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1、In football and death alternative choice, Harry Kewell chose the former.


2、Sometimes we like to play kickball instead.


3、I wear football ss when I play football.

我喜欢足球。 这个是谁的足球?

4、Here's a new football.I like foot.Whose football is this?


5、Our football team is pointing for the World Cup Games.

足球:174 686

6、Soccer: 174, 686


7、There is a football match on the playground.


8、The FIFA Ballon d'Or award is a combination of the FIFA World Player of the Year award and the French Soccer Federation's Ballon d'Or.


9、The match will be between Yanlord management staff and Yanlord residents.


10、Both of them want to be members of the school football team. So they are practicing playing football in the football field now.


11、He joined the Huanghe Football Team after he left the Changjiang Football Team.


12、Snowfield football;

13、他尤其喜欢足球 He is particularly fond of football 他尤其喜欢足球 He is particularly fond of football


14、A football team consists of eleven players.


15、Soccer fan owns FC Vorskla football.


16、Football or polo?

17、toni likes to play football with him in the school football team 托尼喜欢踢足球他在学校足球队


18、The footballer ed the ball in( to the goal).


19、Zoom: I often play football. I'd like a new football.

20、I prefer basketball to football. 我喜欢篮球胜过足球。

21、i like sport; at least i am good at football, basketball and tennis. 不知道这样可不可以满足你的意思?

22、 I prefer basketball to football. 我喜欢篮球胜过足球。

23、I like playing football and basketball.我喜欢踢足球和打蓝球。

24、Football Drills - Short Ping Welcome to the Videojug Soccer School, brought to you in ociation with the Brazilian Soccer Schools.足球训练-短传欢迎来到Videojug与巴西足球学校联合为您制作的足球课堂。

25、Initially the new football competition known as the "World Football Championship."最初这个新的足球大赛称为“世界足球锦标赛”。

英文句子26:,26、I like playing soccer and ping-pong.我喜欢玩足球和乒乓球。

27、The football bounced off the goalpost .足球击中球门柱弹了出去。

28、53) have a football match (basketball match) 举行一场足球(蓝球)赛

29、Badminton, ping-pong, soccer and basket-ball are sports!羽毛球,乒乓球,足球和篮球都是活动项目。

30、But football's governing body, FIFA, has refused saying they are part of the African football experience.但是,足球的管理机构,国际足联拒绝说他们是非洲足球体验的一部分。

31、我现在正在踢足球 I am playing football now 我现在正在踢足球 I am playing football now

32、OrganisedFootball: ociation football organised under the auspices of FIFA, the confederationsand the Associations, or authorised by them.有组织足球:在国际足联、洲足联和协会协助或授权下进行的协会足球比赛。

33、I like ping-pong better than football.我喜欢乒乓球胜过足球。

34、During match with football, sportsman is like tangling on the football field.足球比赛时,运动员似在足球场上混战。

35、Football is first place. The Chinese football fans idolize football. They hope that football is able to dash out of Asia and walk up to the world at an early date.足球放在首位,亿万中国的足球迷们醉心于足球,盼望足球早日冲出亚洲,走向世界。

36、The robot soccer match is divided into four kinds of groups which are Computer-emulational match, Microsot soccer match, Middle size robot soccer match and four-legs robot soccer match.机器人足球比赛分为电脑仿真比赛、小型机器人足球赛、中型机器人足球赛和四腿机器人足球赛四大类。

37、The London Football Association published the first set of rules in 1863 and named the sport“ociation football”.xx年,伦敦的足球协会宣布了第一套足球规则,并把这项运动称为“英式足球”。

38、Football is now into the low tide period, the collapse of the national team, and ilrate the decade of football reform, contrary to the law of development of football, lost the football culture.现在中国足球迎来的是低潮期,国字号球队的全面失利,正好说明了十来年的足球改革,违背了足球运动的发展规律,丧失了足球运动的文化底蕴。

39、Football referee is the necessary condition of proceeding football match smoothly, students should be reinforced to train such ability.足球裁判是足球比赛顺利进行的必要条件,体育院校学生加强足球裁判能力培养势在必行。

40、I like basketball, football and table-tennis.我喜欢篮球、足球和乒乓球。

41、True-football, football, and only football.是的,足球、足球、只有足球!

42、I prefer football and basketball.我比较喜欢足球和篮球。

43、when i come home from school, i play football.当我放学回家时,我就踢足球。

44、"English football is the best in the world, and is certainly the fastest, " Hleb told Arsenal TV Online.英格兰足球是世界上最好的足球,并且肯定是速度最快的足球。

45、Besides tennis, I play soccer and basketball.(副词)除网球之外,我还踢足球、打篮球。

46、What a hit! (Baseball & American football)/p! (American football & Basketball)/shot! (Basketball)瞧这球(棒球和美式足球)/传球(美式足球和篮球)/ 投篮(篮球)。

47、Football: soccer actually.足球,英式足球

48、Not very much. It's something like hockey, except that you use a big ball and no stick.不大一样。足球有点像曲棍球,不过足球是用大球,而且没有球棍。

49、B: But I think football is boring. Football just isn’t my thing.但是我认为足球没意思,我对足球不感兴趣。

50、Sudan Football Association Building with a ball-shaped dome.苏丹足球协会,楼顶形似足球。

经典英文句子51:足球,51、(PhysOrg.com) -- As a young boy growing up in Portugal, Luis Amaral loved playing, watching and talking soccer.——Luis Amaral 过去是个在葡萄牙长大的男孩,他喜欢踢足球、看足球、聊足球。

52、There are 231 stadiums, 有231个露天体育场,

5,231 football fields, and a number of fields and halls for mini-football, serving a total of 36 football teams in Uzbekistan.


53、We developed a series of soccer products, i. e soccer ss, socks, towel, caps, scarfs, shinguard…因市场需求我们开发了足球系列产品,如足球鞋、足球袜、浴巾、帽子、围巾、护腿板等产品。

54、That’s football.这就是足球。

55、The football player is lacking in experience.这个足球运动员经验不足。

56、 84)have a football match (basketball match) 举行一场足球(蓝球)赛

57、Football is different from soccer.英式足球不同于美式足球。

58、I like playing basketball, football and ping-pong.我喜欢打篮球、踢足球和打乒乓球。

59、Hobbies: swimming, healths, basketball and soccer.爱好:游泳,健身,篮球和足球。

60、In soccer, eleven players constitute a team.英式足球的球队由十一个球员组成。

61、To warm up for soccer, do slow, soccer-specific running drills.为足球做热身,那就慢慢做些足球特定的跑步训练。

62、The 'football'. -The 'football'.是“足球”,-“足球”

63、My brother is very good at playing football.我哥哥非常擅长踢足球

64、I like foot.我喜欢足球。

65、China's anemic soccer pins hopes on Kungfu.山东推行足球进武校计划,功夫能拯救中国足球?

66、it can make me happy and have a good time.它使我开心并且玩得很愉快。

67、It’s something like hockey, except that you use a big ball and no stick.足球有点像曲棍球,不过足球是用大球,而且没有球棍。

68、CFIDC as the result of football commercialization has been growing along with the development of Chinese professional leagues.中国福特宝足球产业发展公司是中国足球市场化的产物,它伴随着中国足球职业联赛而发展。

69、I like football, swimming and table-tennis.我喜欢足球、游泳、乒乓球。

70、I need a big park to play football - I mean soccer!我需要一个大公园来踢足球——我指的是英式足球!

71、His presence, determination and football know-how are priceless in an era of mercenaries and non-caring football stars with no love for the shirt they wear.他的勤恳、决心和足球智慧在一个充斥着足球雇佣兵、对足球和自己的球衣毫不在乎的“球星”的时代,是无价之宝。

72、An underground soccer (football) stadium is being built, the first of its kind.一座地下足球馆正在兴建,这是首座地下足球馆。

73、i like playing football very much.我非常喜欢踢足球。

74、i often play football with my clmates.我经常和我的同学踢足球。


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