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关于”名句“的英语句子50个,句子主体:famous sentence。以下是关于名句的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:famous sentence


1、The statement coverge and the design coverge criteria are two famous testing criteria, That are widely applied in software testing .


2、Those were the first words of Ricky Kaká on his arrival at Malpensa, surrounded by dozens of fans and journalists.

如果给它传递正确的 ID 文件名和密码,那么该函数会提供一个到 ID 文件中凭证的句柄。

3、This method supplies a handle to the credentials of the ID file if you p it the correct ID file name and pword.


4、The time is 1944, the pengers are prisoners on their way to be executed, and a voice on the soundtrack delivers a litany of names, each followed by the phrase "Mort pour La France".

顺便提一句,请记住名称空间只是一个标识,它看起来类似于 URL,但它不指向任何东西。

5、Incidentally, remember that a namespace is just an identifier; it looks just like a URL, but it does not point to anything.


6、It's a pretty benign statement of technological aptitude, even given that the senator's a cross-platform computer user at home.


7、Although stored procedures are not listed, you can type the name of a single-statement stored procedure that does not modify data.


8、The words have become immortalized, and the unhappy story of Anna Karenina is considered one of the greatest novels ever written.


9、For any given release, the compiler knows which feature names have been defined, and raises a compile-time error if a future statement contains a feature not known to it.


10、The sooner you say her name back to her (just append it to any of your statements), the quicker she’ll realize that you made an effort to remember it.


11、Countless sleepless nights, thousands of failures and even more—all of these are part of a scientist’s life.

“自助者,天助之。” 是一句久经考验的至理名言,无数人们的经验结晶体现在这小小的指路罗盘之上。

12、"Heaven helps those who help themselves" is a well-tried maxim, embodying in a small comp the results of vast human experience.


13、And it was done as she said; all the storks were named Peter, and so they are all called even now.


14、That email included this line: "In St. Lucie County, Fla. , there were 175,574 registered eligible voters, but 247,713 votes were cast."

要映射 TestTableName 属性,请使用名称为 PreTest SQL 字符串的 WebSphere 属性,在这里您可以设置一条 SQL 语句来测试每个 JDBC 连接。

15、To map the TestTableName attribute, use the WebSphere property called PreTest SQL string, where you can set an SQL sentence to test each JDBC connection.


16、Submit card hands, and should be used for each text shun handed over, follow say "please give your comments or so."

每个查询的信息包括输入和输出 SQLDA、语句文本、SQLCA、包名、创建者、区号和一致性符号。

17、The information for each query consists of the input and output SQLDA, the statement text, the SQLCA, the package name, the creator, the section number, and the consistency token.


18、Many well-known grammarians, like Randolph Quirk and Geoffrey Leech, argued about the syntactic and semantic features of non-equivalent comparisons.


19、This is the Xiangyang Park, you'll know him when you see him. If his appearance doesn't alert you, the first words out of his mouth will.


20、You cure to gush too much for the someone else queries you several go out to talk rubbish to scandal a person four congratulating Jin fame.

21、The very first phrase after the two words "Our Father" reminds us of this. "Hallowed be thy name. " What does that mean?主祷文紧接首句「我们在天上的父」之后,便教导我们「尊神的名为圣」,这究竟是甚麽意思呢?

22、Research shows that they get an extremely significant progress on pitch, loudness, length of sentences after visual music therapy.研究证明,四名被试经可视音乐治疗后,音调、响度、语句时长控制这三个方面均有了极其显著的进步。

23、He quoted a famous Chinese saying, "a friend in need is a friend indeed", and said that it has been confirmed by the long-term exchanges between China and Algeria.他说,中国有句名言,叫做“患难见真情”,这已在中阿长期交往中得到了最好的印证。

24、The title came from a comment Don's daughter made. It kind of has this retro-horror film sound to it. We all thought it was funny!专辑的名字来自阿东女儿的一句对专辑的评语。我们都认为这个很有趣!

25、Konnikova says the unsent angry letter used to be a tradition among public figures who needed to think twice about their choice of words.科尼科娃说,作为名人间的一项传统,永不寄出的愤怒信曾让他们三思自己的遣词造句。

英文句子26:,26、Omniknight's battle begin line The Omniscience may spare them, but I will not. ] is a reference to General Patton's quote May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't.其中一条战斗开始音效出自巴顿将军的名句: 愿上帝会怜悯我的敌人,因为我不会。

27、And there are actually multiple versions of some of The plays. And perhaps the most famous of all lines From one of the plays is from Hamlet.实际上他的一些剧有多种版本,所有台词中最著名的也许是,哈姆雷特中的那一句。

28、According to one popular anecdote, one of Nunb's lines translates to "one thousand herds of elephants are standing on my foot."按照一则著名奇闻的说法,农布的一句台词翻译过来就是“一千群象站在我的脚上。”

29、Cyber-living resembles the experience of seeing disguised people behind a mask, maintaining distance between one another.这一部分中,the experience of seeing disguised people behind a mask, maintaining distance between one another句中动名词的排比结构在给读者一种整齐美的同时透出了变化。

30、If a savepoint with the same name that is specified for svpt1 already exists in the same transaction, this statement generates an error.如果同一个事务中已经存在一个和 svpt1 同名的保存点,那么该语句将生成一个错误。

31、He proposed the nebular hypothesis and added a famous phrase: creation is never complete and it is ever going on.康德在这本书中提出了他的“星去假说”。他还说了一句有名的话“创造永不会完成,这一直都在进行。”

32、My mother is from Shanghai, she always wanted to be a Shaoxing opera performers, all right when he sang a few words at home, feeling good.我妈是上海人,她一直想当一名越剧演员,没事儿的时候就在家唱几句,那种感觉很好。

33、W: You will be working with two other head brokers, in another word, you will be handling about a third of our clients.女士:你将与另外两名首席经纪人一起工作,换句话说,你将会管理大约三分之一的客户。

34、Enterprise'sspirits:Look at today falling behind Target: set up world's name brand Pursue:there is no full stop forever wish:Use ZhanHeng's leather, choose the road to success!企业精神:视今天为落后 目标:创世界名牌 追求:永远没有句号 祝福:用展恒皮革、走成功之路!

35、After reading, see Du Fu name sentence " install widely between mansion ten million, shelter greatly the world is cold person all smiles happily " , have kind of feeling that quivers all over.读书后,看到杜甫名句“安得广厦千万间,大庇天下寒士俱欢颜”,有种浑身一颤的感觉。

36、There is a famous hipster cliché that goes: I used to like that band before it got popular.“潮人”们有句著名的老话儿是这样说的:我曾喜欢过那支乐队,在它还没有走红之前。

37、In other words, lawyers' jobs are identical to that of novelists, except they earn money, drive big cars, live in huge houses with blonde trophy wives called Meghan.换句话说,律师干的事儿和小说家本质上异曲同工,区别不过是他们全发了财,开着名车,住着豪宅,还娶了金发碧眼、名叫梅根的美娇娘。

38、The second part aims to discuss the nominal predicate sentence composed of the nouns with stating meaning itself, which mainly composed two types: with turn meaning or with nature meaning.第二部分是自身有陈述语义基础的名词形成的名词谓语句,主要分为顺序义、性状义两大类,在此基础上讨论了这些陈述义的特点及相关问题。

39、cogito ergo sum' in Latin, very famous one of pats one of his famous quotations in any philosophical works.“我思故我在”,拉丁文叫做“cogito,ergo,sum”,I,think,,therefore,I,am,,‘,在过去对于任何哲学作品来说这句的引用都非常著名。

40、In other words, there were 换句话说,就是每10000名妇女中每年的死亡人数分别为

5.3 versus

3.4 deaths per

10, 000 women per year —

1.9 extra deaths in hormone users.




41、And while her Pier on the Central waterfront may be slated for demolition, the statue of Queen Victoria still sits unperturbed in the park that bears her name.这句没译出来,作者是说,虽然位于中环的皇后码头要拆了,但维多丽亚皇后的塑像却还耸立在以她的名字命名的公园(即简称维园的维多丽亚公园)里。

42、As the birthplace of Zen sect, Nanhua Temple has a history of 1500years. In the temple, there exist many amazing couplets written by celebrities and eminent monks.距今已有xx年历史的禅宗祖庭南华禅寺内,至今留有不少名人、高僧所撰题的妙联佳句。

43、They could see again today that Lucas is a worker who has quality. He can challenge in the air, tackle and p the ball.今天再次验证这句话,卢卡斯是一名非常有实力的球员,他在空中争球、拦截、传球都颇具威胁。

44、The crew, mainly Spanish mercenaries, didn't understand their orders; the admiral's reputed last words were 'knaves I cannot rule'.机组人员,主要是西班牙雇佣军不服从命令,船上的上将留下一句有名遗言“一帮不听命令的恶棍。”

45、In other words, the woman has a strong affect on him. He wants to spend time with her to get to know her better.换句话说,这名女教师对他感情非常深,他希望花费一些时间和她在一起,更多地了解她。

46、The whole point of leadership is to make sure the right decisions happpen-for the long-term greatness of the institution and the achievement of its mission, independent of consensus or popularity.但是这句话点名,真正的好的领导,应该是能够引领大家做出正确决定的人。

47、Oppenheimer famously said that witnessing the incredible violence of the test recalled to him lines from Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."奥本海默说了举世闻名的一句话,他说,这场核试验让他目睹了令人难以置信的残忍景象,由此他联想到印度佛经里的语句,在薄伽梵歌曰:“现在我变成了死神,世界的毁灭者。”

48、As Dr. Murphy was a clergyman, he makes frequent reference to the Bible and cites quotations from both the Old and New Testaments.由于墨菲博士曾是一名教士,他会在本书中频繁地提及《圣经》并引用《旧约全书》和《圣经新约》中的词句。

49、Mr. Buffett has famously said that he sealed the name of his successor in an envelope in his office in Omaha, Neb. But Mr.巴菲特广为人知的一句话是,他已将自己继任者的名字封入一个信封放在他位于奥马哈的办公室里。

50、For he introduced one captain Dewey every player, except there is no other wonderfully shake hands performance, even didn't say a word said.队长杜威为他一一介绍每名球员,卡马乔除了握手再无其他表现,甚至连一句话都没有说。

经典英文句子51:名句,51、It is the result of interaction between the author and topicalized noun on cognitive pragmatic level when personal dual gender noun is elevated to the topicalized position.这种现象与句法层面上起衔接作用的“回指”或“类指”无关,而是双重性别名词上升到主题时,语篇作者与主题化名词在认知语用层上交互作用的结果。

52、Then the king called his most knowledgeable ministers, talked about his dream and asked them find it.于是,所罗门王找来了最有智慧的几位老臣,向他们讲了那个梦,要求他们把那句至理名言想出来。

53、There is a famous remark from Abraham Lincoln "Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."有一句名言,亚伯拉罕。林肯的“给我留个小时砍倒一棵树,我会先花四小时磨斧头。”

54、The inner similarity between A-Q and the nephew confirms the logion in the Enlightenment Era of France: Man is the product of society.阿Q和侄儿这种内涵上的相似性印证了法国启蒙时期一句名言:人是社会的产物。

55、The name of Romainville recurred incessantly to his mind, with the two verses of a song which he had heard in the past.罗曼维尔那个名字不时回到他的脑海中来,同时又联想到他从前听过的两句歌词上。

56、Wver penned this well known saying undoubtedly had it right - in England alone there are around 45,000 different surnames - each with a history behind it.写下这句名言的人是对的——在英格兰,有45000个不同的姓氏,而每个姓氏后都有它背后的历史。

57、Which used a lot, such as the "feel bad" and "were only scheming for their own" phrases such attacks and insinuations to the owner.其中使用了大量诸如“心存不良”、“各怀鬼胎”之类的语句来攻击和影射这名业主。

58、Your chairman has requested that I make a few personal remarks. My name is Lin Fang and I am Director of Planning at the Youth Pharmaceutical Company.你们董事长邀我讲几句话。我名叫林方,是幼狮制药公司的企划课长。

59、It's a titillating thought but, considering the aphorism"ignorance is bliss, " one might wonder: Would it really be better tobe brainier?这是一个令人心痒难耐的想法,但是,想起那句“无知便是福”的名言,某些人可能会想:变聪明真的更好吗?

60、In other words, different teams can allocate their own namespaces and, when that convention is respected by all team members, the number of name clashes should be reduced to zero.换句话说, 不同的团队可以分配他们自己的名称空间,当所有团队成员都遵循这个惯例时,名称冲突的情况应该会降为零。

61、And I felt as if the words somehow delighted in being discovered, for they were obviously very generous to the as yet anonymous writer of the notes.我还感觉到好像那些字句也乐于让我们发现,它们是那么毫无保留地,慷慨地为这无名氏作者借用,而现在轮到这位无名氏来学习与人分享这些美文的奥秘。



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