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关于”中秋节“的英语句子31个,句子主体:Mid-Autumn Festival。以下是关于中秋节的初一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Mid-Autumn Festival


1、Results:The gout grain can alleviate the ache of articulationquickly, with the better function of relivering pain than Colchicine.


2、At this time of the autumn season, Vancouver, like many other places of Canada, is extremely beautiful.

3、There are two legends which claim to explain the tradition of eating mooncakes. 关于吃月饼这个传统的来历有两个传说。


4、During summer and autumn seasons, the pet mountain vegetation onions, flowers, all kinds of evergreen pine seasons.


5、It was just in the season of the late autumn, so there shows a gloomy and desolate scene even more.


6、Cool, is seasonal, The hot weather is, Cold, wind is, Warm greetings, is, Deep friendship;

在这个重大的节日里照常以送月饼——这种填馅的糕饼作为礼物。 月饼常常以蛋黄做馅代表中秋的满月。

7、As usual the occasion was marked by gifts of stodgy pastries known as mooncakes, often containing a solid yolk representing that day's full moon.


8、Autumn years, the harvest season, I wish the most sincere smile with you, deeply wishes you happy National Day, cause brilliant TOUCH DOWN!


9、The experiment was conducted in Guanzhong, Shaanxi to investigate the growth and development of product organs during winter-spring seasons of 29 cultivars of autumn sowing garlic.

10、在几月几日Mid Autumn Festival in a few months a few days


11、Happy Mud-autumn Day! I wish the round moon, people reunited; everyone has a good mood and everything goes well. We wish all the family happy and harmonious!


12、Autumn mother-in-law use its magic weapon nunchakus, beat summer grandpa savage let-down, mess and flee.


13、Conclusion: Infection rate of Aeromonas varied in season, having close relationship with diarrhea in summer and autumn.


14、We'll be off the air for the summer and returning for a new series in the autumn .


15、Cold wind blowing, cool dip the skin before they suddenly remembered the weather has long been early autumn season.

firstly, it’s day for family gathering. on midautumn day, families will stay together and eat a big dinner. my families always make very delicious food. after dinner, families will enjoy the beautiful full moon. we often have a good talk and eat moon cakes and fruits. for me, i like moon cakes very much. they are so tasty. besides, the midautumn day is in autumn. it’s my favorite season. 翻译: 我最喜欢的节日 我最喜欢的节日是中秋节,你知道为什么吗?

16、my favorite holiday my favorite holiday is midautumn day. do you know why?


17、But how can my heart back then, the late autumn, which is what a perfect season, ah.

按照犹太教的传统说法,天地万物的创造就是在秋天里完成的。 因此,犹太人的新年——拉什·哈夏那节定在夏末秋初。

18、The Creation itself was achieved in the autumn, according to a tradition of Judaism—whence the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, at summer’s end or the start of fall.


19、Mid-Autumn Festival day, part of the crew and passengers would also guess riddles with the lucky passenger will receive a large fine cakes and gifts.

中秋节的传说 Mooncakes are to MidAutumn Festival what mince pies are to Christmas. The seasonal round cakes traditionally have a sweet filling of lotus seed paste or red bean paste and often have one or more salted duck eggs in the center to represent the moon. And the moon is what this celebration is all about. MidAutumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th month, it is the time when the moon is said to be at its brightest and fullest. This year the festival falls on October

20、The legend of the MidAutumn Festival

21、The tendencies of daily variations of intercellular CO2 concentration were roughly the same, and the intercellular CO2 concentration at each period of time in autumn was higher than that in summer.夏秋季节胞间CO2体积分数日变化趋势大致相同,各时段胞间CO2体积分数秋季均高于夏季;

22、These outbreaks chiefly attacked the boarding schools located in township and outskirt of city (82.81%), mostly occurred in spring and autumn, especially at the beginning of autumn term.疫情多发于乡镇和城乡结合部的寄宿学校(82.81%),以春、秋季节尤其是秋季开学为高发,传播途径以水型为主(65.63%)。

23、This is the first beginning of autumn that I haven't wished for myself some “freshman” life.这是第一次在秋初时节,我没为自己祈求什么“新生”生活。

24、LAIYANG, China (Reuters) - Strawberries have just begun to bloom in this high-tech greenhouse in northern China, their large, thick green leaves shining in the autumn sun.路透中国莱阳xx月xx日电(记者Nao Nakanishi/牛淑萍)---中国北方的高科技大棚中,草莓刚刚进入开花季节,硕大的厚厚绿叶在秋日阳光下闪着光芒。

25、Swine influenza can occur year-round, fall and winter seasons , in temperate regions the incidence will be higher.猪流感可能会出现全年,秋冬季节,在温带地区的发病率将更高。

英文句子26:,26、The quality of the different pepper season is different, the general underlying quality pepper pepper than in autumn.季节不同花椒的质量也有差异,一般伏椒比秋椒质量好。

27、Following our summer wedding, Roe and I moved into our first home in the late fall.在我们的夏日婚礼之后,晚秋时节我和罗搬进了我们的第一个家。

28、Water-saving, high yield and high efficiency technique for sweet potato in summer and autumn dry season in red soil hilly region is conducted from 2002 to 2003.xx年研究了夏秋干旱季节红壤丘岗区红薯节水高产高效技术措施。

29、In the Mid-Autumn Festival, home alive: summer school sister, daughter, sister's son, and this entry to university 's sister 's daughter. Late.中秋节这天,家里热闹起来:暑假开学的大姐的女儿,二姐的儿子,还有今年入读大学的三姐的女儿。晚。

30、Bless the Mid-Autumn joyful festival happiness, the month circle person circle everything reunion. The people are the everything. Congratulations to the family, and full of joy, family! ! ! ! !祝福中秋佳节快乐,月圆人圆事事团圆。人顺心顺事事都顺。祝全家幸福、和气满堂、合家欢乐!

31、Mackerel clouds refer to a weather phenomenon which forecasts the upcoming cold air in autumn and winter.鱼鳞云是一种天气现象,经常出现在秋冬季节,预示着冷空气的到来。

32、That day, the East geophysical staff of more than 247 teams fought 300 Dina 3-D seismic in the construction site and had a hectic autumn.这天,东方物探247队300多名员工奋战在迪那3三维地震施工现场,过了一个紧张忙碌的中秋节。

33、Old person happily said that and exhorts the staff specially: certainly must get the date, catches up with Olympic Games' Mid-Autumn Festival, has the commemoration significance.老人得意地说,并特意嘱咐工作人员:“一定要把日期打上,赶上奥运的中秋节,多有纪念意义呐。”

34、A senior central bank official, Cai Qiusheng, mentioned just before Christmas that China’s $1.9 trillion foreign exchange reserves had actually begun to shrink.央行一位高级官员,蔡秋生(音)刚刚在圣诞节前称中国


35、Turning around, I went to the autumn harvest season, and my home are filled with a loofah loofah vine.转眼,又到了秋收的季节了,我家的丝瓜藤上挂满了丝瓜。

36、Perhaps autumn is the most pleasant season of the year. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It is the best time for going on a trip.秋天也许是xx年中最宜人的季节。天气既不太冷也不太热。这是去旅行的最好的时间。

37、Deep thoughts, silently blessing silently the most true, silently, silently care have miss forever in mind, waiting for the Mid-Autumn festival, silently coming.默默地思念很深,默默地祝福最真,默默地怀念难舍难分,默默的牵挂永远在心,默默地等待中秋节来临。

38、Autumn is noisy, and only in this season to enjoy the joy of each harvest.秋是喧闹的,也只有在这个季节才能尽情地品尝每一份收获的喜悦。

39、As for me, I have spent many a fall without lamenting about it arriving or leaving…but since I have known you, I have known for the first time a season I would hate to let go.至于我,秋去秋来, 我从没悲叹。

1、但自认识你后,我才首次知道, 对于一个季节我会不愿放手。

40、Fighting crickets don't live much longer than 100 days, which has limited the season to fall.斗蟋的寿命仅为百日左右,这就将斗蟋蟀的季节限定在了秋季。

41、Treatment of tillering nodes of F1 plants with colchicine and backcrossing to T. aestivum produced 用秋水仙碱处理分蘖节后,再用普通小麦回交得到11粒种子。

11 seeds.

42、The more gratifying thing is that the National Day is just coming up with Mid-autumn Festival, Double Day, then there's the super long gold week which is 更加可喜的是,国庆正赶上中秋,“双节齐放”,于是有了今年“史无前例”的超长8天黄金周。

8 days long.

43、At this time of reunion, when the moon is round again, we would like to invite you to the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration organized by WCCA.又到xx年月圆时,月圆圆,人团圆,让我们相聚一起,共同庆祝中秋这个有着无数美丽传说的节日吧!

44、我特别喜欢蛋黄月饼,我们通常在这一天吃月饼. Everyone in china likes MidAutumn Day 。

45、 Children will play with their own toy lanterns happily。晚上有一顿美餐,离家在外工作的人也要回来团圆。

46、In autumn, It's neither too hot nor too cold. It is harvest-time. Farmers are busy getting in the crops.秋季既不太冷也不太热,是收获的季节,农民们忙于收获庄稼。

47、They may have some soft chaste, in the autumn leaves season always become melancholy.自己或许有些优柔寡欲了,在秋季树叶飘零的季节里总是变得忧郁伤感。

48、The fall harvest season, the Dong minority likes on the mountain burning the charcoal fire, the roasting standing grain colored fish to eat.秋收时节,侗族喜欢在山上烧起炭火、烘烤禾花鱼吃。

49、Oh, Rach, FYl: Your new apartment hasn't had hot water since Christmas.瑞秋,有件事忘了告诉你,你那间新公寓自圣诞节后就没热水了。

50、If you dunk your head in during spring or summer, though, when the males assume breeding hues, you might think you were near a coral reef.而在春秋时节雄鱼会呈现求偶色,如果你那时把脑袋浸入水中,可能会以为自己身处珊瑚礁附近。

经典英文句子51:中秋节,51、This festival is said to be the best time for autumn tourism, such as going climbing, drinking wine and looking into the distance, praying for good health and longevity for the aged.传说该节是秋游的好时节,爬山登高,饮洒望远,祈求安康,老人则求长寿。

52、September is beginning autumn , remembered the last winter, the leaves still hung from their trees.xx月已是秋季,想起了去年,已是入冬时节,叶子却还满满地挂在枝头上。


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