emphasize something.“着”字一般出现在动词后面,表示动作或状态的持续,有时也可以出现在形容词后面,用于加强命令或嘱咐的语气。

经典英文句子51:一般现在时,51、On many occasions (usually while staying at hostels), when I’d make a meal others would comment on how amazing it looked.在很多时候(一般是呆在旅社时),我进餐时,其他人总会感到惊异。

52、Industry insiders say that demands for refunds usually come at times of falling house prices and that forward delivery houses are bearing the brunt.业内人士表示,退房潮一般是发生在房价下跌的时候,其中期房退房的现象较为突出。

53、The person is in when crouching hole, general and OK manure pit of look down at.人在蹲坑的时候,一般可以俯视粪池。

54、Any cell phone can meet your demand because they generally have memories of over 512MB.现在一般的手机内存都在512兆以,能满足你的存储需求.

55、Grow in the whole world like cirrus when Internet when, it is like the seed when computer software when global diffuse, a kind of brand-new fructification is in be pregnant with.当 Internet 如藤蔓般在全球生长时,当电脑软件如种子般在全球散播时,一种全新的果实正在孕育之中。

56、The general definition at the start of this section should now be clear.本节开始部分的一般定义现在应该很清楚了。

57、As for the supersonic planes introduced at this week's air show—they fly more than 25 percent faster than the average jetliner.当超音速飞机在这周的航空展上出现时,他们的飞行速度比一般的喷气式飞机快25%。

58、In both languages, if the causee is a person, the logical subjects of the predicate are the causer and causee.在日韩使役文中,当被使役者为有情物时,使役者和被使役者一般都以“动作主体”的形式出现。

59、The results showed that the sap flow rate exhibited mono-peak patterns during day's dynamics, and the maximum sap flow rate occurred at 结果表明:冷杉的树干液流变化呈现明显的单峰曲线,液流速率的峰值一般出现在中午12或13时;

12 or

13 o'clock.

60、Leg cramps generally occur, often in a time of rest or sleep, such as cold, calcium deficiency, osteoporosis may cause.一般人发生腿抽筋,往往是在休息甚至睡眠的时候出现,比如受凉、缺钙、骨质疏松都可能引起。

61、Generally, when you are using a mobile device, your time is limited.一般情况下,在你使用手持设备时,你的时间很有限。

62、Well, but it ought so in the midst that the bullion, was at the end of the bullion conversation that went on forth actual three and a half hours, and you saw the shortened version.在他黄金事业中间应该有的挫折,一般都在事业的最后出现,总时长三个半小时,你们看了缩短版。

63、Time Floats magically inside this wathch.时间魔法般地悬浮在表内。

64、These may be near the bottom, but sometimes alongside, the stairs.该按钮一般是在底层,但有时候也在侧壁台阶旁边。

65、Now that we know the general rules, lets talk about each leve type.现在我们知道的一般规则,让我们谈谈每个LEVE类型。

66、Nowadays, the coal transportation of the railway generally used the flatcar in China.我国现阶段,煤在铁路运输中一般都采用敞车运输。

67、Let's start it right now. That all,gentlemen,bla bla bla。. 顺带一提,楼主你认为老外开会会想咱中国人一样吗?

68、May happiness follow you everywhere …just like we do. 愿快乐随时与您同在,就如同我们与您寸步不离一般。

69、And the percussion instruments are used in the "running boat" and "pushing boat".打击乐一般在跑船或赶船者推船时使用。

70、Right now, executions are generally open only to the press and a few select witnesses.现在,死刑的执行一般只向媒体和一些特定的证人开放。

71、But now the motherboard, there are heart touching the general design, not the anti-plug.不过现在的主板,一般有防呆设计、不会插反。

72、Generally the bodily both sides can appear, present the cream color mottling.一般身体两侧都会出现,呈现乳白色斑块。

73、LM: Does magical realism describe the dream-like realities created in your stories?魔幻现实主义有没有描述过在你故事中所创造的梦一般的现实?

74、Vacancies in the Senate are generally filled by appointment by the governor of the state where the vacancy exists.参议院出现某州议席空缺时,一般由该州州长任命替补议员。

75、The situation in Helmand is [now] normally better than in the north of Afghanistan.赫尔曼德省的状况(现在)一般比阿富汗北部要好。

英文句子模板76:General present tense,76、These steps are generally done staccato.一般说来这些步骤是断续呈现的。

77、They like to rought it in the woods on weekend hikes.他们喜欢在周末远足时在树林里过原始人一般的生活。



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