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关于”打招呼“的英语句子60个,句子主体:Say hello。以下是关于打招呼的高考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Say hello

各部门全体外出,必须给总经理办公室打招 呼。

1、Out of all the various departments, to say hello to the general manager's office.


2、The thing that annoys me most is that she often leaves without saying a word.


3、John, I wish you'd ask me before you take my portable computer away.


4、But after they saw me swimming, they started to say "hi" and talk to me.


5、You need to be on-site five minutes before. How you greet the receptionist will be noticed.


6、Joan Yeah - I understood too, but she should have said hello to me first.


7、All day long, panic, dare not to greet people, Wallace half step back for a moment.


8、She came home about twenty minutes later. Before she even had a chance tos ay hi, she sneezed .


9、We enjoyed scenery and greeted with other classmates when we on the funicular .


10、She is so busy that she doesn’t even have time to say hello to me.


11、Leslie walked past me without speaking. He can'tcouldn't have seen me.


12、She's been in a snit since I took the car without telling her.


13、Have made one sound of greetings with everybody first, has never expected someone and I answer at once.


14、Greet people with a smile from the heart and you will receive the same in return.


15、Hey, Dad, " I said absentmindedly as I ducked around Charlie, heading for the stairs."


16、An overpowering reluctance to greet her made him decide that she had not seen him.


17、Thankful for a familiar face in the crowd I made my way toward her to say hello.


18、The jeweler still had not greeted Devala, nor taken back his purse.

He was surprised that no man hailed him as he stepped into the office.



20、This is froggy . Lets greet with him. How many frogs are there in froggys family?

21、It could be simply walking around the office, saying hi to someone, or even better, getting outside to get some fresh air.可以在办公室里走一走,和同事打个招呼,或是到外面去呼吸新鲜空气。

22、To greet someone you can say: "Hello Sir" or "Good morning, Madam/Ma'am.";在同别人打招呼时可以说"Hello Sir"或者"Good morning, Madam/Ma'am."

23、XiaShi says to go and doctors say hello, they and the fix two separate.夏实表示要去和医生打个招呼,便和修二分开了。

24、She turns her face toward me, smiling.“Let’s go and say hello.”奶奶突然把脸转向我,并笑着说道:“我们过去打个招呼吧。”

25、“I hate it, ” he said of the process of glad-handing potential sponsors at parties.“我恨它,”他提到向派对上潜在的赞助商打招呼的程序时说。

英文句子26:,26、I looked around and behind before I realized that he was actually talking to me.我环顾前后左右才意识到他是在与我打招呼。

27、True hello way.阿真招呼道。

28、While waiting for the locksmith, I informed the bank I would be coming in a bit late.等锁匠的当儿,我跟银行打了个招呼,说我要晚到一会儿。

29、He called to one of the officials, and pointed to his portmanteau.他对一个公务人员打了个招呼,用手指指自己的旅行皮包。

30、Amy see ChenYan back, in the heart very happy, on the spot ChenYan to say hello.艾米一见陈妍回来了,心中非常高兴,当场向陈妍打招呼。

31、A. Good morning , boys and girls. B. Good morning , Ms Smart.上午上课时,斯玛特女士向全班同学打招呼时说。( )

32、How are things with you ? 如果过了一段时间再见面,还可以说 How is life treating you ?

33、初次见面都不认识用how do you do.认识对方了很长时间没见用haven't seen you for a long time.

34、Ken and Ann will greet the Martians and tell them they are from Earth.肯和安会跟火星人打招呼,告诉火星人他们来自地球。

35、Waving: In Europe, people are accustomed to using when they meet, "waved his hand" to say hello.摆手:在欧洲,大家见面时习惯用“摆摆手”来打招呼。

36、When Charley saw Wanda he jumped onto a lily pad. “Hi,” he cried.查理看见了旺达,它跳到一片荷叶上,跟她打招呼:“嗨!

37、Victor warmly greets a man named Nikola and his daughter Mila.维克多热情地向一个叫尼古拉(Nikola)的男子和其女儿米拉(Mila)打招呼。

38、Yes, how sad it is that you didn't take the time to say hello.是啊,你没花点时间对她打个招呼,多悲哀啊。

39、It's pretty cool to run into students that say hello at the grocery store.在杂货店碰到根自己打招呼的学生,那感觉太爽了。

40、You greet a person by bowing or nodding, or sometimes by shaking hands.(在)们打招呼时普通相互颔首或鞠躬,有时也相互握手。

41、” He greeted. “You can sit there on the bench next to Trevor.贝利先生向茱莉亚打了个招呼,“你可以坐在特雷福的旁边?”

42、Cui nurses with ginger both smoke when arranging luggage, gold up van come and say hello.崔护士与姜暮烟整理行李的时候,金起范赶来与二人打招呼。

43、Aiko recognise faces and says hello when any of my family come around to visit.爱子还能识别人脸,家里有亲朋好友来访时,她会向他们打招呼。

44、Now, seeing them together, she would know from the way he greeted her.现在同时看到他俩,妻子从他和她打招呼的样子上就能看出来。

45、And that's unfortunate, because saying hello is more than just saying hello.真遗憾,因为说“你好”不仅仅是打招呼,也是对生命的认可。

46、Generally, greetings and partings often should not be understood literally.一般说来,打招呼语和告别语常常不能从字面上理解。

47、Excuse me, would you mind my saying hollo to my friends over there?对不起,你不介意我跟那边的朋友打声招呼吧?

48、She also caught Sam sitting against the bedside table and acknowledged him before leaving.她还看到山姆坐在床头桌旁,于是在分开时跟他打了个招呼。

49、如果过了一段时间再见面,还可以说 How is life treating you ?

50、The door opened and a little old man came in without greeting anyone.门开了,一个小老头走进来,没跟任何人打招呼。

经典英文句子51:打招呼,51、But he will not greet thee to-day; nor must thou greet him.但是他今天不会招呼你;你也不该招呼他。

52、The daughter turned to greet me. She rose to give me a hug.这时候,病人的女儿转过身来和我打招呼,她站起来,拥抱了我。

53、Timidly, he walks home, staying out of the way of anyone he meets.他仍然羞怯地挨着路边走回家,不跟碰到的任何人打招呼。

54、After greeting clients, she would ask them to change into a protective gown.每次给顾客打招呼后,她就会请他们换上一件带有保护披衣。

55、I was standing right next to her, but she didn't even acknowledge me/my presence.我就站在她旁边,可是她连个招呼都不跟我打。

56、"She didn't even bother to greet me when we passed each other in the hallway, "Says Chen.在走廊里遇见的时候,她甚至都不和我打招呼,”陈琳娜说。

57、Shandie the bumble bee flew over to say hi to purple daisy flowers.小蜜蜂仙蒂快乐地飞到小紫花丛里和小紫菊花们打招呼!

58、Greet people with heartedly simle and the same simle with return.用出自内心的微笑和人们打招呼,你将得到相同的回报。

59、Originally, I want to say hello to you all soon after I come back home from the Conference.本来从青宣回来后,想赶快和大家打个招呼。

60、Just a couple of announce, and also hi to the extension school students.只是做一些说明,也向进修学院的同学们打声招呼。

61、In Kenya the Massai people usually greet each other by spitting on his or her body.肯尼亚马塞族人用往对方身上吐口水的方式打招呼。

62、So long as I volunteer to greet them, they would return with friendly smiles.只要我一主动和他们打招呼问好,重庆人一定友善地笑脸相对。

63、Instead, the clerks greet them warmly and offer to help them find what they want.相反的,店员会亲切地打招呼,并且协助寻找需要的东西。

64、If he was Jerry Tomo, he probably would have excused himself.如果他是杰瑞-陀姆的话,他可能就会向我打声招呼。

65、She saw people avoiding her, and still laboriously smiled upon them.她明明知道别人躲着不愿意睬她,仍旧努力对她们微笑着打招呼。

66、I greeted her as we passed in the street, but she just snubbed me.我们在街上相遇时我向她打招呼,但是她不睬我。

67、Yang confidently leads us through the maze and people greet us good naturedly as we pass through their lives. Some, even looking up from the kitchen table to offer us a bite.杨小齐带着我们在迷阵中穿越,人们望着我们都会打招呼,甚至有居民会到厨房看看有什么食物可供招呼。

68、He put his hand familiarly on her shoulder as if only to greet her in passing.他亲密地把他的手搭在她肩上,好像只是路过打个招呼。

69、They opens a door, goes in, and Karen greets the acquaintance.她们拉开一扇门,走了进去。然后凯伦与熟人打招呼。

70、You greet him the way most people greet each other at a 25-year class reunion.在毕业二十五周年的同学会中,你循例与他打招呼。

71、Don't you ever say hello to old friends when you meet them in the West?在大西部,你见到老朋友,就从来连个招呼也不打吗?

72、Becky pushed the wheelchair close to the bed. The two men gave each other a high five.贝基推着轮椅到了床边。俩个人相互击掌打了个招呼。

73、When he had finished signing Scott greeted the maintenance staff standing nearby.签完字后斯科特朝站在旁边的维修人员打了下招呼。

74、If it's your first time at the conference, come find me and say hello.如果您首次参加此次大会,可以来和我打个招呼。

75、Walk up to complete strangers and say, "Hi! I haven't seen you in so long!..." etc.走到一位陌生人面前,打招呼:“嘿,好久不见了!”

英文句子模板76:Say hello,76、A cardboard cutout of a cheerful Albert Einstein greets visitors.一个面露笑容的爱因斯坦的纸板剪影和读者打招呼。

77、Ilsa finds that the black playing the piano is Sam and goes to greet him.伊尔莎认出正在弹钢琴的黑人是萨姆,于是和萨姆打招呼。

78、"He got on the bus and I said (the Chinese word for hello) to him, " Krystkowiak said.小K教练说,“上车后,我跟他用中文打招呼。



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