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关于”成分有哪些“的英语句子27个,句子主体:What are the ingredients。以下是关于成分有哪些的雅思英语句子。

英文句子模板1:What are the ingredients


1、One of the functions of MHC is to indicate which cells belong inside your body, which cells don't.



2、Our crew will do what the division of labor?


3、You have to do triage between banks that are illiquid and undercapitalized but solvent and those that are insolvent.


4、But what are the chances of these futuristic images becoming reality?


5、The answer depends on a lot of variables, including which does more damage, what is on cooldown, the synergy between the abilities, etc.


6、But what’s the best way to share these posts?


7、This article shows how English became an international language and what national features it has.


8、Might some interrogators have been confused about which techniques went too far?


9、Experts, perhaps hired in, could then work out which banks need liquidity, which require capital - and which are no longer viable.

《国际肝病》: 能够区分这些细胞的生物标志物有哪些?

10、Hepatology Digest: Are there any biomarkers to which we can differentiate these cells?


11、Let's now break up the parts of a trace and figure what will be useful when you need to look at the components of this diagnostic tool.


12、In this way, we can differentiate which navigations are new, and which are session history navigations.


13、Which institutions accept IELTS scores?


14、What’s the lingo in your industry?


15、What are the ingredients or constituents ? or elements of a good life versus a bad life?


16、What are the factors? Go ahead.


17、He says it's unclear what part of the damage is from Mother Nature and which is from human nature.


18、What does that revision do to ESH, will those guidelines be revised?


19、At best, reason can tell us which of our values are inconsistent, and which actions will lead to fulfillment of our goals.


20、You'll need to re-write some parts.

21、She says it's almost impossible to tell which foods have ingredients from China. Watch grocery shopping with Bongiorni »她说说出哪些食品含有中国成分不可能。

22、What lessons have you learned that were key to your successes – and what have you ignored to your peril?哪些是你在通往成功路上学到的课程呢,哪些是你忽略的从而导致危亡的呢?

23、Do Herbalife know where the ingredients come from? YES!贺宝芙知道这些成分从哪里来的吗? 是的!

24、What are the international implications of the recent reports of radioactivity in food in Japan?近来有关日本食品中含有放射性物质的报告会造成哪些国际影响?

25、Volunteers looked at each picture and decided which were human and which were dolls.志愿者看着每张图片并指出哪个部分是人,哪些是玩具娃娃。

英文句子26:,26、What specialty food southwest Guizhou?黔西南有哪些特产食品?

27、Which of these words do you want me to abbreviate for the telegram?您要我将这些字中的哪些字缩写成电报?

28、Teams need to segregate which tests should be automated and which are to be manually completed, document testing procedures, and train the test teams.团队需要分清,记录测试步骤,以及培训测试团队,哪些测试应该是自动化的,哪些应该是手动完成的。

29、Who knows what AAB International, founded and headquartered in what? Branch where?谁知道AAB国际公司哪年成立,总部在哪?分公司在哪里?

30、The most ludicrous assertion was that "experts" could distinguish "genuine" circles from "hoaxed" ones. Even after one such expert, G.最可笑的说法是,「专家」可以分辨哪些庄稼圈是真的,哪些是人的恶作剧。

31、Few know which of the many stories that propagate about Yaddle are true and which are pure legend.但几乎没有人知道,这些关于娅德尔的故事,哪些是真的,哪些只是谣传。

32、Like? Eye cream are divided into which categories?样的?眼霜皆分为哪些种别?

33、Now, in STFT, our window is of finite length, thus it covers only a portion of the signal, which causes the frequency resolution to get poorer.我在这里说频率分辨率差,意思是我们不能确切的知道信号中哪些频率分量存在,我们只知道哪些频段的分量存在。

34、I was sure i burst into teras, but i didn't know which was tears , which was rain.我确定自己流泪了,但我分不清脸上哪些是雨水哪些是泪水。

35、It uses that taxonomy to lay out which elements become pages, and which ones become tabs or sub-pages.它利用分类来安排哪些元素作为页面、以及哪些元素作为选项卡或子页面。

36、How is the test content changing?考试内容有哪些变化?

37、What is actually changing during this process of differentiation?分化的过程中,实际发生了哪些变化

38、What other benefits would seriously interest you?还有哪些福利会让你十分感兴趣呢?

39、By the way, did you have any other dreams last night that didn't come true?顺便问问,你昨天晚上做的梦有哪些没成真吗?

40、But it is hard to tell which banks are long Greek debt and which are shorting it.但很难分辨哪些银行是在做多希腊债券,哪些银行是在做空希腊债券。

41、So some p orbitals form pi molecular orbitals, and some form sigma p orbitals.有些p轨道会形成π分子轨道,有些会形成p轨道。

42、Could I establish a Foreign-funded business enterprise? Any conditions needed? What materials should I present for application? How long can I get an official reply generally?能否成立一家外商投资商业企业?需哪些条件?申请时须提交哪些材料?一般多长时间有批复?

43、The ground snow-white, can't tell what a building, what is the way.地面上一片雪白,分不清哪些是楼房,哪些是道路。

44、First, we characterize graphs whose tensor product and lexicographic product admit nowhere-zero 3-flows.第一部分我们给出了哪些图的张量积; 哪些图的字典积具有非零3-流的充分条件。

45、So, what do we know about spatial distribution?关于空间分布,我们了解哪些东西?

46、I can’t do them all today so help me know what’s important and what’s not important.这么多事,我今天不可能全做完,求你使我分辨哪些重要,哪些不重要。

47、I know which lords are brave and which are craven, which are loyal and which are venal. I can deliver allies to her.我知道如何区分勇武的领主和那些胆小鬼们,哪些是忠犬而哪些仅是些墙头草,我可以为她征召到同盟。

48、A: What are the hot working processes?热加工工艺有哪些?

49、What parts of the project are having trouble with regressions or bad checkins?专案的哪些部分目前有回复方面的问题或不正确的签入?

50、Defining which parts of a business process are common among all customers, and which are implemented optionally, helps guide the prioritization of the product's features.定义所有用户中哪部分业务过程是通用的,哪部分是可选择执行的,这些可以帮助指导产品特征的优先级划分。

经典英文句子51:成分有哪些,51、Most CEOs would kill to run a company that possessed a quarter of these competencies.上述的这些能力,大部分的CEO哪怕只拥有其中 四分之一,就已经能够称霸一方。

52、When forming the private group, they would be able to pick which section of questions to answer.当组成的民间团体,他们将能够选择哪些问题解答部分。

53、Kraehenbuehl said a distinction must be made between civilians and combatants.克雷恩布尔说,必须分清楚哪些是平民,哪些是战斗人员。

54、You should educate yourself so you know what active ingredients are in the prescription and over-the-counter medicines you are taking.你必须让自己知道你用的药方和非处方药物中有哪些有效成分。

55、What other tasks are you going to do as part of your broader role?作为您的广泛角色的一部分,还有哪些其他任务需要完成?

56、If you want to write screenplays that production companies will want to produce, you need to have a thorough understanding of what has already been done, what worked and what didn't.如果你想要写出制作公司愿意拍摄的电影剧本,你就需要对“哪些体裁以前成功过,哪些体裁没有”有一个清楚的认识。

57、Another day my cousin asked grandpa how grandpa could tell what people would need rides.还有一天,表妹问:“爷爷,你怎样分辩哪些人要坐车刎?”

58、Which of these branches that are available to me, the branches of my life story, which is the one in which the future from here on out ?" holds more pleasure and holds less pain?"我能得到哪些分支,我的人生故事的分支,从这里起步的哪一种未来,有更多快乐更少痛苦“

59、They can’t prioritize what needs to be done quickly and what needs more time to complete.他们分不出轻重缓急,不知道哪些需要马上去做,哪些可以晚些完成。



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