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关于”最美“的英语句子54个,句子主体:The most beautiful。以下是关于最美的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The most beautiful


1、Some hold the point that the beautiful appearance is of great importance, which is visible to all. Others have the idea that the spiritual beauty is the loveliest one, which lasts long.


2、Zeta-Jones, the most beautiful in my mind the most beautiful woman!


3、Nature is the most genuine and beautiful.

这些不幸的消息,让Tamia的朋友的话变得空洞。 “你们是最完美的夫妻,有着最完美的孩子和最完美的生活。”

4、As the news settled, it only made the words of Tamia's friend seem hollow: "You are the perfect couple with the perfect child and the perfect life."

5、最美的花送给最美的你 将中文译成英语 The most beautiful flowers for beautiful you


6、What is the most beautiful heart in the world? Is it the perfect one? This short story will tell you.


7、This is, to me, the loveliest and saddest landscape in the world.


8、Umbrella aunty. The beauty of a hard worker is the most beautiful.


9、The biggest are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


10、Clerk: 3$ and max charge for 24 hours is $30.


11、As He is most perfect, He must have all perfections.


12、The euro fell to $1.4504, according to Reuters data, its lowest since early October. It last traded down 0.8 percent at $1.4535.



13、The most hasty steps often take the most beautiful scenery. 走得最急时,往往错过最美的风景。


14、The handsomest flower is not the sweetest.


15、The virtues he valued most were the oldest of all: honesty, self-reliance, decency .


16、The most beautiful cloud is cirrus .


17、The slowest choking of beauty.

18、the most beautiful wave (ocean) of rape flower最美的油菜花海


19、Over the greatest beauty hangs the greatest woe.


20、Of soup and love, the first is the best.

21、There is Never a Perfect Time – Don't wait for the right time. There isn't one. There is never a perfect time… just time.永远没有最完美的时机 ——不要等最好的时间。没有的。从来没有最完美的时机——只有时间。

22、In the charming classical aesthetics in China, what affects us most is both Confucians and Taoism.在中国古典美学史上,对后世影响最大的美学派别是儒家美学和道家美学。

23、Of their sweet deaths are sweetest odours made甜美的死亡造出了最甜美的香气。

24、The Artistry Pure White range offers all-round pure white performance for the sunny summer days!美白迎夏日?雅姿的美白系列给您最周全的美白保护!

25、Of soup of love, the first is the best.第一道汤最美味,第一次恋爱最珍贵。

英文句子26:,26、Apple shares recently were up $2.14 at $405.31.苹果公司股价最近上涨


27、old tunes are sweetest and old friends are surest.老调最甜美,老友最可靠。

28、The beauty of human figure is the superior form of natural beauty.人体形体美是自然美的最高形态。

29、US-Pakistan relations have recently deteriorated.美巴关系最近恶化。

30、Best Fish Stew - Huang Ji Huang最美味的煮鱼 ——黄记黄

31、The euro touched $1.3333, the highest since April, before retreating somewhat to end at $1.3293, still up from $1.3191 late Thursday.欧元触及




32、The most hasty steps often take the most beautiful scenery.走得最急时,往往错过最美的风景。

33、That is the best part of beauty, which a picture cannot express.图画表现不出的美才是最美的。

34、Sweetest joy , the wildest woe is love. ----philip bailey.最甜美的欢乐,最强烈的心痛才是爱。

35、Sterling stumbled to $1.9366 GBP=, its weakest since late February and approaching its lowest level of the year around $1.9335.英镑/美元GBP=跌至



36、They have the best pizza.那儿有最美味的披萨。

37、Now let's learn how Armenian bee-keepers get one of the most tasty and healthy products on Earth – honey.最后,让我们看看亚美尼亚的养蜂人是怎么制造出世界上最美味最健康的食物——蜂蜜的。

38、Ann Chang is the most beautiful bridge!安昌最美的是桥!

39、The euro rose as high as $1.42450 on trading platform EBS on Monday and was last at $1.4176, up 0.4 percent. Earlier, it fell to $1.40481, the lowest since late March.在电子交易平台EBS,欧元兑美元EUR=EBS升至最高




40、Litchi is perhaps the most delicious fruit in the world.荔枝也许是世上最鲜最美的水果。

41、Which is fairer, flower or leaf.花和叶何者最美丽。

42、The perfect dress makes for the perfect day.完美的婚纱为了那最完美的一天而存在。

43、Every day … we will put the freshest, most delicious, the most unique Russian cuisine, shipped to China, dedicated to everyone!每天…我们都会把最新鲜,最美味,最特色的俄式美食,运到中国,奉献给大家!

44、he laughs best who laughs last. 谁笑到最后谁笑得最美

45、My mother cook is the most delicious to eat the best我的妈妈做饭是最美味的最好吃

46、It was an albatross of the finest species, a wonderful specimen of these open-sea fowl.这是最美丽的一种海鹅,海鸟中最使人赞美的一个鸟类品种。

47、gift of nature.花是大自然最美妙的礼物。

48、The most beautiful exhibition -country…最美参展国…

49、The sweetest grapes hang the highest. —F. E. Hulme.最甜美的葡萄挂在最高的树梢上。

50、Wish all the best wishes for you. 献上最美好祝愿。

经典英文句子51:最美,51、The world all other are false, empty, only a mother is really, eternal, indestructible.人的嘴唇所能发出的最甜美的字眼,就是母亲,最美好的呼唤,就是“妈妈”

52、Which family is Harbin hair-dressing school best? Need to look for the special field US sends out school most?哈尔滨美发学校最好的是哪家?要找最专业的美发学校?

53、In 2008 the top ten carpets sold at auction ranged from $68,500 to $4.5m.xx年,拍出的十张最佳地毯,最高价是450万美元,最低价也有68500美元。

54、To find the most beautiful parts of the Three Gorges - The Grand …寻找三峡最美的地方——大峡谷是三峡最本质的美 三峡之游,首先是一场对…

55、Apple shares recently rose 苹果公司的股价最近涨了19美分,至399.45美元。

19 cents to $399.45.

56、Europe could still be the place with the most beautiful cities, the best food and wine, the richest cultural history, the longest holidays, the best football teams.欧洲还可以拥有最美丽的城市、最精美的食物和最甘醇的佳酿、最悠久的历史文化、最长的假期,还有最好的足球队。

57、He laughs best who laughs last.谁笑到最后谁笑得最美

58、Goes out the Chinese nation magnificent sight sublimest square matrix!走出中华民族最壮观最壮美的方阵!

59、Who is the most beautiful, powerful, clever, wealthy, and detached man?谁是最美丽、最有力量、最聪明、最富有又最断念摈欲的?

60、The price of its machines start around $190 and soar beyond $2, 500.其胶囊咖啡机的售价最低190美元,最高2500美元。

61、Keep Smile, Everthing will be fine.最美的配饰是你的笑!

62、Maybe I'm not happy, because ofu.也许,最近最近,一直看美剧的缘故。

63、The pound rose as high as $1.5372, according to Reuters data. It last traded at $1.5242, up 0.9 percent.英镑兑美元GBP=最高升至





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