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关于”网上很火“的英语句子33个,句子主体:Online is very hot。以下是关于网上很火的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Online is very hot


1、Surfing the Internet is fun, but it's also a time waster.


2、Scientists unveiled a meteorite from Mars in which they said there were microscopic fossils.


3、Although sleep is always fitful on trains, I dozed off more quickly than usual.

她上了火车之后就把这次经历贴到了学校的微博上。 于是这故事像野火一样传遍了整个中国互联网。

4、The moment she did board the train, she posted her story on her school’s micro-blog, where it spread like wildfire across the Chinese Internet.


5、It's cold and windy outside, time to sit by the fire and internet until next year.


6、D: some of my friends play cards on the internet. Have you ever tried that?


7、Much of the value provided by additional firewalls can be achieved with less complexity by using virtual private networks or placing all the components on the same subnet.


8、Only a small amount of university journals have provided the internet accessibility so far and much of them appear via web pages of the Academic Periodical Journals' Website.


9、This document describes a protocol for the application-layer traversal of IP network firewalls.


10、If you put too much coal on the fire at once you'll smother it.


11、The grass on the grave is very long, fire it…


12、All households have internet access.


13、Sometimes the content of a Web site becomes much more famous than the people behind it.


14、Only about

12 percent of Indians have connection to the Internet -- much less than in countries like China.


15、A circle of fire surrounded the ship.


16、Chinese Internet plays are also hot.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- moon:可数。There are many volcanoes on planets and moons.



18、There were many people traveling to Xiamen, so there were many people on the train.


19、Sage type: Last time I was on the internet, a web page suddenly popped-up; it was very erotic, very violent, so I quickly closed my eyes.


20、There are many websites selling DC motors.

21、He tells me he's a good tennis-player.他跟我说他网球打患上很好。

22、He is curious about the world of the Internet, so he surfs the net every day.他对网路的世界很好奇,所以他每天上网。

23、Me too. Recently, I'm fascinated with net-chat. I've made many friends on the net.我也是。最近,我迷上了网聊。我在网上交了很多朋友。

24、Skyfire fires up fast and web pages load quickly.天火大火迎头赶上和网页加载迅速。

25、Netbooks have screens which are wide, but shallow.上网本的屏幕比较宽,但是很窄。

英文句子26:,26、Perhaps the ash fall from an eruption pulled her from her web and smothered her.大概是在一次火山喷发中,火山灰把它从网上打落下来,并使其窒息。

27、Network sale is to be carried very in recent years igneous concept, a lot of enterprises began to trying.网络营销是近年来提得很火的概念,许多企业都开始在尝试了。

28、Gong's nickname, "Xiao Long Nu" or "Little Dragon Maiden", is well known because domestic and foreign media have covered her story.龚的网名是“小龙女”,她在网络上已经很火了,因为国内媒体曾报道过她的事迹。

29、Suwon atmospheric pressure in the water (or pressure)through the pipe network under pressure within the inlet.火本的水正在小大气的压力力(或者火压)的作用上通功管网压到了入水管外。

30、Web publishing is a brand new publishing form which breaks through the traditional publishing in a great extent.网络出版非一类齐旧的出版业态,它反在很大火平上突立了传统出版的观念。

31、I was very happy last weekend.上周末我很小学生作文网。

32、Many corporate network firewalls block connections via unrecognised ports and protocols;很多公司网络的防火墙,因为无法识别的端口和协议会阻止连接。

33、It is likely, though, that Eyjafjallajokull will have lessons for volcanologists studying very similar mountains elsewhere in the world.尽管如斯,艾雅法拉冰河火山的爆发也很可能为火山研究专家们研究世界上其他各地相似火山上了很好一课。

34、The Host Firewall can defend the Intranet against the attacks from the internal network in a large extent , but the related techniques need to be studied.主机防火墙可以在很大程度上防御来自企业网内部的攻击,但其实现技术或实现方式尚有待研究。

35、There're various resources online.网上也有很多资源,我之所以提这个。

36、SuYan let he and WenXue and ling jie together to interview online very large dumpling shop fire.苏岩让他与温雪和凌桀一同去采访网上很火的超大饺子店。

37、Students attend cyber school for many reasons.学生们出于很多原因上网校。

38、When you add in gas money and the time you might spend standing in line on Friday morning, online sales are even better.当你在网上冲钱,你很可能会花费星期五早上的时间呆在网上,网上的物品会好些。

39、ABCDEFG是目前网络上很火的词,一般都认为是“A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl ”的英文缩写。

40、A new T-shirt with the image of the recent CCTV fire on its front has gone on sale over the Internet (see photo).央视新址北配楼发生大火后不久,"央视大火"T恤开始在网上热卖(见图)。

41、If you want to close the Firewall, please blank the check box of "Internet Connection Firewall".如欲关闭防火墙,请漏空「网际网路连线防火墙」中之空格;

42、Most new computers come with a built-in firewall. Firewalls are a necessary part of safe web surfing.大部分新电脑内嵌有防火墙。防火墙是上网安全保障的必要部分。

43、For example, many home users have a broadband router/firewall that performs Network Address Translation.比如,很多家庭用户都是通过带NAT(Network Address Translation)功能的路由器/防火墙上网。

44、There are many homeward-bound rural laborers and students.趟火车上,有很多返乡民工和学生。

45、Because of this, the volcano on north-west Kauai is old and extinct, while the volcanos on Hawaii's south-east edge are the most active in the world.因此,西北端考艾岛上的火山都是很老的死火山,然而,位于夏威夷东南边的火山却是世界上活动最频繁的活火山。

46、Young Internet users are 'vulnerable' to grooming and stalkers because they aren't being protected online.年轻的互联网用户们在网络上很容易被伪装的坏人坑骗,因为他们在网络上并没有被很好的保护。

47、Many web-related crimes arise.很多网上罪行出现。

48、with a BARRAGE of leaping fire which FLASHES down and伴随着跳跃的火焰,织成了火力网然后

49、Compared with regular Internet users, the study found, kids who were heavy users or non-users were more likely to be depressed or very depressed。研究发现,跟“正常上网者”相比,过度上网和不上网的孩子更容易感到“抑郁”或“很抑郁”。

50、"the text of Mars " is a new type of network languages which emerged in recent years.“火星文”是近年在网络上出现的新型网络用语。

经典英文句子51:网上很火,51、Soon after, putting the high guard before the blazing fire, he stole down-stairs.过了一会,他在烧得很旺的火炉前面放上高隔火屏就悄悄下楼来。

52、The whispering in class aggravates our teacher.课堂上的窃窃私语使我们的老师很恼火。

53、The train was still burning on Tuesday morning and it was feared that the burning oil tanks could explode.星期二早上火仍未熄灭,列车上着火的油罐很有可能引发爆炸。

54、It wasn’t long before Yoani Sanchez’s blog had caught fire on the Internet and was being downloaded onto computer flash drives and passed from person to person.雅尼·桑切斯(Yoani Sanchez)的博客很快就在互联网上火起来,很快就被下载到电脑的闪速存储器上并被人们相互传阅。



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