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1、Finally the main characteristics of high-level talents' should embody the ability of imagination, cniticization, memorization , confidence, exploration.


2、The spoken language intercommunication ability is one of the important abilities which make up of the professional ability.


3、Listening ability tests our vocabulary , grammar, response ability and general ability.


4、That's our power. The power to contribute.


5、The reading ability structure is composed of four factors. They are: recognition ability, comprehension ability, reasoning ability, inducing and summarizing ability.


6、Communicative competence is comprehensive abilities which are developed on the basis of lingui…


7、Good oral communication and team sprits are preferred.


8、Water hyacinth has strong tolerance to pollution and purifying capacity;


9、Arts promote people's reasoning and visualising.



4 abilities refer to innovative ability, adaptability, public relations ability and the ability to build your own team.


11、The rate of employment is the macro criterion for judging the viability, competitiveness and sustainable development ability of a college's graduates.


12、In the type of clinic, the order were the basic knowledge of nursing, clinical knowledge, ability of adapting society, management, research ability, teaching and the community nursing ability.


13、Listening ability tests our vocabulary, grammar, re oe ability and general ability.


14、Prerequisite: Ability to use telekinesis as a supernatural ability.


15、The fact that we love, the fact that we think, the fact that we experience emotions, what have you--these are ordinary features of us.


16、When a GF learns an ability, some new abilities may appear.


17、Skills learned: Diplomacy, adaptability, patience, performance under pressure, responsibility, self-confidence, strong work ethic.


18、Skills learned: Diplomacy, adaptability, patience, performance underpressure, responsibility, self-confidence, strong work ethic.


19、Group leaders should try to improve their learning capacity, teamwork capacity, executive capacity, management capacity and service capacity.

富裕是全然体验生活的能力。 能力。

20、Rich is the ability to experience life altogether.

21、Powers are just what they sound like—superhuman abilities such as super-strength and the ability to fly.异能仅是那些超人能力听起来像什么—例如超级力量或者飞行能力。

22、It depends on our ability to dream, to take action and persevere even when we fail.它依赖于我们梦的能力,行动的能力已经即使失败仍然坚持的能力。

23、Strong organizational skills, including the ability to meet stringent deadlines, communicate progress on projects and work with managers to coordinate multiple projects concurrently.良好的组织能力,包括在限期内完成任务的能力,项目进程沟通能力,与经理合作同时完成多个项目的能力。

24、Grade ability is an important technical performance in compactor operation capability.爬坡能力是压路机作业能力的一项主要技术性能。

25、Subject leadership, strong organization and coordination ability, communication skills and implementation capacities.服从领导,有较强的组织协调能力、沟通能力和执行能力。

英文句子26:,26、Good command of training skill, English skill is preferable.培训授课能力强,有英语交流能力尤佳。

27、We must study the structure of mathematics ability again, put self-regulated ability into it and regards self-regulated ability as an important component of mathematics ability.我们必须重新认识数学能力结构,要在数学能力结构中引进自我监控能力,并把自我监控能力作为数学能力的重要成分。

28、It's success depends mainly on the research insights, insights, the ability to think from a theoretical field and innovative ability.科研成功与否主要取决于其洞察力、感悟力、理论思维能力、田野能力和创新能力。

29、Dynamic strategic ability of the enterprises includes dynamic strategic thinking ability, strategic change ability and strategic evaluation ability.企业的动态战略能力包括动态战略思维能力、战略转变能力和战略评价能力。

30、Available water capacity of weekly erosion red-soil derived from Qz was higher than that derived from granite.供试土壤低吸力阶段的供水能力远大于高吸力段供水能力。

31、At present, ability view in higher vocational education is changing from academic ability view to professional abil…当前,高等职业教育中的能力观正由“学术能力观”向“职业能力观”转变。

32、Self-regulation is said to reflect a combination of attention, inhibition and memory skills.自我调节能力据说能综合反映注意力、抑制力和记忆力。

33、The article considers that a matured singer must have the competence to control the voice, to manage the song, to express the emotion and to control the mentality, and to achieve stage performance.一个成熟的歌唱者,必须具备较高的驾驭声音的能力、处理歌曲的能力、情感表现的能力、心理控制的能力和舞台表演的能力。

34、I have the ability to read English instructions with the help of a dictionary.最后呢,虽然我是高中生,但是我也总结出来一些心得;

35、C7 The students should have high comprehensive diathesis: have strong learning, expression, organization, social adaptation and creation abilities.C7综合素质高:具有较强的学习能力、表达能力、组织能力、社会适应能力和创造能力等。

36、The fact that we love, the fact that we think, the fact that we experience emotions, what have you--these are ordinary features of us.我们有彼此相爱的能力,我们有思考的能力,我们有感受情绪的能力,这些都是我们普遍具有的能力。

37、The operation capability is composed of the logistics cost-control capability and logistics service capability.其中物流运作能力又可分为物流服务能力和物流成本控制能力。

38、Core -competence-based enterprises' development strategy depends on the cultivating of core competence, management of human resources, strategies, entrepreneurs' ability and administrative ability.基于核心能力的企业发展战略受制于培育核心能力、人力资源管理能力、战略管理能力、企业家能力和经营能力;

39、We've talked a lot about the capacities of the human mind and some of these capacities involve adapting and dealing with the material world.我们讲过人类思想的能力,这些能力中包括适应力,以及应付物质世界的能力。

40、Rather, humans are capable of coordinated, creative, spontaneous things.相反,人类拥有协调能力,创造力以及发起自发性行为的能力

41、Strong Leadership in driving the performance in all functional areas within the factory operation.在工厂运作的各个职能绩效中,具备强而有力的驾驭能力和领导能力。

42、Have good ability of communication, coordinating, business negotiation and crisis handle, organizing and planning ability.具有良好的沟通协调能力、商务谈判能力与危机处理能力,严谨的策划组织能力。

43、Stone Harbor is a wheel of energy, can strengthen people's vitality, vigor and stamina.属海底轮的能量石,能加强人的生命力,活力与耐力。

44、Whether power resistance( PR), a special defensive ability on par with spell resistance, resists the power. See Power Resistance, page33, for more information.异能抗力(R)和法术抗力类似的特殊防御能力)否能抵抗该异能。详情请见第33页的“异能抗力”。

45、The puzzles have been specially designed to develop children's visual recognition skills, eye-hand co-ordination skills, problem solving skills and reading and spelling skills.通过该拼图游戏,可以培养孩子们的观察能力,手眼协调能力,解决问题能力和阅读拼写能力。

46、It also gave the evaluation criterion of durative ability:technology ability, management ability, economic ability and society development ability.给出了持续性能力衡量指标:技术能力、经营管理能力、经济能力、社会发展能力。

47、Mental - Mental endurance is the ability to focus for long periods of time while mental strength is the ability to focus very intensely.心理---心理承受力是能够长时间集中注意力的一种能力而精神力量是能够认真集中注意力的一种能力。

48、Logistics capabilities could be separated into customer-focused capabilities and information-focused capabilities.物流能力可以划分为顾客导向能力和信息导向能力。

49、The teaching ability includes expressing ability, demonstrating ability, distinguishing the wrong acts ability and organizing teaching ability.教学能力包括语言表达能力、动作示范能力、错误动作辨别能力、组织教学能力;

50、Meta-learning ability is a comprehensive ability and self-moni to ring ability is the prominent element of it.元学习能力是一种综合能力,自我监控能力是其中突出的因素。

经典英文句子51:能力,51、The basic level includes the ability to study , use modern education techniques adaptability and inter-personal communication abilities .适应能力包括远见预测能力、耐挫能力和自我调控能力;

52、The study shows that five dimensions of managers' executive ability to execute are ability to digest, ability to plan, ability to conduct, ability to coach and ability to innovate.研究发现,我国企业管理者的执行力由领悟能力、计划能力、指挥能力、督导能力和创新能力等五个因子所构成。

53、Good multicultural communication skills, writing skills, strong presentation skills, relationship-building and negotiation skills.较好的跨文化沟通能力,写作能力,演讲能力和谈判能力。

54、There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability.有样东西要稀缺得多,比能力还要罕见,那就是识别能力的能力。

55、According to patterns of IT use and the category of organizational capabilities, we divide IT capabilities into IT capability for Exploitation and IT capability for Exploration.借鉴IT应用模式及组织能力的分类,将信息技术能力(IT能力)分为开发式IT能力和探索式IT能力。

56、It provides the intellectual building blocks of reason, patience, divergence, dialectic and curiosity.哲学为我们的智能体系添砖加瓦,提升思考力,耐性,发散能力,辩证能力和好奇心。

57、Compared with power influence, non-power influence can much more inspire the initiative of the staff.相对权力性影响力而言,非权力性影响力更能激发员工的工作能动性。

58、Having a stronger study, understanding and the adaptiveness ability.具有较强的学习、理解能力和适应能力。

59、The former concerns knowledge, information, skills and techniques, while the latter concerns will-power, mood, affect and accommodation.智力能力涉及大学生的知识信息和技能技术,心理能力则与大学生的意志力、情绪情感和应变力有关。

60、Endurance is the ability to maintain energy levels for longer periods of time and strength is your ability to sustain a short burst of energy. Marathons and sprints.耐力是一种能较长时间保持精力的能力,而体力是能够短时间维持精力的一种能力,就像马拉松和短跑一样。

61、To raise the student's reading ability and self-educated abilities.要提高学生的阅读能力和自学能力。

62、Outgoing personality, strong ability in public relations, great adaptability, good at business negotiation;性格外向,具有较强的公关能力、应变 能力和谈判能力;

63、Therefore, two kinds of competence, language competence and cultural competence, are badly needed in cross-cultural communication.因此,跨文化交际的实现特别需要两种能力——语言能力和文化能力。

64、Good presentation, writing and negotiation skills in English. Other languages are a plus.英语的表达能力,书写能力,谈判能力良好,会其他语种者优先。

65、That usually focus on capacity-building, good communication skills and teamwork ability.平时注重能力的培养,良好的沟通能力及团队协作能力。

66、Communicative competence consists of linguistic competence and pragmatic competence, but pragmatic competence plays a vital role in the process of communication.交际能力包括语言性能力和语用能力,但在交际过程中起关键作用的是语用能力。

67、Learning inquiry-based reading and creative reading can develop imagination, capacity for critical thought and critical capabilities.学习探究性阅读和创造性阅读,发展想象能力、思辨能力和批判能力。

68、Leading by Model Cles, applying the innovation, cooperation and international understanding abilities.示范课引领,落实学生创新能力、合作能力和国际理解能力的培养。

69、Train their espial ability and abstract epitome ability.培养学生 观察能力和抽象概括能力。

70、Peferct communication skill and confict handle skill;良好的沟通能力和处理问题能力;

71、Positive working attitude, Good Supervision, Coordination, and team workmanship, with good communication skill and strong confidential sense, resolving complex problems neatly.敬职敬力,优秀的管理能力,协调能力,及团队合作能力,有一定的交际能力及具有较强的保密意识,能灵活地处理复杂的问题。

72、The development ability is low, the anti-risk ability is r ;开发能力低,抗风险能力差;

73、The writing ability of students in common and good primary school is best than lower school students.言语表达能力对xx年级的预测力最佳,修改能力对小学xx年级学生的写作能力的预测力最佳。

74、There is a strong organization and coordination capabilities, capacity planning activities, public relations and language ability.有较强的组织协调能力、活动策划能力、语言表达能力和公关能力。

75、Its type expansion should take decision evaluation from the ability of resources' basic, interior collaboration, management integration and capital management.联盟类型扩张应从资源的基础能力、内部合作能力、管理协调能力和资金运筹能力等方面进行决策评价。

英文句子模板76:Ability,76、A strong ability to learn, adaptability and communication skills, greater self-development for space!具有较强的学习能力、适应能力和沟通能力,渴望得到更大的自我发展空间!

77、The ability of people do not like to support the disaster areas, should have any ability to what capacity.人的能力不一样,支援灾区,应该有什么能力使什么能力。


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