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关于”感叹句的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Exctory sentence。以下是关于感叹句的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Exctory sentence

1、Listen more, and speak less. 多听少说。{感恩的英语名言警句}。

2、This article inspected the modem Mongolian sigh sentence with emphasis. 本论文重点探讨了现代蒙古语感叹句。

3、Tribal person plaints: " well!" 部落的人感叹道:“咦!

4、I can't describe my feeling by phrases at which time. 我无法句子言来描述我当时的感想。

5、This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. 大声叹气其实也是一句话,只不过没有说出来而已,因此常常被男人所误解。

6、The photography in the book is gorgeous. 书中的照片令人感叹。

7、I modify the Sentences ahead several times just like weighing the feelings of mine. 开头的句子被我改了又改,像是斟酌自己的情感。

8、we shouldn't spend too much time on something we aren't interested in. 7. how 引导的感叹句

9、Wang also in the poem, there are "war of undetermined Yuhe, Liang Bin silk nothing, " sighs the language. 又王中的诗句,也有“干戈未定欲何之,一事无成两鬓丝”的感叹语。

10、We are expecting to take delivery of the new car next month. 常翻译合同,这些句子感觉挺熟悉的

11、Thousands of sweet words are not better than a single cold word. Then you will find much accident in sentiment. 千句甜言,不如一句冷语,原来,感情的事情总会有太多的出乎意料。

12、  ” Thank you for providing the requested information。 如果你询问某人一些信息,他们花了点时间才发送给你,那就用这句句子表示你仍然对他们的付出表示感激。

13、The data indicate that an interjection usually appears at the head of a sentence, sometimes in the middle and seldom at the end of a sentence. 我们得出的数据显示,位于句首、句中和句末的叹词在分布上呈依次递减的趋势。

14、How I wish we stayed together forever! 感叹句和虚拟语气更表达了感情程度的强烈。

15、Overusing them reduces their impact. And never use more than one at the end of a sentence. 过分使用只会削弱感叹号的感染力。并且千万不要在一个句子后使用超过一个感叹号。

16、Not only was I entranced by her awesomeness, but I now have a new favorite catchphrase. 我不仅对她的优秀感到痴迷,现在我又多了一句最喜欢的名言警句。

17、Because of this specificity, my article tends to open the overall look of Chinese Interjection by the method of clification and probing into its origin. 有鉴于感叹词的特殊性,论文拟通过定性的手段、探源的方法揭示汉语感叹词的全貌。

18、“It was so many beautiful facets!” Ruth sighed. “它有那么漂亮的琢面。” 鲁丝感叹道。

19、Interjection is a closed kind of words. From ancient time to now, there are no more than ten interjections. 感叹词是个封闭的类,从古至今,汉语中感叹词的数量也不超过十个。

20、There has to be a sense, moving from sentence to sentence, that something is likely to happen next. 必须有一种感觉,从一句话到另一句话,认为接下来会发生什么。

21、Talking about the mordern arts, few people know it more than Tom does。 (感觉这句原文有语病)

22、"Good Heavens! "and "Ouch! "are interjections. “天哪!”和“哎哟”都是感叹词。

23、'How lovely,' he said with a sigh. “多可爱啊,”他感叹道。

24、The sky is filled with black plaits . 满天黑色的感叹。

25、I often had this kind of plaint. 我经常发这样的感叹。


26、I suddenly remember what Yuguangzhong wrote, "Rain is a sensitive lady." 我突然想起了余光中的句子,“雨是一个敏感的女人。”

27、You go, "Doh!" 你会感叹"靠"

28、The businessman, who had long been interested in fame, was flattered. 早就对名誉感兴趣的商人,不禁受宠若惊。(定语从句译成单句)

29、Xiao Zhao exclaimed: bootlegging, also ah! 小赵感叹:盗亦有道啊!

30、This article inspected the modern Chinese sigh sentence with emphasis. 本文重点考察了现代汉语感叹句。

31、Thank you for providing the requested information. 如果你询问某人一些信息,他们花了点时间才发送给你,那就用这句句子表示你仍然对他们的付出表示感激。

32、Chinese modal particles are meant to add supplementary meanings to the affective meaning of a sentence. 语气助词的本质意义在于附加句子的情感意义。

33、As if they don’t always say that. 感觉好像他们不经常说那句话似的。

34、s) le sont en raison du prix )qu'(ils y mettent) 主句是 c'est tout (au plus个人感觉是连词) 然后有许多从句(la subordonné)

35、Do things you enjoy to help you bring back a sense of safety and control. 整句是一个祈使句意为:去做那些你自己喜欢的事情来给你带来自控和安全感把。

36、He heard an I-thought-so sigh. 他听到一声颇有同感的叹气声。

37、How wonderful it was when one sentence followed logically from the sentence before! 又能看到从一句话顺理成章进入下一句话的文字,这感觉真是太美妙了!

38、In other words, they are surprisingly good-humored. 换句话说,他们非常具有幽默感。

39、You've heard "what goes around comes around" before, or maybe you've seen a person get what was coming to them and thought, "that's karma for you. " 你以前一定听过“善恶终有报”这句话,或者你曾看到一个人得其所得,然后感叹“因果报应”。

40、She was too moved to speak a word. 她感动得一句话都说不出来。

41、Sullivan sighed, but he did not argue. “I think I’ll miss you, Jonathan, ” was all he said. 苏利万叹了口气,但没再坚持,他只说了一句:“我一定会想念你的,乔纳森。”

42、This is very similar to our last sentence, You could use this if you meet some body for the first time, but you feel you know them already. 这句和上句很像,当你初次遇到某人感觉你们似曾相识,你可以用到这个句子。

43、Thousands of sweet words are not better that a single cold word. Then you will find much accident in sentiment. 千句甜言,不如一句冷语,原来,感情的事情总会有太多的出乎意料。

44、◆◇、I do not know each other better, and so can not love 我还没有足够的了解彼此,所以不能相爱 英文伤感句子

45、Does it will be true that he will instead of me in your heart one day? 朋友,很伤感的句子啊.

46、Once common past, became my greatest wish now, now only sigh sentence at that time only the road is unusual. 曾经平常的往事,却成为我此刻最大的奢望,如今也只能轻叹一句当时只道是寻常。

47、After using this technique for a while, you soon find that paragraphs can legitimately end with characters other than periods. 使用此技术一段时间后,您很快就会发现段落可使用句点以外的字符合理地结束。 您将发现双引号 (")、感叹号 (!)

48、She walked away without so much as a thank-you. 她走时连句感谢话都没说。

49、In the end but also can sigh a, ten thousand sorts all have a life, the least bit not from person! 到头来却也只能叹一句,万般皆有命,半点不由人!

50、Heeey! I see the penitentiary! 嘿感叹!俺看见了感化院感叹!


51、The sentence patterns with appraisal functions play an important role in the realization of the appraisal functions of the travel note texts. 帮助评议功能实现的句式主要有感叹句,其常常能起到统摄全文或者某个局部场景的作用;

52、BTW, those are sincere questions (not snark) and thanks for the rest of your post. 顺便说一句,感谢你的回复,等着看你的其他的帖子。

53、“Oh, my goodness!” gasps the girl, which neatly sums up my sentiments for the rest of our journey. “哦,上帝,”女孩惊叹道,这句话也是我在余下的旅程中的唯一感言。

54、There is a saying that the feelings of the fire point, there is a saying out of happiness, this sentence, why don't you say? 有一句话点得着感情的火,有一句话说出来就幸福,这句话,你为什么不愿说破?

55、It is interesting to note how the WHERE clause preceded the recursive specification. 令人感兴趣的是,WHERE 子句在递归说明之前。

56、They make you feel every day different surprise and plaint . 他们会让你每天感受到不同的惊讶与感叹。

57、I finally experience feeling of the old saying, " Too much water drowned the miller." 我终于感受到那句俗话所说的感觉,“物极必反”。

58、We all just have one chance to live . 只能再次在此感叹:生命诚可贵。

59、Be involved. Verbal "I'm paying attention" signals might be brief interjections when appropriate. 多投入:在合适的时候说句“我在注意听”来表示一个简短的感叹。

60、We shouldn't spend too much time on something we aren't interested in. 7. how 引导的感叹句

61、What a selfish dog! 感叹句。多自私的狗呀!

62、For this, i can only admire them with one word: let us die at the golden road of looking for the current, greatly! 对于这,我只能敬畏的慨叹一句:让我们壮烈牺牲在追求流量的金光道路上吧!

63、This is many farmers plaint and doubt. 这是不少农民的感叹和疑问。

64、'Two days wrong! ' sighed the Hatter. 'I told you er wouldn't suit the works! ' he added looking angrily at the March Hare. “错了两天!”帽匠叹气说,“我告诉你不该加奶油的,”他又生气地看着xx月兔加了一句。

65、No 'Goldman Banker Sets New Mansion Record' stories. No quotes from Lambo dealers saying 'Thank God for Goldman.' 换句话说,不能让“游艇救助”成为新闻头条,不能有“高盛银行家创下豪宅新纪录”之类的报导,也不能让兰博基尼的经销商发出“感谢上帝创造高盛”之类的感叹。

66、What does this sentence tell us about Dalla's feelings? 这句话告诉我们德拉是什么感情?

67、I would take it kindly if you would put in a good word for my boy. 要是你肯为我儿子说句好话, 我将十分感激。

68、tagline should perhaps have been a question mark instead. 这句标语后面的感叹号或许应被一个问号所替代。

69、There are no interjections when he speaks. 他的话语中从来没有感叹词。

70、Scientists are searching for a method to cure bird flu. 【即学即练】 翻译句子: 科学家们在寻找一种治疗禽流感的方法。

71、I can't express my feeling which time in phrases. 我无法句子言来描述我当时的感想。

72、I'm plaint that the being is so insecure. 我感叹,生命是如此地没有保证。

73、expressing thanks; Express Thanks; expressing gratitude; Gratitude; express gratitude; [例句]表达感谢和感激。


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