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关于”to在中的用法“的英语句子21个,句子主体:Usage of to in。以下是关于to在中的用法的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Usage of to in


1、To use obstructionist tactics in a legislative body.


2、Objective: To investigate the methods and effects of roleplaying in"The technology of medical care ".

3、The OID in Figure

13 points to an LDAP syntax that is used to store strings in an LDAP directory.

13 中的 OID 指向的 LDAP 语法,用来在 LDAP 目录中保存字符串。


4、In the legislation, will be unanimously endorsed some theoretical circles, the judicial practice frequently used to be statutory sentencing discretion.


5、The author uses the methods of literature search, observation, expert-visiting, Stat. and so on to make comparative study on the backcourts'technical skills in CBA and NBA.


6、In order to speed up the method, a skip frame strategy is adopted.


7、 It is in this room that my friend and I often have lessons。


8、Objective To investigate the effect of music therapy in nursing.

在 UNIX 中,有许多用来理解和提取文本的方法。

9、There are many ways to understand and extract text in UNIX.

10、必须用上to you的生日快乐 Happy birthday to you to 必须用上to you的生日快乐 Happy birthday to you to


11、Application of equivalent round disk theory to optimization design on scoops of gas centrifuge;


12、The waste acids performance in anion-exchange membrane and the application of diffusion dialysis in hydrometallurgy were introduced. The prospect of diffusion dialysis technology was also inducted.


13、Should there be debate when it comes to applying agile in hardware development?

这在功能上等效于 DOM 规范中的 appendChild 用法。

14、This is functionally equivalent to the appendChild idiom from the DOM specification.


15、The policy adopted in this book is to disallow Leibnizian notation within the text.


16、The law of ancient Rome as embodied in the Justinian code, especially that which applied to private citizens.


17、Finally, the algorithm was applied to a quadratic sieve.


18、The application of orthogonal experiment to the EPDM formulation is described.


19、As for obvious judicial application, judges'activity is quasi-legislation.


20、This feature gives you a succinct way to express a set of examples to be used in running individual test cases.

21、However, due to it still is imperfect in legislation, so the applicability in judicatory practice is not good enough.但是,由于此法在立法上还有不够完善的地方,所以,在司法实践中导致该法的适用性不强。

22、The energy balancing method is one of the methods to estimate the fdc, though it has some shortcomings.频谱能量均衡法是多普勒中心估值算法中常见的一种,但在实际应用中存在一些不足。

23、Defines a reference to a method that is invoked when a cache entry is about to be removed from the cache.定义对某个方法的引用,在从缓存中移除某个缓存项后将调用该方法。

24、The vat method, for example, can be used to dye wool with onionskins.比如,在染缸中的方法可以用在将羊毛染成洋葱皮染色的过程中。

25、Objective To explore the practical method of MSCT and post-processing functions of fractures in forensic identification.目的探讨MSCT及后处理功能在法医鉴定中的应用方法。

英文句子26:,26、The present regulations in China on abusing dominating status reveals a lot of problems to be settled according to the legislation of regulation in the antimonopoly legislation.我国现有的规制滥用行为法律存在诸多问题,需要在反垄断立法结构下的规制滥用行为立法中解决。

27、Besides, the new algorithm is applied to the static contact BEMs.本文讨论了正则化算法在静态接触边界元法中的应用。

28、ARQ also ships with .bat scripts to use under Windows, but their usage will vary slightly from the example shown here.ARQ 还附带了在 Windows 下使用的.bat 脚本,但是它们用法和下面示例中的用法稍有差别。

29、State judiciaries interpret state laws and apply them in specific disputes relating to state law;州司法机构在涉及到州法律的具体争端中解释和运用州法律;

30、This project proposal a method to apply KD_FMT into general federations.本课题提出了在一般仿真应用联邦中的KD FMT使用方法。

31、If you would like to use matchers in a call, you have to specify matchers for all arguments of the method call.一旦在方法调用中使用了匹配器,必须对方法中所有的参数使用匹配器。

32、In the TextField cl we use at IBM, we have a lot more methods, including one to clear the text and one to enter escape keys both of which are used by our setText() method.在 IBM 使用的 TextField 类中,有其他一些方法,其中包括清除文本的方法,以及输入 escape 键的方法,这两种方法都通过 setText() 方法使用。

33、In V3.x, users or groups could receive access to specific groups of servlet methods and EJB methods using method groups.在 V3.x 中,用户或组通过使用方法组可以对特定的 servlet 方法组和 EJB 方法组进行访问。

34、Therefore, the pedagogical techniques that we use in teaching "Listening to Music" Are virtually identical to those that we use in teaching language.因为,我们在本课中运用到的教学方法,基本上和在语言教学中用到的方法,是一样的

35、However, this usage was accepted by 71 percent of the Usage Panel in an earlier survey.但是这种用法在早先的用法调查中被百分之七十一用法使用小组的人接受。

36、Antitrust and competition laws are not applied vigorously to well-connected champions.反垄断法和竞争法并没有在这小联合起来的大企业中应用得当。

37、The negative example and reductio ad adsurdum Proof obtain an interesting application in statistical mathematic.反例和反证法是数学中常用的方法,在统计数学中也有许多有趣的应用。

38、The truth and happy it may not be possible. 希望对你有帮助!

39、The methods of using cases in"An Introduction to Economic Statutes"have explanation method, explanation and argue method, argue method, report method.在《经济法概论》课堂教学中运用案例的方法有讲解法、计论法、辩论法、报告法。

40、Invitation to a goingaway party goingaway出发度蜜月

41、eak away from eak with break with不是绝交的意思吗,为什么不选B?

42、In Linux, there is no way to do a timed wait on a waitpid() call.在 Linux 中,使用 waitpid() 调用无法等待限定的时间。

43、Methods To contrast supplementary theutics of hydraulic dilatation with local seal in treating periarthritis of shoulder.方法用液压扩张补充疗法在空调性肩周炎中的运用,与局部封闭的治疗对照。

44、Practice of Dharma denotes practice of insight to contemplate the phenomena in application of Dharma teaching.在佛陀教法的应用中,佛法的实践代表观察自然现象的内明实践。

45、Based on the experimental method, the researchers use ladder approach to teach in college table tennis elective.采用实验法,在乒乓球选项课中运用阶梯式教学法进行教学。

46、Application of biochromatography in screening the biol…生物色谱法在中药活性成分筛选中的应用。

47、Similar to the reduced forms in English (wanna, gonna, doncha, etc.), there are several informal ways of speaking in French.与英语中的简化形式(如wanna, gonna, doncha等等)相似,在法语中也有若干非正式的用法。

48、I often take a two-fold approach to SDAO testing.我经常在 SDAO 测试中使用“分两步走”的方法。

49、In order to attain balance from turbulence and to seek for steady and solid method from sudden change, those legal departments should perform the function of regulator in practice.为在动荡中达到均衡,于激变中求得稳实之法,法律职能部门应在实践中发挥调整器的作用。

50、This is one way to use PHP to advantage on a multiprocessing host.这是在多处理器主机中良好应用 PHP 的一种方法。

经典英文句子51:to在中的用法,51、According to the rules of the rain flow count method and the experiences in practice, this article introduces the method to realize the rain flow count in the programming.根据雨流计数法的规则和在实际中应用的体会,介绍了雨流计数法在程序中实现的具体方法。

52、BFC is adapted to dispose the computation domain.在计算中,采用贴体坐标的办法处理整个流动区域。

53、In the optimization engine, genetic algorithm is adopted to avoid local optima.在优化引擎中使用了遗传算法用来避免局部的优化解。

54、Immunohistochemical method was used to detect the expression of AIF in 29 cases of gastric cancer tissues and 方法:用免疫印迹法检测AIF在细胞中的表达量;用免疫组化法检测AIF在29例胃癌组织和10例癌旁正常胃组织中的表达。

10 cases of normal gastric mucosa.

55、The ANN is a fully connected four-layer network. An acceleration technique was used to improve the General Delta Rule for the learning process.在研究中选用了四层网络,在网络学习过程中采用了一种加速方法,以改善梯度下降法。

56、I am willing to answer any specific challenges using Agile for ERP.我愿意应对任何在ERP中使用敏捷方法中遇到挑战。

57、The method invocations on the proxy are delegated to the underlying objects.在代理中对方法的调用委托到下面相应的对象中。

58、The similar high frequency subbands are igned to encode by fractal coding algorithm.本文在最后讨论了算法在数字水印中的应用。

59、According to the fundamentals of the gnomonic projective method, a review is made on the application to orthogonal projection.本文结合中心射影法的基本知识,论述了中心射影法在正投影中的应用;

60、A model identification example is given to show the effectiveness of the method.给出其在系统辨识中应用的方法,并通过仿真实例说明本方法的有效性。

61、According to the Chinese medicine profession the basic characteristics of English, in the learning process, to be used in root law, clification, comparison and synthesis method.根据中医专业英语的基本特点,在学习过程中,可采用词根法、分类法、比较法和综合法。

62、To enable sorting of the columns, you must add the following code to the main method before calling the method要对列启用排序功能,您必须在调用 方法前向 main 方法中添加以下代码

63、Facing the Court's abuse of power, it is difficult to find proper rules in the Anti-monopoly Law to stop such actions.面对法院的权力滥用,我们在《反垄断法》中很难找到适当的法律依据来制止法院的行为。

64、In your estimation, and you don't have to go on a record, you can change your mind after leaving Inner Core.在您的看法中,您不用将看法录下来,您可以在离开人性讲堂后改变想法。

65、My mother asked me to__A___the bad boys。 eak away from eak with break with不是绝交的意思吗,为什么不选B?

66、Distinguishing them is to use them better in argumentation and to be more forceful in per…区分类比法与归谬法的同异,目的在于在论证中更好地运用这两种方法,使论证更具有说服力。

67、Since the judicial interpretation is one source of law in the reality, there must have conflicts and choices in the application of law in the trial.既然实际上司法解释在司法审判中作为正式法源适用,那么在适用过程中不可避免会出现法源适用的冲突和选择。

68、AThey must have some special methods to do this during the process.他们一定是在生产过程中用了特殊的方法。

69、An asymmetric key (public key) algorithm is used for the exchange of the secret keys to be used in symmetric algorithm and for digital signatures.对称密钥(公钥)算法用于交换在对称算法中使用的加密密钥,以及用于数字签名。

70、Important is not whether he is lying, but why want to lie. The truth and happy it may not be possible. 希望对你有帮助!

71、Today, it is even used with document-centric approaches to fill in the gaps inherent in those methods.今天,使用文件中心的方法,填补了这些方法之间存在的空白。

72、In our case, we used an iterative approach in which prototypes are created and presented to the users.在我们的案例中,我们使用了一种迭代方法,该方法创建原型并将其呈现给用户。

73、Point out the most common use is T_0 method, and recommend to adopt extend exchange method to interpretate the seismic refraction.并指出最常用的是T_0法,推荐在折射波解释方法中使用广义互换法。

74、The G-P method of ociation dimension is trying to be used in geomagnetic method.本文将关联维的G—P法尝试在地磁方法中应用。

75、It's recommended to only use the method if it is appropriate in your VIO environment.如果 方法在您的 VIO 环境中是合适的,建议只使用这种方法。

英文句子模板76:Usage of to in,76、After methods run in reverse: Methods in subcles are invoked before methods in supercles.@After 方法以反方向运行:子类中的方法在超类中的方法之前被调用。



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