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1、Japan and Korea prefer thrillers;


2、The king and Erika ran to his horse and rode off to safety.


3、Under the banner of fighting Yuan and patriotism, Jiangxi patriotic Ci writers united a group in the Late Song Dynasty and the Early Yuan Daynasty.


4、All flights in and out of Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic have been grounded from 0700 BST.


5、Queen Elizabeth II will visit Ireland on

17, this is the first time a century British monarch to visit Ireland;


6、Zhou Gucheng was an outstanding patriot.


7、It is not only loved by local people, but by international friends as well.


8、China's tourist hotspots are hoping to capitalize on this homebody spirit.


9、The king's prepossession in my favor is very valuable.


10、No teachers, but an education in patriotism


11、"Yes, " said King Edmund doubtfully.


12、The top three hobbies of wealthy Chinese are travel, swimming and golf.

全国人平易近齐祝兴, 皆出儿女爱国心。

13、The people of the whole country together wishes an interest, All children patriotism.


14、Oh, my dear--where is that country?


15、The spirit of the modern scientist patriotically serves the country was worth us studying.


16、Diamonds became very popular with the kings and queens of Europe.


17、Amy Lee: Jenny, where are you from?


18、1999 - The United Kingdom devolves political power in Northern Ireland to the Northern Ireland Executive.



6 is National Eye-Care Day.


20、He was a descendant of patriots.

21、The patriotic movement of the Chinese people recovering the British concessions in Hankou and Jiujiang and protecting the Chinese national dignity consti…中国人民收回汉口、九江英租界,维护中华民族尊严的爱国热潮,成为北伐战争中爱国主义的又一突出特点。

22、Unlimited travel on the railway network of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) plus Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.有效期内无限次乘搭英国(英格蘭、苏格蘭及威尔士)加北爱尔蘭及爱尔蘭共和国境内的火車。

23、The patriotic movement of the Chinese people recovering the British concessions in Hankou and Jiujiang and protecting the Chinese national dignity …中国人民收回汉口、九江英租界,维护中华民族尊严的爱国热潮,成为北伐战争中爱国主义的又一突出特点。

24、When our story begins, King Anguish is the King of Ireland.故事发生在安格韦西国王任爱尔兰国王的时期。

25、I am single but I love my country.我爱国,但是我也宁缺勿滥。

英文句子26:,26、Today is the 15th National Eye-Care Day.今天是第十五个全国"爱眼日"。

27、Welcome net friends which come from the various countries to deeply love China !也欢迎来自世界各国的热爱中国的网友们!

28、Patriotism is a maggot in their heads.爱国主义是他们脑袋里的蛆。

29、I am a student. I live in china. I love china.我是一名居住于中国的中学生,我爱中国!

30、Hobby: The run , the Chinese chess, journey.业余爱好:跑步,中国象棋,旅行。

31、BEIJING — Xie Jun, 23, is a modern Chinese patriot.(北京)——xx岁的谢军(音译),是一个现代的中国爱国者。

32、"The country comes first, and then your religion. That is our message, " said Ma.“爱国第一,再者爱教,这是我们的宗旨”,马说道。

33、The old man is a patriotic overseas Chinese.这位老人是一位爱国华侨。

34、The British RAF, the Irish Coastguard and an Irish Naval ship are continuing to search for the missing five people.英国英国皇家空军、爱尔兰海岸警卫队以及爱尔兰军舰仍在持续不断找寻失踪的五个人。

35、The patriotic movement of the Chinese people recovering the British concessions in Hankou and Jiujiang and protecting the Chinese national dignity constituted …中国人民收回汉口、九江英租界,维护中华民族尊严的爱国热潮,成为北伐战争中爱国主义的又一突出特点。

36、Northern Ireland:A division of the United Kingdom in the northeast section of the island of Ireland.北爱尔兰:爱尔兰岛东北部分,与联合王国分离。

37、The patriotic movement of the Chinese people recovering the British concessions in Hankou and Jiujiang and protecting the Chinese national dignity constitut…中国人民收回汉口、九江英租界,维护中华民族尊严的爱国热潮,成为北伐战争中爱国主义的又一突出特点。

38、The lovely little monks from China.中国可爱的小和尚,天真无邪唷!

39、In China IAESTE was starting from the year 2000.爱因斯特中国成立于xx年。

40、The Community of Culture without Borders organization and Shun art gallery will hold the "One Love, One Heart!"熏依社画廊将与无国界文化共同体合作举办爱心义卖“大爱无疆无国界”活动。

41、To conduct routine work of the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee.承担全国爱国卫生运动委员会的日常工作。

42、I love the Northland of swirling white snow;我爱你白雪飘飘的北国;

43、Scottish people ranked their patriotism at 苏格兰人对自己的爱国心评分为

7.1 out of ten, the Welsh at

7.06 and the Irish at

6.72, while the Dutch were the most patriotic on






44、The Yuan Empire loves silver very much.元帝国爱银之甚,由此可见。

45、This love applies to the human kingdom, the animal kingdom, the elemental kingdom and the plant kingdom alike.这种爱同样适用于人类王国,动物王国,自然王国和植物王国。

46、Do you like kimchi ? It's my favorite.你喜欢韩国泡菜吗﹖是我的最爱。

47、English full name in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Scotland, wales and Northern Ireland from England.英国全称大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国,是由英格兰苏格兰威尔士和北爱尔兰组成的。

48、Please do not give up our lovely motherland.请不要遗弃我们可爱的祖国。

49、Dear Editor, I live in Paris, France.亲爱的编辑, 我住在法国巴黎。

50、Aer Lingus cancelled a number of its flights between the Republic of Ireland and Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen爱尔兰航空取消了大部分爱尔兰共和国和爱丁堡、格拉斯哥和亚伯丁

经典英文句子51:爱国,51、But I believe that you should love the party at the same time as loving your country.但是我认为在爱国的同时,也应该爱党。

52、Love tearjerker Chinese history dramas on TV.酷爱电视上催泪的中国古装剧。 。

53、The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire;罗马帝国衰亡史》; 爱德华·吉本。

54、Love for art carried him abroad.对艺术的热爱促使他到了国外。

55、We should ofen propagandize and educate the people.加强民族的爱国的宣传教育。

56、United Kingdom-wide known as the United Kingdom, from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland form.英国全称为大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国,由英格兰、苏格兰、威尔士和北爱尔兰组成。

57、He expessed earnest love to his motherland.他对他的祖国充满了真挚的爱。

58、I was full of patriotism and wanted to protect the motherland.当时我洋溢着爱国主义思想,希望保卫祖国。

59、Next business day flower delivery across the Republic of Ireland . 下一个营业日鲜花递送全国爱尔兰共和国。

60、Watching lanterns has been enjoyed by Chinese people since ancient China.赏花灯从古代中国以来就一直受到中国人的喜爱。

61、The main method of patriotic, is to love what you are engaged in.爱国的主要方法,就是要爱自己所从事的事业。——谢觉哉。

62、During the Second World War the béret became a symbol of French Patriotism.到了二战期间,贝雷帽成为法国人爱国的标志。

63、With a long civilization, Dhina favors international exchange and loves world peace.具备悠久东方文明的中国,是一个热爱国际交往、崇尚世界和平的国度。

64、Today, Chinese still remember the three sisters with a telling ditty: "One loved money, one loved power, one loved China, " referring respectively to Ai-ling, Mei-ling and Qing-ling.今天,中国人仍然用一段生动民谣回忆这三姐妹:“一个爱钱,一个爱权,一个爱中国”,分别指霭龄、美龄和庆龄。

65、Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide are already fully state owned and their assets are in run-off.盎格鲁爱尔兰银行和爱尔兰全国银行已经完全国有化了,而它们的资产在流出。



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