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关于”鼓励学习“的英语句子54个,句子主体:Encourage learning。以下是关于鼓励学习的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Encourage learning

此在中学期间鼓励我对数学和科学特别用心学习。 最近我正面临毕业,希望找到一份工作, 最近我正面临毕业,希望找到一份工作,使我报效祖国及运用这多年所学得的知识。 祖国及运用这多年所学得的知识。

1、I am facing graduation recently, and hope to find employment which will allow me to both serve my nation and put to use much of the knowledge I gained in my years of study.


2、The ideology of natural law encourages individuals to disobey conventional or written laws of those individuals believe that the laws are in conflict with natural law.

3、’re brave to say “good bye”, life will reward you with a new “hello”.如果你勇于对过去说“拜拜”,生活就会回赠给你一个新的“哈喽”。


4、So do take each subject seriously, and even if what you learn isn't critical for your life, the skills of learning will be something you cherish forever.


5、Guo Songtao, the first thinker going abroad, was the most enthusiastic advocate of learning from the west.


6、As economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin points out, the tax code is rife with provisions that encourage leverage and discourage investment.

但在学习所有与其相关的高级特性和功能之前,最好先开始实际使用和熟悉这些工具 —— 这也是本文所要鼓励您去做的。

7、But before you can get to those kinds of advanced features and capabilities, you have to start using the tools and getting used to them -- and that is what I hope this article has inspired you to do.

当个有视觉冲击力的鼓手。 这只能通过经验和观摩他人来学习。

8、Be a visual drummer - this is only learned from experience and watching others.


9、The question is that both tendencies are at work within philosophy and how do we encourage one side but not the other.


10、Educators and learners interested in finding out more about MIT OCW are encouraged to attend several upcoming educational and information technology conferences.


11、The State encourages those having studied abroad to accept the scientific research projects entrusted by domestic research entities or organizations to carry out research and development abroad;

实际上,UNIX 通过提供各种工具,如 strace 和 GDB 调试工具以及包含在相应的 man 和 info 页面中的大量的信息,鼓励您对系统进行研究和学习。

12、UNIX actually encourages you to explore and learn by providing tools, such as strace and the GDB Debugger, as well as a wealth of information in the man and info pages.

大一的时候我努力学习,成绩优良,取得平均分。 而且大学xx年每年都在院长奖励名单中。

13、mething like a

3.7 grade-point average, and made the dean’s list every one of my four years.



14、Inappropriate or indiscriminate use of extrinsic rewards has a long-term negative effect on student motivation to learn.


15、I look forward to greeting you personally when the opportunity permits, but for now allow me to encourage you to pursue your educational goals at CBU and to thank you for considering CBU.

我们鼓励讨论与全面参与。 教学内容包括正式的授课,研讨和大量其它与课程相关的学术活动。

16、Discussion and full participation are encouraged; teaching sessions will be a mixture of formal lectures, seminars and a range of other activities deemed appropriate to the subject concerned.

我鼓励 高中毕业生去学习和职业相关的知识技能。当他们步入社会的时候,可以更好地满足企业的需求。

17、I encourage senior high school leavers to acquire career-oriented knowledge and job-oriented skills so that they can better meet the requirement of relevant enterprises when entering the society.


18、We will focus on strengthening training for teachers and principals of rural compulsory education schools, and encourage excellent teachers to teach in impoverished rural areas.


19、He credits his grandmother for both encouraging him and for providing him with artists’ materiel during tough times when such things were considered luxuries.


20、Then Principal Huang sat with the teachers closely and encouraged everybody to keep the enthusiasm for studying, to cooperate and to share ideas.

21、We can make use of the Social Web and Sensor Networks to create collaborative applications for portable devices to encourage exercise, à la the Wii.可以利用社会化网络和传感器网络,通过移动设备,创建协作化的应用程序来鼓励参与和练习,如 Wii。

22、It will be supported by the rational allocation of public resources, restructured scientific research and institutional reforms that advocate free academic debate.该计划将得到合理资源调配、科研重组和机构改革的支持,后者将鼓励自由的学术争论。

23、Honesty policy for problem sets: General discussion of the assignments with other students is acceptable and encouraged (e. g. "Remind me, how do I know if something is an allophone?"习题的诚实政策: 和同学讨论作业是可接受且被鼓励的(例如“再跟我讲一次,怎样算是同位音?”)

24、Instead of children only receiving a classroom book-learning education, we should encourage them to mingle with society and nature so that they can be more adaptable in society.相反的儿童只有一间教室接受书本学习教育,我们应鼓励它们混杂在一起,社会和自然,使他们能够更加适应社会。

25、If I were the president, I will treat each students, found their advantages and disadvantages, and to encourage to correct. I still have many good …我就会 认真对待每一个同学,发现他们身上的优缺点,鼓励并以予纠正 …

英文句子26:,26、In addition to developing a practice of mindful awareness, Buddhist teachings encourage the cultivation of love, compassion, joy and equanimity: The Fab Four, I’d say.除了设计出一种正念觉知的练习,佛法鼓励慈、悲、喜、舍的培养:也既是四无量心。

27、Senn and Childress find that team-based learning accelerates the process of culture change by encouraging co-workers to reinforce new ideas and behaviors among themselves.森和尔德里斯发觉团队为基础的学习加快发展的过程中文化的转变,鼓励男女同工,以加强新思路和行为本身。

28、Under the mother encourages, she studies thoroughly the drawing, and, therefore has known the kind teacher rivera, scores with him leaves loves the tune.在母亲鼓励下,她研习绘画,并因此结识了恩师里维拉,与他谱出爱曲。

29、Catch up on your reading. Practice whatever you are learning. Also practice what you preach . Important people are watching.赶上阅读进度。练习你目前正在学习及你极欲鼓吹的东西。重要人士正在观察你的表现。

30、The simulation shows that using the fuzzy model based reinforcement functions in reinforcement learning algorithm can further speed up the convergence than using model-free reinforcement functions.仿真试验表明,使用基于模糊模型的再励函数结构使再励学习的收敛速度要高于无模型结构。

31、Many Americans encourage young people to form good reading habits because they feel a person who does not read is no better off than the person who cannot read.许多老美鼓励年青人养成阅读好习惯,因为他们认为一个人不肯阅读和不会阅读的人,是半斤八两。

32、The Arya Samaj did much to encourage Hindu nationalism, but it did not disparage the knowledge of the West, and it established many schools and colleges.雅利安社大力地鼓励了印度的民族主义,但它并没有蔑视西方的知识,也建立了很多学校和大学。

33、This innovation has not come about yet, we encourage the R&D sector and academics to work on it.这方面的创新尚未出现,我们鼓励研究和开发部门以及学术界开展这方面的工作。

34、Encouraged by my classmates, I picked up the microphone and sang an English song entitled "I believe I can fly".藉着我的同学鼓励了,我拾起喇叭筒并且唱了被给“ 我相信我能飞” 权力的一首英文歌。

35、Life is not always a bed of roses. 生活未必都是称心如意的。

36、It has not been the time yet to give up as long as you still feel it is not the end.只要心里还存着不甘心,就还未到放弃的时候。

37、Second, learningbydoing makes resources allocation beneficial to imitate technology, which, in the long run is not beneficial to encourage technological innovation and knowledge accumulation.其次,“干中学”使得资源配置有利于技术模仿,长期来看,不能鼓励技术创新和知识积累。

38、However, while I encourage you to stick to your plan as much as possible, you must be able to exert a degree of flexibility.然而,尽管我鼓励你尽可能地严格执行复习计划,你也必须能够做到一定程度的灵活安排。 。

39、The Planet Jupiter encourages you to achieve your goals. Go back to school if you've been wanting to, or self-educate.木星鼓励人们实现目标,如果木星落在宫尾的不幸度数,你需要进行自学或者重返学校进修向往已久的课程。

40、Most researchers agree that there isn't enough evidence about the benefits of coffee to encourage non-coffee drinkers to acquire the habit.大多数研究者都认为,并没有足够证据显示咖啡的好处已经达到要鼓励那些不喝咖啡的人改变习惯的程度上。

41、These customs, especially the live bands leading mourners in procession through the streets, are now officially discouraged.这样的风俗习惯,尤其是和尚在街上吹吹打打等大规模的送葬行为现在并不鼓励。

42、Far from encouraging other ambitious women, psychologists at the University of Cincinnati found female bosses are more inclined to obstruct them.而辛辛那提大学的心理学家们发现,女老板们才不会鼓励那些野心勃勃的女下属,反而更倾向于打压她们。

43、realize that life isn't always fair .accept what you must,and change what you can.(知道生活绝非公平。

44、The practices have morph ed into Halloween as it is known today, with parents encouraging their own little ghosts and goblins to haunt the neighborhood.这种习惯渐渐演变为今天大家所熟知的万圣节,现在父母们会鼓励自家小鬼们去邻居家装神弄鬼。

45、We encourage knowledge sharing, as a member of Alutech, you will have the opportunity to experience great industry and technology, learn from colleagues, but also to share their fun outside of work.我们鼓励知识分享,作为安路特的一员,你将有机会向极具行业和技术经验的同事学习,还能分享他们工作以外的乐趣。

46、Zapponians are also encouraged to enroll in the dozen or so classes that the company offers as a way to learn new skills and disciplines, and climb the company ladder.公司也鼓励员工参加公司组织的十多个培训课程,进行新技能的学习与训练,从而更上一层楼。

47、”, life will reward you with a new “hello”.如果你勇于对过去说“拜拜”,生活就会回赠给你一个新的“哈喽”。

48、Although I was tired and my brain would blast after studied from morning to midnight, the smile on his face and his warm voice made me relaxed and sticked to my goal.虽然整天在学习我很累,脑袋也快爆炸,但是他的笑容和鼓励令我安心继续向目标进发。

49、Make the habits of good health a part of your lifestyle, and encourage your loved ones to do the same — it could save their lives.让健康的良好习惯称为你生活方式的一部分,并鼓励你爱的人也这么做--那是对他们生命的一种呵护。

50、We encourage him to learn, he let us treasuring time, and personal and said that he greatly regarded in the study of time, the Fragrance Hill has not even been away from home recently.班主任鼓励我们学习,他让我们惜时如金,并言传身教说,自己长这么大,都把时间放在读书上了,连离家最近的香山也没去过。

经典英文句子51:鼓励学习,51、It encourages chemists to choose easy research topics that can be written up quickly, or to split a project into smaller parts for publications.它鼓励化学家选择轻松的研究题目,可以迅速写论文,或者拆分成更小的部分供发表。

52、Sensitive, devoted, poetic, elegant and bright… Sherman Lin's ink paintings have won affirmation and approval from the experts.感觉敏锐、真诚投入、诗性境界、秀逸明朗……


53、I have had trainings in American Accent, TOEFL, IELTS and Business English. When you travel abroad and speak with native speakers, it really improves your English speaking skills.我非常鼓励大家有机会多出国走走,在你和英文为母语者练习对话的时候,你的英文真的会进步神速。

54、If work dries up the outsourcing companies encourage their H1B workers to take classes in local colleges to avoid being deported.如果工作机会枯竭,外包公司就鼓励他们的H1B工人在当地高校上学,以避免被驱逐出境。

55、Besides the above said ways, the State encourages those having studied abroad to create more ways through the practice of services to render their services to the motherland.除上述方式外,鼓励留学人员在服务实践中创造更多的方式为国服务。

56、"It encourages friends to tell their friends to study," said Mr. Gelbart. "In a month from now, when they say, 'Let's hang out, let's go to the movies,' the friend says 'No no no, you have to study.'“这鼓励朋友们互相督促学习”格巴特如是说,“从现在开始的一个月内,当他们说‘我们出去玩吧,我们看电影去‘时”朋友会说“不不不,你必须学习去”

57、Classmate specially have played at home with Chinese characteristics, ethnic instruments and recording into a DVD console them, give them encouraged.还有同学还特地在家演奏了具有中国特色的民族乐器,并录制成DVD安慰他们,给他们鼓励。

58、With your voracious hunger for knowledge you taught me to love learning; always told me that knowledge is a constant thing.你自己是如此孜孜不倦地爱学习,你也常常鼓劢我要爱学习,因为知识是无价之宝。

59、We will take still more effective measures to attract and employ well-trained personnel from abroad and encourage Chinese students studying overseas to return home and work in China.进一步采取有效措施,吸引和聘用境外高级人才,鼓励留学人员回国创业。

60、We seek to learn from the different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of every individual.我们在跨文化的环境中接触不同的生活方式和见解,从中学习多元智识,并且尊重与鼓励每一个体独特不同的声音。

61、It should be encouraged to publish scientific and technological reviews with distinct viewpoint so as to create strong academic atmosphere and relax circumstances.要鼓励发表观点鲜明的科技评论,创造浓郁的学术氛围和宽松的评论环境。

62、I come back to heat up the Mandarin fever. The contest is motivating the learning of Mandarin.我再度前来,是要给正在学习汉语的广大英国青年鼓一把劲。

63、Research institutions should host online discussion fora and blogs to encourage debate and share experience between scientists, policymakers and journalists.科研机构应该主办网上论坛和博客,从而鼓励辩论并在科学家、决策者和记者之间分享经验。

64、mething like a 大一的时候我努力学习,成绩优良,取得平均分。 而且大学xx年每年都在院长奖励名单中。

3.7 grade-point average, and made the dean's list every one of my four years.


65、Thoreau said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”梭罗说,“大多数人都生活在平静的绝望中。

66、The practices have morphed into Halloween as it is understood today, with parents hortative their possess little ghosts and goblins to area the neighborhood.这种习惯渐渐演变为今天大家所熟知的万圣节,现在父母们会鼓励自家小鬼们去邻居家装神弄鬼。



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